Goodbye My Love

8th February 11 marked the death of Move Thee Reviews. Our channel was removed by YouTube due to the copyright infringing videos uploaded by Bobby and Mickey. Feeling upset, I am writing to express my regret at their misconduct and explain in what ways they have let me down in these two years.

First and foremost is the absence of gratitude. Since the handover, they have not expressed their appreciation in any form for my wholehearted support. I cannot help but wonder why some members of the post 80s generation never say thank you.
Frankly speaking, I could have ended the show with ease. However, I opted to pass it on, albeit time-consuming, believing that the experience could broaden their horizons. There being no "thank you", I felt like a fool being used as a stepping stone.

Second, I am disappointed by their disrespect. During the handover, I drafted an email entitled "Thank You and Goodbye", intending to introduce to the PRs our new hosts and, more importantly, express my appreciation for their support. Afterwards, I asked them to send it out and inform me of any errors, should there be any. To my utter astonishment, they changed the title to "Change of Hosts of Move Thee Reviews" without my permission. Please note that the email was signed by ME. I simply did not understand why they could not show a hint of respect for the writer.

As for the quality of their reviews, I am sometimes dissatisfied. First, their ideas were not well organized since they never planned and discussed what to say before recording every show. Moreover, they gave out spoilers without forewarning the audience. In addition, the flowery and turgid language sometimes used by Mickey was confusing. What annoyed me most was that Mickey sometimes trashed movies as if they were void of any value. Could their reviews "move thee"? At least, most of their reviews did not move me.

Fourth, both of them are irresponsible slackers. For instance, Mickey returned to the mainland and disappeared from the show without notifying me and the audience. Bobby did not review some movies after attending the previews, which was in violation of our agreement and ruined our reputation.

Finally, I am also outraged at the absence of apology. Our channel was permanently removed by YouTube due to their copyright infringing videos. It was totally their fault, but I have not heard a single word of apology. Why is it so hard to say (thank you and) sorry? Because of self-centeredness or defense mechanism?

This is also my fault. I bitterly regret passing the channel to two casual acquaintances. Had it not been my impulsive decision, our YouTube channel would not have been removed and movie lovers would have had access to my spoken reviews in the future. Anyway, the mistake has been made and there is no going back. Although our YouTube channel and all comments have been permanently removed, I hope that those beautiful moments will be indelibly imprinted on our minds.

一年未緣 Another Year 4.5 / 5
愛有新世界 In a Better World / Hævnen 4.3 / 5

愛情潛水 Submarine 4.1 / 5
母親的告白 Incendies 4 / 5
我,看見惡魔 I Saw the Devil 3.5 / 5

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about that...希望你不要太傷心。
    [版主回覆03/27/2011 22:45:00]Thanks. My feelings are mixed. On the one hand, I am sad because all the reviews and comments have been permanently removed, but on the other, I am glad that they will never post reviews on behalf of Move Thee Reviews in the future. Indeed, we are very different and the show was no longer the same after my departure. Anyway, I do understand that everything ends one day. I still have the clips at home and I can still listen to them when I am free. However, they cannot be found on YouTube again, except a few clips posted by Ka Ka several years ago. Anyway, thanks. Just wanna express my regert at their misconduct and wonder why these two HKUST graduates can be so impolite and irresponsible.

  2. 請忘了那兩個人, 只記著自己主持節目時那份美好的回憶
    [版主回覆03/28/2011 11:13:00]Perhaps you are right! I just do not understand why some young people
    nowadays (not only these two guys, but also some of my students) do not
    say thank you and sorry these days.

  3. 你無錄之後個節目我聽過1,2次,的確大不如前......
    不過既然發生了,唯有let it go la~
    [版主回覆03/29/2011 17:13:00]They have recently graduated from HKUST and two years ago, they were just 21 or 22. Indeed, I did not expect much from them. However, I am sometimes appalled by their taste, e.g. choosing Transformers 2 as one of the top 20 movies of the year. I do respect their choice, but what I can say is that our likes are very different and the reasons provided by them for their choice does not convince me at all, not to mention the poor organization of their ideas. The shows were simply not well prepared. What impressed me is that they do have immense confidence though. Anyway, what annoys me MOST is the absence of thank you and sorry. Very disappointed anyway.

  4. 我雖不是電影發燒友,但我能明白你的心血因別人無知而被毀的感受.別太介懷了.
    [版主回覆03/30/2011 17:52:00]Thank you so much. That is exactly how I feel. However, if they had said sorry, I might not have started writing this. I am outraged by the lack of responsibility.

  5. 從你文字中,看得出你有多麼的不開心和不滿...
    凡事也都是一個經歷... 從中有讓我們學習的地方, 領教過後, 應知下一次會如何去選擇... 希望你快D開心番啦...
    [版主回覆03/30/2011 21:25:00]Perhaps I should look at it positively. The channel has been removed and they can no longer review movies on behalf of Move Thee Reviews. Thanks a lot Angel!!!

  6. 節目以這樣的方式很令人無奈,他們的表現亦令人很失望。不過現在某些年輕人的處事方法和心態真的是我們聞所未聞的。希望你不要太氣憤,很傷身的~ (我剛被一個朋友激嬲了,他是好心,但卻不明白我,還以語言刺激我) 不過你對電影的愛還在,是不會受他們影響的吧。請你繼續在這裡寫影評吧!
    [版主回覆03/31/2011 17:28:00]Indeed I sent them an email telling them my feelings, my advice and the necessity of saying "thank you" shortly after I passed them the show. As a well educated person, I think I have the responsibility to tell them their problems in a constructive and polite way. I was happy that they also replied to my email in a positive way and expressed their thanks in the reply. However, they don't say sorry this time and I am very disappointed. I believe they are aware of that. They just do not apologize deliberately, worrying that they have to be responsible for the permanent removal of the channel. Anyway, I should not trust people easily. This is also my fault.

  7. Little Wing - Wendy2011年3月31日 上午12:43

    寄望將來,你會從出江湖在其他渠道,再為我們介紹電影!!!! Take it easy and let it go!
    [版主回覆03/31/2011 17:29:00]Thanks a lot. Let bygones be bygones. Although I know that I may not have time to talk or write about movies in the future, my love for movies will never die. ^^

  8. i'm deep sorry for u too..... hope u'll have a piece of your new sky very soon!!!
    [版主回覆04/01/2011 12:11:00]Thanks a lot. I am looking forward to the beautiful summer. ^^

  9. Didn't check in for couple days........sorry to hear about that..........hoep you will feel better now 
    [版主回覆04/02/2011 00:12:00]Thanks a lot! Move Thee Reviews will be with me for the rest of my life and I still believe in the kindness of mankind.

  10. 係呀~其實自從你交了給他們,我聽了一﹑兩次就沒有再聽下去, 因為他們的影評質素,用詞等 都遠遠不及你....加油!
    [版主回覆04/03/2011 15:06:00]Thank you for your support. Indeed, the quality of their shows is sometimes disappointing, but what annoys me most is their poor attitude.

  11. 原來發生咗件唔開心事,同班後生仔就唔好再計較咁多了,明知呢世代人係咁,再諗等於同自己過唔去......
    個show最後無咗,但係從前一手build up嘅過程同滿足感,還是屬於你的,無人可以攞得走。 
    [版主回覆04/04/2011 14:19:00]Right, time to let go. I just do not understand why some members of the post 90s generation lack a sense of responsibility and never say thank you and sorry. Of course, I am not going to further explore the field in the foreseeable future and so the removal of the channel may not be a very big problem to me. Thanks anyway.

  12. 好難過聽到此消息 ! Move Thee Reviews 並沒有成為過去,相反地佢永遠地屬於你和你的「知心友」 。而家我又想起你在影畫絮語的的聲音和你那對份對人對事的赤誠。
    [版主回覆04/04/2011 21:34:00]Yes, I was sad too, but perhaps that's how I can stop them reviewing movies on behalf of Move Thee Reviews. Most of their reviews simply failed to move me. Anyway, you can still listen to some of my previous shows below, but the Youtube Channel is already gone. http://www.tudou.com/home/_52183128 P.S. I am honoured to be described as 赤誠. Thanks a lot! ^^

  13. 噫,I Saw the Devil 的評分偏低喎,個故事唔得? 好喜歡 Another Year 的女主角。舊同事說她在 High Hopes 的演出更為精彩,好想看啊。 In a Better World 個故事算係咁,但以得獎作品來說,實在太普通了些。
    [版主回覆04/05/2011 15:18:00]The atmosphere is good and there are gory images. The story is entertaining indeed. However, the characters are not well developed and there are plotholes here and there. I think it is worth watching, but don't expect too much. I highly recommend to you another similar Korean movie, "KILL MAN MEMORIES" (directly translated into English because I have forgotten the English title, sorry). That one is GREAT!!! Another Year has a superb ensemble cast and 3 dimensional characters. The story also reminds me of the problems encountered while growing old. I really love this realistic film. In a Better World has big themes and forces me to think about the decisions I make every day in moral dilemmas. Wether or not we should fight back depends on different situations. If possible, I try to avoid conflicts of course. The characters take revenge on one another and fortunately the movie is a better world. Anyway, I like it, but I still prefer the quirky Dogtooth from Greece and Confession from Japan.

  14. Those beautiful moments will be indelibly imprinted on our minds. -- Sure!
    [版主回覆04/05/2011 19:45:00]Thanks for your support. I will never forget the lovely experience.

  15. Their performance is really so......
    Just take it easy and keep the beatiful memories! Cheer Up!
    [版主回覆04/06/2011 09:31:00]Thanks. I still remember their very negative comment on one of your favourite movies. The sand must be yellow... not green! ^^

  16. Oh! u remember this? haha!
    [版主回覆04/06/2011 20:44:00]Prince of Persia is a successful commercial film. I don't understand why Bobby trashed the movie and some of his arguments were ridiculous.

  17. Pass is passed, I dun mind anymore la!
    [版主回覆04/06/2011 21:50:00]Everyone is different. What I can say is that their likes are sometimes very different from mine.

  18. didn't read this blog until now, and i'm sorry to know that the youtube channel has been removed permanently due to misuse by your successors.  in fact, after you quit hosting the channel, i have not listen to it since then, but i think i understand what your feeling is right now since the Move Three is basically your "child", it's definitely heartbreaking to see one's child died abruptly.  anyway, don't be sad, your fans will enjoy the reviews by you, no matter it's in Move Three or Yahoo Blog.  in fact, your rating is one of my guidelines to movie other than imdb and rottentomatoes.  so be happy, and pls keep up the good work even you are not as free as before! 
    [版主回覆04/06/2011 22:53:00]You guys have been so supportive to me these years. Thanks a lot for understanding how I feel. Anyway, it is time to move on.

  19. hi Kenji Sir,
    Hope it won’t bring u frustration and annoyance more.   Readers and audiences’ support right here for u.
    Yes, I do think a positive and right attitude important, which not only a state of mind but also a reflection of what you value - a faith of love n esteem.
    [版主回覆04/07/2011 13:09:00]Attitude, instead of aptitude, determines your altitude. That's what I believe. Thank you so much for your support. I think it is time to move on. Thanks to Yahoo Blog, I have expressed my oent up feelings!!!

  20. 好明白你感受.記住好的回憶吧,take care.
    [版主回覆04/12/2011 11:51:00]Thanks! It is always in my heart.

  21. 其實由handover開始,我已經冇聽《影畫絮語》,因為Kenji你的影評係獨一無二。
    [版主回覆04/17/2011 22:37:00]Jason, thank you for your support! The end of the show may be a blessing because they can on longer share their views on behalf of Move Thee Reviews. I was disappointed when 流浪漢世界盃, Transformer 2 and some other films are in their top-20-movie list. Their likes are usually different from mine. I know that Bobby still visits my blog from time to time and uses another account to leave a message here haha. I also know their blogs and sometimes Bobby's written reviews are very puzzling. Anyway, perhaps I should celebrate the end of the show. I should. ^^ Thx!!!

  22. 咁佢留左D咩言俾你呀?
    [版主回覆04/17/2011 23:47:00]咁佢留左D咩言俾你呀?Bobby loves Ms Yeung's performance in 志明與春嬌, etc. 佢地評左d咩令到你咁失望?Most reviews... they sound confident, but the ideas are poorly organised and not logically presented. Their personal likes are also very different from mine.