勁揪俠 + 影子滅殺令

勁揪俠 Kick-Ass
Kick-Ass is a funny and sometimes bloody drama with memorable characters that viewers can easily relate to and adrenalin-pumping actions.

Aaron Johnson convincingly plays an ordinary geek with a fervent desire to help others despite the lack of super powers. He is neither sporty nor academically good. The character reminds us that everyone has once thought of being a super hero, but very seldom do we try to help others with our limited powers. Moreover, Nicolas Cage surprisingly gives a dazzling performance as an emotionally suppressed father who brainwashes his daughter and trained her to be a murderous killer. Besides, Chloe Moretz’s character, Hit-Girl, blows me away because of the huge contrast between her innocent face and the savage killing and what's more she is not totally inhumane espcially when she sheds a tear and shakes hands with Kick-Ass. Also, Red-Mist’s eagerness to gain recognition from his Dad and make friends at the same time can be felt.

With cool music and dazzling images, this entertaining movie is not without a message. That "no power comes no responsibility" is not true. Everyone can take part in fighting crime, no matter how physically weak or socially unimportant one is. I’m touched by the main character’s innocent but unfailing willingness to contribute to the common good while jeopardizing his life. Our society where people sometimes stay aloof need you, Kick-Ass! Although soemtimes you have your ass kicked, you inspire us to help others. 4 / 5

P.S. The film is categorized as category three.

Gangster: What the fxxk is wrong with you man? You'd rather die for some piece of shxt that you don't even fxxking know?

Kick-Ass: The three axxholes laying into one guy while everybody else watches and you wanna know what's wrong with me? Yeah. I'd rather die.

影子滅殺令 The Ghost Writerr

With a tense screenplay, a strong cast as well as a chilling setting, The Ghost Writer is a captivating, well-paced and suspenseful political thriller of immense tension which reminds us of Hitchcock. Although some members of the audience may feel puzzled by the ending, I highly recommend this masterful work to movie lovers. 4 / 5

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  1. 估唔到你會睇呢套喎~
    雖然trailer都ok 吸引 ^^
    btw 我睇左「艋舺」and 「亡情使者」,比較喜歡前者,呵呵~係少見台灣大型片~~
    [版主回覆04/17/2010 17:20:00]HAHA I choose movies mainly based on rottentomatoes and IMDB. The reviews are very positive, although it might look lousy when I first saw the poster haha.
    RIGHT, both are good, but the Messengers are more profound.

  2. 這套看了有點受不了,受不了那報仇的憎恨。如果是真實的話那女孩長大後會出現很多問題﹗總之看後心裡感到不舒服 ﹗可能我年紀大不適合看90後的此類電影﹗﹗
    [版主回覆04/17/2010 17:19:00]That's why the film is categorized as category three. The story of Hit Girl can be off putting / disturbing. Perhaps I have seen tons of films e.g. Salo, so the film does not give me lots of shock, be it emotional or visual. Still, it is quite gory to most members of the audience.
    I think all four characters are on the verge of the society. They also want to gain recognition. Hit-Girl is brainwashed and may exist in her own world when she grows up. I do agree with you. Still, after several thoughts, I asked myself what I would do if I were the girl.
    The answer is obvious! I would do the same.  

  3. 有咁好睇?!
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 00:47:00]Foreign critics' reviews are generally positive and it scores 8.4 / 10 in IMDB, which is very impressive. I personally like this film, but some viewers may not like the violence and gore. Worth seeing in my opinion, but not highly recommended to everyone especially moralists and those put off by gore.

  4. haha, 同樣地諗唔到你會睇呢套, 觀評論似乎比想像中好, 因之前看過trailer未覺吸引.
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 12:08:00]Right after watching the film, I think it deserves 3.5. After 15 mins, I changed my mind because of the message delivered by this superhero movie. Quite special. Of course, the images also remind me of Kill Bill.

  5. 個女仔好搶,好正!
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 14:54:00]RIGHT... somehow the film can be called Hit-Girl. Still, although Kick-Ass is less memorable than her, he reminds us to help others no matter how small or unimportant we look. I am personally touched by his character.

  6. sounds pretty interesting!  will consider watch it in cinema if i have time.  thanks for the sharing.  just wondering what's the music that comes with this movie?  heavy metal?
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 18:46:00]Um... kind of... dunno how to describe it, one coming from 28 Days Later.

  7. seems quite childish film, wonder why being classified as catagory III?
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 18:47:00]um... at first, I found the main character's behvaiour quite silly and cannot relate to him, but I know that this kind of silly guy does exist... and eventually I am touched by his eagerness to help others.

  8. Bcs of too much foul languages again?
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 18:47:00]One of the reasons... Another one is the bloody images.

  9. LOVE THIS ONE! HIT GIRL is so freaking awesome!
    [版主回覆04/18/2010 22:52:00]Surely! But the hatred inside her makes me sad.

  10. 睇左,認真一流作品
    [版主回覆04/20/2010 18:52:00]Agree!

  11. 好正的一套!
    我覺得外人睇hit-girl 好慘,特別係佢嗰種恨,但係佢除了身不由己外,除了可憐身世,我覺得佢是快樂的,而佢自己覺得快樂,才是最重要吧 
    [版主回覆04/21/2010 01:15:00]Right... in her own world, she understands very well what she needs.
    From this perspective, she is blessed.

  12. 《影子滅殺令》真係好睇又緊張,最後他的死是我意料中事,因為在情理上看唔死唔得,他知得太多。不過,如果我是他...我都會發掘真相到底。
    [版主回覆04/24/2010 23:30:00]Spoiler Warning : Actually he can pass the info to the mass media first. At least he can let everyone know on the spot. However, he does not do so. Some at IMDB think his action lacks a motive, while some think perhaps as a ghost writer, he really needs to show her that he should not be underestimated. However, it is not a wise decision. What do you think?

  13. 我睇了勁揪俠, 發現有吳宇森的風格(復仇, 槍戰), 幽默風格睇得好開心
    [版主回覆04/25/2010 09:57:00]Right! It is FUN. The images and message are also memorable.

  14. 影子滅殺令 9.5/10 最令人神魂顛倒的作品之一
    [版主回覆04/26/2010 01:01:00]神魂顛倒 Very precise!

  15. 我覺得佢想搵真相純粹係滿足自己的欲望,如果唔係就不用特地遞這張紙條,不過,佢的確冇想到自己死得咁快。
    [版主回覆04/26/2010 01:02:00]Spoiler Warning :I think his desire is to have a look at the frustration in her facial expression.

  16. 個男主角要咁做 導演只係想影射當時歐美政權幾咁腐敗
    [版主回覆04/26/2010 01:06:00]Interesting analysis! It sounds plausible. Still, what is the character's motive? Is it necessary for him to do so? He will be in danger if he passes the message to her. Um... perhaps he thinks he won't be murdered after a few mins.

  17. spoiler warning: Kenji, 我放假時都看了這兩套啊!! 我最初以為<<勁揪俠>>是像Scary Movie般玩轉英雄片, 但它比我想像的有concept得多。我也同樣被男主角感動。而且他是個很真實的人, 既有正義感, 但也想溝女, 也會因為做了名人而有虛榮感。我一向愛看打女戲, Hit girl的動作很勁。開頭她與父親"練槍"一幕看得我目瞪口呆。暴力場面很殘忍, 但我怕看黑幫逼供多過Hit Girl殺人。 至於Ghost Writer也很好看。我也覺得男主角很蠢, 不過我猜到他的下場, 因為波蘭斯基有幾套戲的主角下場都不好。他最後的行為是最蠢的, 但那傳字條一幕很好, 如果不是這樣拍, 電影不會這麼好看。
    [版主回覆04/26/2010 23:05:00]Thanks for your visit! I also think his character is quite realistic and three-dimensional. I also understand his desire for vanity. Indeed, some people upload videos onto the internet to express their thoughts. Indeed, they also want some attention and fame. The 練槍 scene is captivating and powerful, isn't it? HAHAHA!!! There are some poignant scenes, e.g. his dad died and the injured thanked Kick-ass. Agree! That scene is of great tension. That is not a wise decision. I guess he is trying to see her reaction. As a ghost writer, he is not respected by many others and he desires to take this opportunity to show her that he can also reveal the secret.

  18. 同意
    [版主回覆04/26/2010 23:20:00]Thank you. I am also not sure. The atmosphere and tension is brilliantly built up, but the charactrer's motive for doing that is not very clear. Just make a guess!

  19. Hello Kenji, 睇左 Kick-Ass, 好喜歡 Hit-Girl. 又睇左 "血色童話" (Let The Right One In), 又好喜歡小女孩 Eli 的角色. 再發現, 原來飾演 Hit-Girl 的 Chloe Moretz 將會飾演 荷里活版的 "血色童話", 非常期待
    [版主回覆04/30/2010 20:10:00]Oh really Ar Tung? I think the two characters are very different. Looking forward to her performance. Um... remake again... not sure if it is good.

  20. 我反而覺得兩個角色有很多相似. 兩個角色都是把天真外表和血腥暴力集於一身. 兩位女童星 Chloe Moretz 和 Lina Leandersson 都很成功地演出了這種天真加暴力, 而令兩部戲生色不少. 所以我很期待這 remake. 我相信 Chloe Moretz 的演出一定無問題, 只是怕編劇和導演將 remake 搞垮.
    [版主回覆04/30/2010 20:51:00]RIGHT!!! A good point! I think Hit-Girl is brainwashed and so her character is insanely violent. Still, the girl in Let the Right One has to kill in order to live. The motives are different. Besides, Hit Girl is still young and inexperienced, but the girl in Let the Right One is indeed very old and sophisticated.The difference may be subtle. If the film is hollywoodized, it can be disastrous.

  21. kick ass is great moive ! i love it!!
    [版主回覆08/01/2010 15:27:00]It is a nice movie!!!