第三十四屆香港國際電影節 + 雙情路 + 馴龍記

狗牙 Dogtooth   4.5 / 5  

Dogtooth is a bizarre, disturbing and thought-provoking Greece movie. In the story, a stern patriarch and his obedient wife keep their teenage son and two teenage daughters cloistered from the world and misinformed about the world. For example, they teach their children new words with absurdly inaccurate definitions e.g."zombie" defined as a little yellow flower. On the surface, the film is about the influence of authoritarian parents on their children. From the
political perspective, the movie can also be viewed as a stinging satire on the absurdity and terror of dictatorships which gain their power through violence, fraud, brainwashing, the control of mass media, satisfaction of basic needs, etc. Besides, the film also shed light on humans' curiosity. The audience will be amused by its absurdity, shocked by its gore and sex and impressed by its uniqueness and political satire.

90後突圍少女  Fish Tank   4.5 / 5  

Fish Tank is a realistic, well-acted, gripping and poignant coming-of-age story with a gritty description of the bleak inner-city life. It reminds me of Precious and An Education, which are more dramatic.

亡情使者 The Messenger   4.5 / 5  

The Messenger, albeit slightly talky, is a powerful, heart-wrenching and resonant healing process which shows us the human cost of war. It also features a friendship between two lonely hearts. Woody Harrelson superbly plays his role as a lonely soldier whose emotions are suppressed because of his identity. Ben Foster's character teaches him to treat soldiers as human beings who have feelings and should cry if necessary. Both actors give subtle and convincing performances. It is a pity that Ben Foster doesn't get nominated for an Oscar. His performance in this film is underrated in my opinion. Don't miss this touching indie movie leading to catharsis.

閃亮的星星 Bright Star   4 / 5 

Bright Star is a very romantic and beautifully shot love story which will cast a spell over the audience, especially those who love poems.

謎情追兇 The Secret in Their Eyes   4 / 5  

殺死我阿媽 I Killed My Mother   3.5 / 5

肥媽誤闖美麗加 Amreeka   3.5 / 5  

冧爆你恐怖舞會 The Loved Ones   3.5 / 5 

安非他命 Amphetamine   3.5 / 5 

Amphetamine is about love, drug and fate. Compared with Permanent Residence, the director has made MUCH progress in terms of music (by People Mountain People Sea), editing (by Heiward Mak), cinematography and acting from the ensemble cast. I was touched by the love story and lots of snippets of their love can be recalled. The acting is VERY natural and convincing. Besides, the characters are lifelike. Nevertheless, a few lines (JUST a few) sound a bit stilted and a few CGI images are a bit distracting. On the whole, it is an independent local gay film which is emotionally expressive and visually stunning. This Hong Kong movie definitely deserves our support.

志明與春嬌 Love in a Puff   3.5 / 5

Love in a Puff is a light-hearted romantic comedy examining typical romantic relationships in Hong Kong nowadays. It starts creatively and ends with a catchy song. However, the film is far from perfect because of several reasons.

First, the story with some witty and authentic dialogue is not flawless. That Cherie leaves her boyfriend whom she has been with for 5 years because of a newly met male friend she fancies simply does not convince me. Her character should at least experience some emotional turmoil when she makes the decision. Also, it is unlikely for her to go to a motel with Jimmy with her luggage. Instead, she should look for a place to settle in first. Apart from this, the twist at the end seems unlikely.

Second, although Miriam Yeung is able to perform naturally, her character is not three dimensional enough to showcase her acting skills. Judging from her character’s tone and choice of words, the audience only sees Miriam, instead of Cherie in the movie. Miriam's character should be called Miriam. Moreover, the scene in which she argues with her husband in the bedroom is devoid of tension, which is a solid proof of her average performance.

Third, the use of foul language is slightly over the top. After watching the movie, I cannot help but ask if it is necessary for most characters (a health inspector included) to use foul language so often. It also seems to me that the movie is stereotyping smokers as foul-mouthed. By the way, it is interesting to observe that some members of the audience burst into laughter whenever a character uses foul language. Indeed, this kind of joke does not work on everybody.

Fourth, the interviews are insignificant and insipid. Indeed, most of the things they talk about in the interviews are not thought-provoking. Besides, is it necessary to show the boom mic intentionally in every interview?

On the whole, Love in a Puff, at times, has a subtle insight into romantic relationships in Hong
Kong nowadays, whereas it is far from perfect.


Non-HKIFF Movie: 雙情路 Brothers   3.5 / 5

I agree with Film Critic Kevin Maher that Brothers is a melodrama of some engaging moments which never quite coalesce into a credible or satisfying whole. The reasons are that the characters and most emotional changes are underdeveloped and feel rather contrived.

Non-HKIFF Movie: 馴龍記 How to Train Your Dragon   4 / 5

A visually stunning, fast-paced, gripping and heart-warming animation with pleasing characters. It reminds people of Avatar. Suitable for all ages. The film reminds me of what Martin Luther King says: men often hate each other because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don't know each other; they don't know each other because they do not communicate. The movie delivers a message that discrimination and fear is caused by misunderstanding. With communciation and understanding, it can be eradicated.

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  1. 幾套戲你都給了很高的評價, "安非他命" 我看過一些預告片..很有吸引力 !
    假期我亦已選了兩套電影去看; 另外朋友邀請我出席一套外語片的首映,我卻不能出席,很失望!!!!
    這幾天工作上的一切已教我感到筋疲力竭!!! 今個假期也不能盡興 !!!!
    [版主回覆04/01/2010 23:52:00]Thanks a lot. The Messenger and Fish Tank will be released formally in HK soon.Don't miss them. Preview? So jealous! Which one? It is a pity that you can't attend it.

  2. 我喜歡 Fish Tank 多於 An Education,後者的女主角,始終覺得她浮誇
    [版主回覆04/02/2010 14:31:00]Fish Tank is after all the most realistic one out of the three movies I mentioned. Still as a movie, An Education is very colourful and the actress is phenomenal. Of course, I also agree that the actress in Fish Tank is more convincing.

  3. "Date night" at Wanchai on 5/4 but i can't attend to this preview...
    Have a nice day...
    [版主回覆04/02/2010 14:29:00]Oh I see... Should be funny, but not very interested in rom com as they are usually formulaic. ^^

  4. 好多戲黎緊會上~
    monga, 日夜行, brothers, the messenger, 高安兄弟的新戲. 安非他命.......睇唔晒阿驚~
    [版主回覆04/02/2010 20:52:00]I do recommend The Messenger and I'm interested in Iron Man 2. ^^

  5. 哈哈... IRON MAN 2 睇了預告片, 一定睇...
    CLASH OF TITANS... 大失所望... 未試過睇套戲覺得悶...
    [版主回覆04/02/2010 21:37:00]Thanks for sharing. I will surely skip Clash of Titans! ^^

    [版主回覆04/03/2010 17:33:00]HAHAHA.... just an entertaining commercial film to me. Time to relax! 安非他命... do you know that a rape scene will be cut? That's why I will watch the uncut version at HKIFF.

  7. 竟然係咁?????SO BAD~ RELI WANT TO SEE HAHA~
    [版主回覆04/03/2010 21:59:00]I will see it soon. 好激放棄唔睇? NO... 放棄唔睇 if it is NOT 激 enough hahaha...

  8. i mean 好激的情節被cut我就唔去睇~
    [版主回覆04/04/2010 02:40:00]hohoho OIC... it is said that the cut scene can be seen on Youtube. When it is formally released, the scene will be blackened and there are only sounds. Try to search for the clip on the internet.

  9. 我只係睇咗dogtooth,非常之有意思!特別姊姊我覺得演得很不錯!
    我一直以為自己有買The Secret in their eyes,點知最後原來無買到><" !!! 不過我諗遲啲有可能上正場喇,話哂oscar 得獎嘛.....
    你有無睇 clash of the titans?我對啲特技3D 片無興趣,仲考慮緊睇唔睇,想知劇情拍得好唔好?
    [版主回覆04/05/2010 00:52:00]My friend who is a drama person also think the three teenagers act very seriously. Clash? Skip of course ^^!

  10. 俾人delete晒囉 ><
    [版主回覆04/05/2010 00:53:00]OKOK!!! ^^

  11. I feel a little bit disappointed with "The Messenger". It's not as good as my expectation, especially the relationship between Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster. "冧爆你恐怖舞會"(The Loved Ones ) is not worth to see. 
    [版主回覆04/05/2010 00:54:00]I have read your sharing. I personally find their relationship plausible and convincing. Indeed, people affect each other. It is just like my students also affecting me. ^^ Oh.... The Loved Ones is not worth seeing? I just expect an entertaining film and the foreign reviews generally think it is entertaining... hopefully it is not bad hahaha.

  12. 已經完成你選的電影嗎? 以上的是只看了"謎情追兇", 劇情不錯啊!
    [版主回覆04/05/2010 12:48:00]Tomorrow I will see two films! The Secret in the Eyes is well acted and suspenseful, but it is too long in my opinion.

  13. HOWS 安非他命???
    [版主回覆04/08/2010 01:59:00]MUCH progress made! Highly recommened. Emotionally expressive and visually stunning. THe naked scenes are clearer though frankly speaking, the rape scene is nothing serious and I dunno why it is banned, hahaha.
    Sorry for the late reply. I have just formatted my P.C. Very busy... sigh...

  14. " Bright Star"....Must see...
    [版主回覆04/08/2010 01:42:00]Agree!!! So touching... but those who dislike poems and romance should avoid seeing it. ^^

  15. 嘩,看那麼多部,本來我都列出了幾部想看,但有點累。
    [版主回覆04/08/2010 22:31:00]Me too... so tired these days... really have no time to write for every single film. Hopefully I will still have time to go blogging.

  16. 《志明與春嬌》充分表演出現代人對愛情的看法,我是一個老土及保守的人,所以對這些男女關係不明白所以﹗不過,整體來說是有意思的。你是否在4月6日看《安非他命》﹖我的感覺是悲慘,也許是他的命運﹗
    [版主回覆04/08/2010 22:52:00]1. Quite relaxing, but I don't think it has much insight into the topic of love. I don't think Miriam's character will leave the flat after living with her bf for 5 years. Even if she will, she should have expereinced some emotional struggle or turmoil, which is absent in the film. Not very convincing to me, based on my own personal experience hahaha. 2. Yes at TST. This is his fate, but their love is touching. Besides, if he did not take drugs, the ending might be very different.

  17. 我的選擇是90 後突圍少女 、閃亮的星星、 謎情追兇 、 志明與春嬌及 雙情路!
    [版主回覆04/10/2010 02:02:00]I love the indie movie Fish Tank the most.

  18. Hello Kenji.
    Watch "Bright Star" already. But I don't think I like it as much as I expected, the poems are beautiful, actually the love story is so "pure". But still I don't really like it so much.
    Maybe always..."期望越大失望越大" la~
    Maybe after watch "Brothers" visit you again.
    [版主回覆04/11/2010 23:57:00]Oh really? I love the images and the atmosphere. Their love is also touching, but some may feel bored. I dunno. Perhaps the story can be more dramatic. This one is quite old fashioned and predictable. Brothers has a nice cast (although it is said that some are miscast), but the story can be further developed. It is kind of rushed.

  19. 路過,
    好多英文睇唔明- -,
    btw,對馴龍記有興趣, 睇黎好似幾好睇
    [版主回覆04/14/2010 19:05:00]It is entertaining and heart warming ! if you have time, you should watch it. Thanks for your visit anyway.

  20. "How to Train Yr Dragon" really worth 4/5 stars!
    "Love in a Puff" is good, but no need be classified as catagory III r!
    [版主回覆04/15/2010 22:52:00]Love in a Puff is entertaining, but the plot does not convince me. I also agree that it should not be classified as a category 3 movie.

  21. my comment on "how to train yr dragon"
    [版主回覆04/15/2010 22:52:00](Empty)

  22. Kenji 還是忍不住看了 Love in a Puff? 看影評,還真不是你喜歡的類型
    [版主回覆04/17/2010 17:24:00]The film is OK to me, neither bad nor good. In the film, I only see the singer Miriam Yeung, instead of the character. I was just disappointed by the absence of her emotional struggle and turmoil when she decides to leave her bf whom she has been with for 5 years, which is puzzling, based on my own personal experience. 雙情路 - wait for the VCD perhaps. Some intense moments, but things are too rushed.  

  23. Gotta say How to Train Your Dragon surprised me, I didn't expected it to be this good, and the score by John Powell was awesome. In one word, I think it's better than last year's UP.
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 01:10:00]Agree. After all, Up lets me down because of the underdeveloped and puzzling ideas. I only think it is good, but overrated in my opinion. http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/kenji-chan/article?mid=9142

  24. BBM has many smoking scenes and foul languages even sex scene, it was only IIB.
    for "Love in a Puff", when in HKIFF, it is IIB, but shown on Public become III, like "安非他命"
    just like what DJ 馮志豐 said in Sing Dao Newspaper on Friday >>>
    電檢處電檢準則何在? 難道電影節那小眾沒有teenagers在內嗎?!
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 19:20:00]Sigh... 電檢處?! It alwys makes subjective judgements. Indeed, teenagers can easily obtain different types of information on the internet. As time goes by, the moral standard is also changing. Perhaps it is time to review the system.

  25. 雙情路 Brothers, is the film that acted by Jake G? if yes, why no advertisement abut this?
    Do you know when will this be shown officially?
    I'm so hungry for JG film for long long time, and i hv long long neck now!
    [版主回覆04/26/2010 00:56:00]sorry for missing this message. YES!!! The one you wanna watch! It is being shown now.

  26. brothers 真係沒想像中好,馴龍記我就放棄了,已經有啲討厭而家係唔係麵3D,我又唔覺得3D 有咩特別好..... 最衰仲有逼人睇無得揀!所以我寧願等出碟!
    之後toy story 3 都唔知睇唔睇好...又3D.....
    [版主回覆04/21/2010 01:15:00]RIGHT... 3D is not appealing to me. The story is the most important factor. Toy Story 3... um... interested... wanna wait for more reviews first. ^^

  27. 星期二晚一連看兩齣片子"雙情路"及"安非他命", 較喜歡後者
    彭演的悲劇人物很能帶動觀眾的情緒, 亦很大犧牲,角色變化很大,在TVB演些小角色實在浪費; 配角白梓軒俊俏的面容,自信的眼神中見憂鬱; 很吸引! 某傷風素廣告已留意到他了
    他倆不論感情或情慾戲均自然與動人, 像Ennis與Jack很perfect match希望他們能繼續合作!
    沒看過導演雲翔的"長期居留", 哪齣較好呢?
    [版主回覆04/23/2010 11:39:00]1. That scene... um... I saw the images, but they can be seen in other heterosexual films too. I don't think it should be cut. If the scene was not disturbing, it was not a successful scene.
    2. Yes it is an impressive HK indie movie. I really have not seen this kind of HK movie before... quite cult indeed. the acting is also conving... it is better than 期his previous films which still have stilted lines.

  28. Watched "Brothers"...Actually it is good. But what I feel is too short for only 104 mins. It's too simple about the characterization, hmmm...Tobey is very good acting in this movie, but the movie too short make him cannot have too much time can show off the character. But still I like it, and I think I will watch one more time when the DVD is coming.
    [版主回覆04/26/2010 00:59:00]Yes too rushed... changes come too suddenly. Tobey's performance is the most impressive one in this film. I am blown away by the tension created.

  29. Too much 3D for nowaday...I want to watch "Toy Story 3" also, and recently maybe watch "Agora", will you consider watch this one???
    [版主回覆04/26/2010 21:30:00]3D does not appeal to me much. Last year, I saw 3D Up, but the story disappointed me. Agora --- foreign reviews are just OK, so I will skip this one. The next film I will see is Iron Man 2. ^^