鐵甲奇俠2 + 血色童話 + 瘋殺禁區

鐵甲奇俠 2    
Iron Man 2 has its entertaining and funny moments, thanks to the excellent visual effects and Robert Downey, Jr., whose performance breathed life into his character with irresistible charisma, a sense of humor and a narcissistic ego. However, the middle of the film is so talky and short of actions that it drags and the villain is too weak. The plot is also rather paper-thin. One the whole, the first movie is more fast-paced and entertaining than the second one. 3.5 / 5


IMDB: 8.1 / 10 --- Top 250

Rotten Tomatoes Consensus (97% Fresh): Let the Right One in reinvigorates the seemingly tired vampire genre by effectively mixing scares with intelligent storytelling.

Kenji Chan: As an original and dreamy cocktail of love, gore, horror, melancholy, suspense and social growth, it is the most stunningly poetic, visually chilling and emotionally engaging vampire movie I have ever seen. "Like a lullaby by Brothers Grimm" (Laura Clifford), this unique Swedish gothic film will be one of my top 10 movies this year! 4.5 / 5


The Crazies is an entertaining, fast-paced, creepy, suspenseful and nicely shot horror movie which unfortunately lacks originality and depth. 3.5 / 5

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  1. 我覺得以 Iron Man 2的Fans來說,也是一部吸引的電影,當然比 Batman Begin和 The Dark Knight 來說,還有一段距離。
    [版主回覆05/02/2010 17:39:00]Agree! Although I prefer the first movie, the sequel is not bad. Only Robert Downey Jr. is already worth our support, not to mention other members of the star-studded cast.

  2. Iron Man2視覺及音響方面不錯,幾吸引﹗但是對白太多...
    [版主回覆05/02/2010 21:20:00]The film is OK to me. It can be less talky and there can be more actions. I agree!!! I'm really impressed by Tony Stark's humor and charm. ^^

  3. Iron Man 2 is not as good as my expectation. I understand that visual effect and action designs are the selling points of this movie but not the story. However, it's not entertaining enough.
    [版主回覆05/03/2010 17:50:00]Yes, it really depends on what you want from the movie. I think there can be more actions. Still, the film has its entertaining moments.

  4. let the right one in,故事我個人覺得好灰,太黑暗我唔太like,不過個故事真係好有意思,而且怕得好好,尾場血洗泳池一絕!
    ironman 我仲未有時間睇
    [版主回覆05/03/2010 22:33:00]Right. It is a great film, but of course, whether one loves the atmosphere or not, is another story. Films made in the northern Europe are usually bleak and depressing. Iron Man 2 is not a must see in my opinion, just OK to me.

  5. 我就猜想 Iron Man 2 不及第一集好看, 難度這是續集的宿命?
    血色童話確實令我眼前一亮, 聞說書比電影更精彩, 真想找來一讀.
    [版主回覆05/04/2010 12:11:00]Right no 1 is more fast paced and entertaining. No 2 is just OK.

  6. Honestly, I think Iron Man 2 is better than what I expected. RDJ is so freaking awesome! The reason that I like IM2 is because the acting scenes, I guess I'm kind of getting sick of watching a movie full of explosions and fighting scenes. Though the ending fight with Whiplash was weak, but I still think this one is pretty good.
    [版主回覆05/04/2010 20:49:00]His acting is surely impressive. I also think his character in IM2 is further developed than the one in IM1.

  7. I just finished watching Let The Right One In on DVD two days ago.The movie is pretty good,but not as great as I thought.However,I do consider this movie to be one of a kind vampire movie.As a matter of fact,it is a good combination of romance and horror. I can't stop thinking about the relationship between the middle aged guy and the vampire girl Eli.Were they lovers too? I mean Eli couldn't get old.How about the middle aged guy? Was he just as young as Oskar when he met Eli?...It is a depressive thought that the love story between Eli and Oskar will end up to be a tragedy.
    [版主回覆05/04/2010 22:49:00]Long time no see!!! How are you these days? RIGHT!!! They were in love. And probably he was just as young as Oskar when he met Eli. Besides, we are not sure if it was true love. Do you think Eli just takes advantage of the guy because she needs him to get blood for her. The relationship is quite interesting. Perhaps relationship itself is to a certain extent manipulative. People take advatnage of each other because both parties also need LOVE. So they love each other and hope that they would be loved in return... hahaha... dunno what I am saying... tired these days haha.

  8. The movie Let The Right One In was based on a bestseller with the same name.I got the book and I think I will find a time to read it.Actually I saw an interview with the writer.He mentioned when he was as young as Oskar he was bullied by three boys at school.He can't forget the painful experience so he wrote it down and put it into the story as a revenge to those people who had done wrong to him.Actually he chuckled that he used their real first names... To me the real horror from the movie is not from the bloody killing.It is from the fact that school bullying happens on a daily basis.And children can be more brutal than adults.
    [版主回覆05/04/2010 23:34:00]HAHAHA... thanks for your sharing. The bullies should feel ashamed. Agree... I am also fascinated by the chilly and depressing landscape.

  9. 最近睇咗[葉問], 覺得也不錯。
    [版主回覆05/06/2010 23:19:00]It should be entertaining!!!

  10. 米高洛基好型!~ 華語歌壇最佳專輯及歌曲之自我分類排行
    [版主回覆05/07/2010 21:10:00](Empty)

  11. It's not just entertaining, but including some kinds of racism, history, sentimental chinese, spirit of martial,  respectful message............ it's really not bad!!
    [版主回覆05/07/2010 21:10:00](Empty)

  12. 祝您媽媽母親節快樂
    [版主回覆05/09/2010 14:08:00]Thanks a lot. We celebrated in style last night at Conrad. ^0^

  13. 《血色童話》 電影風格停留於早期何里活片種如《的士司機》,即故事節奏慢,但有劇味。以瑞典片來說是不錯。 相似片種如南韓電影《饑渴誘罪》,同樣是驚駭式的愛情電影,但朴導演以第一身旁述令故事節奏起了浪花,令觀賞過程容易被感動。
    [版主回覆05/10/2010 21:58:00]Different elements can be found in both films and they are also visually stunning. To me, both are great. Of course, I agree that LTROI is slow-paced, but it is more poetic. Besides, although LTROI uses the third person narrative, I am still touched by this story with two kids who are in love. Perhaps, LTROI with no sex scenes feels purer too. Of course, I also love the tension, love and desire for sex depicted in Thirst.

  14. 本來對血色童話無乜興趣,不過kenji你大讚再加上原來係吸血僵屍片,我而家有少少心動~
    [版主回覆05/11/2010 19:37:00]Thanks for your support!!!

  15. 鐵甲奇俠2 越拍越差,吃第一集的老本,少創意...
    血色童話 是好戲,尤其感情部分...老人,年輕人跟吸血女孩之間的感情奇異不同凡響...廣告太注重血腥,忘了戲中真正的意義...
    [版主回覆05/12/2010 12:41:00]Agree! Thanks to Robert Downy Jr, the film is still OK to me. I should have given it a 3 / 5... LTROI is eerie, romantic, poetic and special.

  16. Iron Man 1 is better than 2, seems 2 is qutie boring, really dun know and imagine  how can 3 attracting me!
    [版主回覆05/14/2010 20:40:00]Yes! 2 is just OK to me. A bit disappointed. Luckily, I am still engaged by Robert's acting.

  17. Iron Man 1 is better than 2, seems 2 is qutie boring,<--I agree. Iron man 2故事的起承轉合都不吸引,而最新造型變化不大,用個"公事包"來做變身裝甲,有點笨拙和不夠大膽。笨拙的是咁大的"公事包"要用鎖鍊鎖到個肥仔(司機)身上,又要解鎖又要手揪。其實大膽點,用手提電話(更細小的東西;如:錶、硬幣或太陽眼鏡)變型出黎,更有超科技和超時代的感覺。最後一點敵人太弱。 整體而個人認為是不錯的科幻片,可能看過第一集的關係,當時的速度感和刺激感都做得很突出。所以,第二集一出,2者好自然會自動比下去。 男主角 Robert Downey,依然魅力非凡,電影裏頭的我行我素及古怪好勝的性格演得很入戲。其在<<SHERLOCK HOLMES>>,演出色和有點怪的神探福爾摩斯,也是非常出色。
    [版主回覆05/18/2010 19:34:00]Thanks for your visit. The 公事包 idea is ok to me. If it had been a watch, the whole thing would have been less convincing to me. After all, it is a suit of armour. Robert Downey Jr. is a great actor. His charisma engages me throughout the whole movie.

  18. 我睇左血色童話lu~
    我最interested 的係中年人與吸血鬼 and 小男生與吸血鬼,is it some kind of 循環???
    [版主回覆05/19/2010 21:54:00]Yes a cycle... is tthis true love or is he just a tool? Besides, the vampire is a castrated boy? Very intriguing.

  19. 係囉~
    [版主回覆05/20/2010 11:58:00]So the film is really intriguing!!! Lots of things to think about and I love the chilly atmosphere. ^^

  20. 的確,它的氣氛處理得非常不寒而慄~尤其是音樂~
    [版主回覆05/21/2010 23:01:00]Oh... no... I will miss you so much... because of the spams?