Thanks from a Birthday Boy @ Gaddi's + Ruth's Chris Steak House

November is my birthday month. Overwhelmed by endless uphill work and cold eyes, I have been suffering from insomnia these days. Thanks to the ubiquitous angels all around me, I am once again able to remind myself that under no circumstances will I let myself unnecessarily fall into a state of melancholy and hatred. Grateful thanks are due to my loving mum, supportive friends and sincere students for their love, which has brightened up my gloomy days. Perhaps, the very essence of happiness is an awareness of love. Dear angels, I know no words adequate to convey my thanks for your support and I know I am loved. During the festive season, I wish you happiness and health.

電話: 2315 3171
消費: $427 / person
Food: 5 / 5
Service: 5 / 5
Environment: 4.5 / 5
Comment: The BEST meal in my life – Simply flawless!

The shirt was a birthday gift from my beloved 6H students. I really love it.