Harlan's - A Feast for the Eyes


Food: 3.5 / 5

Service: 3 / 5

View: 5 / 5

Price: Dinner - $450 per head

Comment: Since some food is of average quality and the price is unreasonably high, I suggest you have a drink there in order to enjoy the breathtaking view. By the way, never try the sea bass there. You will be extremely disappointed. If you are interested in sea bass, OL Organic Life Café & Restaurant at Kowloon Bay Exchange Tower is highly recommended.

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  1. 成日都去開餐食好嘢,好好啊~~  我食得最多係乾糧咋.....
    [版主回覆01/27/2011 21:51:00]NO good movies these days, so I spend more time eating haha AND
    indeed the food was just OK. The view was what I actually ATE.

  2. 呢度變食blog嗎?haha 祝你兔年快樂
    [版主回覆01/27/2011 22:20:00]HAHA... just wanna share my other sides (Movie Kenji, Cuisine Kenji, Music Kenji, etc) with others. Anyway, you should come more. Long time no see lar!!! I also wish you all the best in the new year.

  3. Hi~Kenji~
    [版主回覆01/28/2011 10:15:00]RIGHT... a feast for the eyes, not for the tongue. I was fascinated by the stunning view. Thank you very much for your support and I also wish you good health in the new year. ^^

  4. 食"環境"... 你會唔會睇娜威的森林 ?
    [版主回覆01/28/2011 16:46:00]The film is not well received. I think I will skip it, though I guess the cinematography is great after having a look at the movie stills.

  5. 歐洲電影節同國際電影節嚟緊啦,是時候收拾心情,重回戲院了
    [版主回覆01/28/2011 23:33:00]Another Year has won great reviews, but my sixth sense tells me that it is boring. I have just seen Blue Valentine. I love it. I will also talk about a Disney catoon next time.

  6. 食... 其實是一種享受...
    享受生活享受人生... 就是如此...預祝你和家人過一個開心的新年
    [版主回覆01/28/2011 23:34:00]Thanks a lot. I love life and I try to treasure what I have.

  7. 單單看你的食物相片已經知道好味之餘仲好貴 ﹗不過,咁靚的環境都抵番,仲有食物的賣相很好看 ,再加上與朋友一起歡聚一定很開心 ﹗
    [版主回覆01/29/2011 10:35:00]I really like the view. I think we will order some snacks and drinks and sit outside if we go there next time, but I think it is unlikely as it is too expensive, haha.

  8. thanks for the review!  i tried the lunch in there, the price is reasonable and with good quality (especially the buffet)!!  looking forward to more restaurant review from you!!!
    [版主回覆01/29/2011 10:36:00]Yes I read your review last month. Perhaps lunch buffet is better. Thanks!

  9. I believe your sixth sense is right. I think it would be boring too (but I bought a ticket anyway ) Good. I plan to watch Blue Valentine next month. I'm going to watch a Disney cartoon tomorrow. Maybe it's the same one you are talking about?
    [版主回覆01/29/2011 10:37:00]HAHAHA... don't trust my sixth sense haha... I just read some reviews which said so. YES! Tangled... not my cup of tea.

  10. 55… I like the view 2 (I vote 3.5/5 for the electric power…1.5/5 for the seaview…-3/5 for the wall effect)) ps 講笑咋 ^^ 唔係黎踩場 xD
    U really love to eat, sir!!
    [版主回覆01/29/2011 16:20:00]I just enjoy life, haha... -_- you only give the seaview 1.5???

  11. 1. Life is for you to enjoy, and you do have your way to enjoy life. 2. Harlan's is good for dining, because in addition to what it provides (re food/drink), the whole circumstances are pleasant. 3. I know in your visit in Harlan's, 8 of you all ordered 8 dishes to be shared.... and each dish was sufficient for everyone to have merely 1-3 'mouths' of the food. What a pity. You all would have a better experience if you all have a proper order of food, e.g. appetiser, soup, main course etc for each persons. 4. I opine the dessert there which was HK$80-100 each, was not value for money at all. I wonder why one goes to the nearby better options such as Peninsula for dessert.
    [版主回覆02/09/2011 12:15:00]I think sharing is a good idea as we can try more food. Indeed, we could have ordered more, but I was quite full that day. As for the dessert, I think the quality is above average. Indeed, some food there is not value for money e.g. the sea bass (It costs $500, but the one in OL costs $300 only and it tasts MUCH better.) What makes the food so expensive is the location. That's why I took tons of pictures there haha.

  12. My feeling is that if one decides to go to restaurants of that class (e.g. Harlan's), it may be better to make proper order of food. 去得那些餐廳, 便享受吓, 不用太慳!? The dessert is ordinary, since I wonder whether Harlan would pay a lot of employ a quality chef specialised in dessert. I wonder whether the dessert served in Harlan's, as I have tried, can be of the same 'class' as those served in Four Season's Hotel, Peninsula or Mandarin Oriental.
    [版主回覆02/09/2011 13:01:00]Agree! I could have ordered more if I had been hungry.

  13. Harlan's又係另一間我想的地方,不過我知道晚飯貴..聽閒HIGHTEA抵,但食物一般,不過要BOOK 2 MONTH.我都係貪景靚," OL Organic Life Café & Restaurant at Kowloon Bay Exchange Tower is highly recommended."? for dinner or drink?

    [版主回覆11/20/2011 14:49:08]for dinner... as for Harlan's, I suggest you have lunch there. The experience is better than the dinner one in my opinion.