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The 86th Annual Academy Awards

Best Picture
4.5 Gravity
4.4 Dallas Buyers Club
4.1 Captain Phillips
4.1 The Wolf of Wall Street
4.0 Nebraska
3.9 12 Years a Slave
3.8 Her
3.7 American Hustle - The ensemble cast is capable.
3.7 Philomena - The Magdalene Sisters is better.
P.S. Inside Llewyn Davis (4.5) and Blue Jasmine (4.3) are snubbed.

Actor in a Leading Role
4.6 Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)
4.6 Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)
4.4 Bruce Dern (Nebraska)
4.2 Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave)
4.2 Christian Bale (American Hustle)
P.S. Tom Hanks from Captain Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix from Her are snubbed.

Actor in a Supporting Role
4.7 Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)
4.4 Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street)
4.3 Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips)
3.9 Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)
3.8 Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave)

Actress in a Leading Role
4.9 Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
4.9 Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)
4.3 Sandra Bullock (Gravity)
4.2 Judi Dench (Philomena)
4.0 Amy Adams (American Hustle)
P.S. Emma Thompson from Saving Mr. Banks is snubbed.

Actress in a Supporting Role
4.5 Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle) - She outshines Amy Adams in the film.
4.5 Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)
4.5 Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) - I love her quirkiness.
4.5 June Squibb (Nebraska) - She steals the show.
4.5 Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)
P.S. I personally LOVE all of the nominees in this category.

Animated Feature Film
4.0 The Croods
3.8 The Wind Rises
3.7 Frozen
3.6 Ernest & Celestine
3.3 Despicable Me 2

4.8 Gravity / Emmanuel Lubezki
4.6 Inside Llewyn Davis / Bruno Delbonnel
4.6 Nebraska / Phedon Papamichael
4.6 The Grandmaster / Philippe Le Sourd
4.3 Prisoners / Roger A. Deakins

4.6 Gravity / Alfonso Cuarón
4.4 The Wolf of Wall Street / Martin Scorsese
4.3 12 Years a Slave / Steve McQueen
4.2 Nebraska / Alexander Payne
4.2 American Hustle / David O. Russell

Documentary Feature
4.5 The Act of Killing
4.3 Cutie and the Boxer
The Square - Not Yet Seen
20 Feet From stardom - Not Yet Seen
Dirty Wars - Not Yet Seen

Film Editing
4.5 Gravity / Alfonso Cuarón and Mark Sanger
4.4 Captain Phillips / Christopher Rouse
4.3 American Hustle / Jay Cassidy, Crispin Struthers and Alan Baumgarten
4.2 Dallas Buyers Club / John Mac McMurphy and Martin Pensa
4.2 12 Years a Slave / Joe Walker

Foreign Language Film
4.5 The Hunt (Denmark)
3.9 Omar (Palestine)
3.8 The Broken Circle Breakdown (Belgium)
3.6 The Missing Picture (Cambodia) 
3.5 The Great Beauty (Italy)

Music - Original Score
4.3 Gravity / Steven Price
4.2 The Book Thief / John Williams
4.1 Saving Mr. Banks / Thomas Newman
4.1 Her / William Butler and Owen Pallett
3.9 Philomena / Alexandre Desplat

Music - Original Song
4.0 "Let It Go" from Frozen
3.8 "Happy" from Despicable Me 2
3.8 "The Moon Song" from Her
"Ordinary Love" from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom - Not Yet Seen
"Alone Yet Not Alone" from Alone Yet Not Alone - Not Yet Seen

Production Design
4.3 American Hustle
4.2 Gravity
4.2 12 Years a Slave
4.1 Her
The Great Gatsby - Not Yet Seen

Visual Effects
4.9 Gravity
4.5 Star Trek Into Darkness
4.3 Iron Man 3
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Not Yet Seen
The Lone Ranger - Not Yet Seen

Adapted Screenplay
4.7 Before Midnight / Written by Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke
4.4 The Wolf of Wall Street / Screenplay by Terence Winter
4.3 12 Years a Slave / Screenplay by John Ridley
4.2 Captain Phillips / Screenplay by Billy Ray
3.9 Philomena / Screenplay by Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope

Original Screenplay
4.8 Blue Jasmine / Written by Woody Allen
4.6 Her / Written by Spike Jonze
4.6 Dallas Buyers Club / Written by Craig Borten & Melisa Wallack
4.6 Nebraska / Written by Bob Nelson
4.4 American Hustle / Written by Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell

I personally use a 5-star movie rating scale.

Ellen DeGeneres, one of my favorite artists, was the first openly gay person who hosted the Oscars in 2007. Her coming back as a host again thrills me to bits. Have a look at the following clips. She is great. 

Let’s rank the Best Picture nominees. It is fun!

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  1. Ellen DeGeneres d書都幾好笑架.

    1. What book? I don't know she can write. I only watch her show. She is very funny.

    2. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=ellen%20degeneres

  2. 厲害,已看了這麼多奧斯卡片!香港在星期一播,看不到直播......

    1. Having tried my very best, I have seen most of them. I am so excited! I can't watch the live show either. I will watch the replay at night, won't you?

    2. ha ha, i can watch the live show every year though i am working!

    3. HOW? You hide your office cubicle and watch it with your computer?

    4. Haha!! Kenji的回應很有趣!我都想在公司睇直播,睇怕要隱形先得 :P

  3. I watched Gravity on TV. I thought it was OK. Obviously, it is more than OK...

    1. I would advise you to watch it again at IMAX. The images will blow you away. I imagined floating in the space when I watched it.

  4. Original screenplay 我覺得最好是 Dallas Buyers Club, Her 雖然未睇,但聽講個結局好似埋唔到尾咁,要草草收場喎,此事當真?

    1. 1. Dallas Buyers Club is well acted. Although I like the script and hope that it is the best picture, it seems to me that the chance is slim.

      2. Her's story is creative and I find the ending acceptable. The pace is a bit too slow though.

      3. The Monuments Men is not well received. I will skip it despite the star-studded cast.

    2. 我昨晚去看里斯本夜車,碰見同事 (還要坐正旁邊!)。同事說最似 best picture 的,應該是 12 years a slave~

    3. You are right. 12 Years a Slave is based on a real story. It is politically correct. It has a good cast. On Monday, I will ask my colleagues not to tell me anything about the Oscars and I will try not to look at the news on MTR. I'll watch the replay at night.

    4. The Wolf of Wall Street 比我想像中好,始終Martin Scorsese 的戲我不是每套也受得了,有人說這次是他自Goodfellas 後最好的一套,所以早前找了Goodfellas 來看,最後悶死 ^^”
      你已經看了Inside Llewyn Davis了?我還擔心香港不知道會不會想正場呢!

    5. 我也在考慮明天是要上網看結果然後回家看重播,還是一直不上網直至回家。不過,可能有同事會主動告訴我結果。我也多數會忍不住偷看......
      Inside Llewyn Davis在國際電影節有得看~

    6. Kenji is right, 今年個host 好正!成個show 好好睇~
      我放假係屋企睇直播,不過唔會share 賽果了,因為我知有好多人會等睇重播。
      Oscar 完咗,終於可以揭下本HKIFF 書仔 ~

    7. 1. Inside Llewyn Davis will be one of my top 10 movies this year. Do you like it?
      2. Ellen rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
      3. I did not know the results until I returned home and had dinner with my family tonight. I knew some results from TV... sigh... Next year, I will turn off the TV haha.

    8. Inside Llewyn Davis 我電影節才會看,我很喜歡高安兄弟啊。(不是安信兄弟:P)
      我看了頭幾個結果的新聞(包括男配角和最佳動畫),然後避結果避到明珠台自己的新聞廣告都冇睇。鏡頭經常落在Matthew McConaugh身上,想看多點Leo仔也不成...... 

    9. Inside Llewy Davis 我都會睇,不過未決定睇邊場。

    10. 芝: 看頒獎禮前看完提名影片會更好玩 - Very true! What Oscars films haven't you watched yet?

      鯨魚: I highly recommend Inside Llewy Davis. Enjoy the film.

    11. 未看的很多:Dallas Buyers Club, Captain Phillips, Nebraska, 12 Years a Slave, Her,
      3.7 American Hustle, Philomena; 所有記錄片, 除The Hunt外的所有外語片:P

    12. I highly recommend Dallas Buyers Club and Captain Phillips. As for the foreign language films, Omar and The Broken Circle Breakdown are good, but not great.

    13. I've watched Dallas buyers Club, I love the movie!

    14. btw, I've watched The Lunchbox and I love it too! It's a quiet and subtle movie and it seems the kind of movie that you, 鯨魚 and Chestnut would enjoy.

    15. Lunchbox 我或者呢兩曰去BC 睇,之前電影節已經想睇,聽你咁講七就更期待了!
      我HKIFF 仲未諗擔掂><

    16. I love the Lunchbox too. I love the cast and the subtle changes he has undergone, yet it seems that the second part of the film drags. Gi, let's talk about the ending.


      1. Do you think he can meet her? I think the answer is not important because both of them have learnt to step forward and explore other possibilities by communicating with other people.

      2. Is she leaving alone, or with her daughter?

  5. 大部份提名电影在Oscar之前已經看了,除了那些熱門电影,我覺得Philomena幾好看的。片內,那記者跟Philomena的爭論,引發觀眾思考,而該片亦是改編自真人真秀

    1. Have you watched The Magdalene Sisters? It has a similar story, but is more gripping than Philomena.

    2. 沒有看過!看到你的推介,我買dvd來看。

  6. i enjoyed that show very much that night, Ellen is full of charming...

    1. She is humorous. I like the pizza joke and the fairy costume.

  7. 回覆
    1. True. She is better than Amy Adams. As for Judi Dench, I think she is good, but her performance does not surprise me. Her best performance is from Notes on a Scandal in my opinion.

  8. I watched 20 feet from stardom on the plane and I think it has won because it is about the struggle of the black girls ...
    I also watched 一級雙雄 and it's really good. I love the ending.

    1. Really? Are there any white girls?
      By the way, have you watched The Act of Killing?
      一級雙雄 is good, but it may not be the Oscar's materials.

  9. Kenji were you at the screening of About Elly tonight at City Hall? Think I saw you - again, after bumping into you in yau ma tei some time ago ;-) - Judy 小金魚

    1. YES that was ME!!! ^^ what other HKIFF films will you watch?

    2. By the way, will you watch Beautiful City by the same director?

    3. we were in the same row, was at the other end :)
      Will catch Beautiful City in Apr/May. Things' ve been hectic for me lately, so am only getting tickets at the box office before the show these days. Hope can catch The Past (same director), and one or two Czech movies

    4. Did you enjoy About Elly? Any good ones you've seen so far?

    5. 怪獸慈母心 - Highly recommended
      艾莉的小秘密 - Highly recommended
      伊朗式離婚 - Very good
      歌莉亞戀愛日記 - Above average

  10. 回覆
    1. Thanks for your visit. I have been very busy and I somehow lack motivation to update my blog. I will definitely share my summer adventure and my top-10-movie list here though.

  11. Kenji, 你好像失了蹤跡一樣,原來在備戰嗎?可惜我已不是電影迷,我是唱K 的歌迷。

    1. 上兩個月前,守候看明珠台的舊片「賓虛」,看了三個小時!通宵了。這部經典的大片,真是名不虛傳,最後生死決賽的一人驅策數匹馬奔馳的場面,真是震撼呀!

    2. Thanks so much for your visit. I just dunno when I will have time to update my blog. Hopefully I will have time to do so in the summer holidays. ^^

    3. So good ! i wait for it . God bless you !