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By the way, I am planning to watch the Dam Keeper at HKIFF. I love this still very much.

4.3 / 5 皇家特工: 間諜密令 Kingsman: The Secret Service
3.9 / 5 Stand by Me: 多啦A夢2D (粵語版) Stand by Me: Doraemon 2D
3.8 / 5 超級無敵羊咩咩大電影之咩最勁! Shaun The Sheep Movie
3.7 / 5 禁愛風暴 The Circle
3.7 / 5 玩殘玩謝玩到底 Borgman
2.5 / 5 匈心男大步走 Lost and Love
3.6 / 5 慾望之塔 The disciple
3.3 / 5 失孤 For Some Inexplicable Reason
4.2 / 5 親愛的 Dearest
3.6 / 5 馬丁路德金 - 夢想之路 Selma
3.6 / 5 五個小孩的校長 Little Big Master
4.2 / 5 數造天才 X+Y
4.6 / 5 沉默的眼睛 The Look of Silence
3.8 / 5 苦路上的女孩 Stations of the Cross
3.0 / 5 公爵蝶戀花 The Duke of Burgundy
3.8 / 5 沙漠小野狼 Theeb
4.1 / 5 猶太式離婚 GETT: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem
4.1 / 5 孤島桃源 Corn Island 
3.9 / 5 直撃殭屍屋 What We Do in the Shadows
3.8 / 5 在世界盡頭喚自由 Timbuktu
4.1 / 5 回憶中的瑪妮 When Marnie Was There
4.1 / 5 71暴亂夜 '71
3.6 / 5 狗眼看人間 White God
3.7 / 5 性本無言 The Tribe
3.7 / 5 媽咪早抖 Goodnight Mommy
4.9 / 5 大地之鹽 The Salt of the Earth
3.7 / 5 踏血尋梅 Port of Call
3.7 / 5 大愛.同行 Pride
3.7 / 5 衝鋒車 Two Thumbs Up
3.9 / 5 女朋友的女朋友 The New Girlfriend
4.1 / 5 無定向喪心病狂 Wild Tales
3.3 / 5 逆權師奶 Cart
3.7 / 5 第四公民 Citizenfour
4.1 / 5 慈母多惡兒 Mommy
3.3 / 5 念念 Murmur of the Hearts
3.6 / 5 復仇者聯盟2:奧創紀元 AVENGERS:AGE OF ULTRON

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  1. HKIFF full programme will be released today!!!

    1. Thanks! In the coming week, we will be busy choosing films.

  2. 皇家特工真係好正,勁驚喜。

  3. 今年EUFF睇得好開心,四齣都好睇,四齣都動人。捷克那齣To see the sea, 我猜Kenji會喜歡的。

    1. I tend to watch movies with glowing reviews. That's why sometimes I miss good movies sometimes. My EUFF experience is average.

  4. 你對《大地之鹽》的評價很高呢,但最後不記得是因為撞時間或太忙所以沒去看。我今年的選片普通,最初沒想到看White God,到想看時,卻發現戲票售罄,今年沒機會與你同場看戲了。

    1. It is a pity that we could not meet at HKIFF.

      大地之鹽 is very impressive. It is about a legendary photographer who has sacrificed 40 years and taken a lot of risks because he wants to use the photos he has taken to draw everyone's attention to the evils done by HUMANS e.g. wars, uneven distribution of food, etc. It is a poignant, but very important film about anthropology. In the second half of the film, he decides to show the world the beauty of the mother nature. Most members of the audience stayed until the end of the credits and some even gave this film a standing ovation!!! This is the Oscar Best Documentary nominee and I guess Citizen Four won the award just because of its subject. I will watch Citizen Four to find out if my guess is right. Anyway, there are four documentaries (in recent years) that I highly recommend.
      1. the salt of the earth
      2. the act of killing
      3. My Way
      4. the look of silence

      White God is difficult to make because a lot of dogs are involved, but I think the story is not convincing. I personally think it is just OK.

      直撃殭屍屋 is creative, but I could not fully concentrate because my viewing experience was a disaster. A woman behind me kept laughing and shouting loudly... so loudly that my left eardrum felt painful after the screening. In the middle of the screening, I had to cover up my left ears, but she was NOT aware... even the man sitting next to me covered up his ear... I was just unable to enjoy the film fully. I literally had a headache!!! If you were me, what would you do? The film was funny and it was OK to laugh, but she KEPT laughing and she sometimes laughed because of "not-so-funny" stuff. What's more, her voice was HUGE. Sigh... but next time... I will definitely change my seat in the middle of the screening. I will!!! I am still very angry...

    2. Thank you for your recommendtaion! From waht you said about The Salt of the Earth, this movie should be seen in a cinema. I miss this movie twice! (it was shown in last year's hkiff too.)

      When the other audiences talk, I would sometimes "sh" them or even say it out loud (depends on the seriousness and/or my mood). However, in your case, the woman was laughing, not chatting. I couldn't ask her to laugh more quietly, I don't know what to say. And she may not understand (maybe her hearing is not good), or she may not know how to control her laughter. I would change my seat if there're still empty seats left (I've done this before). Poor you!

    3. You are right. I should have changed my seat, but I did not want to embarrass her haha. Anyway, I will definitely do so next time. I don't want to hurt my eardrums.Thanks!

    4. You are such a gentleman! You wouldn't hurt her feeling as she's probably not a sensitive person. :)

  5. kenji,你係youtube個80分鍾死亡直播的片被人刪左,我想再翻聽有無地方有啊?

    1. Thank you so much for your interest. I really like that episode. It is a pity that it is no longer available on the internet.

    2. 真可惜_(:3


    3. Episode 1 is great. As for no 2, it is no longer about zombies. The genre has changed. I personally find the change creative. However, no 3 and 4 were not as good as the first two. Since the genre has changed since episode 2, my analysis seems irrelevant to a certain extent. Many people are interested in a prequel, but it has never been shot.