My 11-day Trip to Germany (2)

Details and photos can be found below:

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  1. soooooooo many photos!
    [版主回覆08/12/2013 16:58:43]Probably too many. I wonder if you can view all of them.

  2. 好靚既堡壘, 好後悔之前無去
    [版主回覆08/12/2013 18:14:30]A must see! The scenery, the castle and the things inside wowed me.
    [版主回覆08/12/2013 18:14:14]A must see! The scenery, the castle and the things inside wowed me.

  3. 看後,真有去德國的意慾。
    [版主回覆08/12/2013 21:24:50]I really like the palaces. If you are interested in natural wonders, go to Switzerland.

  4. Very nice pictures and can feel your happiness during the trip! I like New Swanstone Castle as well. I have imagined I was a princess when I visited there many years ago :-p
    [版主回覆08/12/2013 23:08:26]hahaha me too. When I was there, I imagined being a king, King Kenji hahaha. Silly me!

  5. 天氣非常好更加彰顯出城堡的壯麗宏偉~~~
    [版主回覆08/12/2013 23:39:23]Germans drink a lot of beer. It is really delicious and it is said that beer can help release the internal heat after eating oily and fried food. It sounds true haha.

  6. -到過德國後,我也對Ludwig II這個人很有興趣呢!
    -Herrenchiemsee Palace的皇宮花園很宏偉,很想去。
    -去德國時,我也每日一啤。可惜的是我怕黑啤苦,只喝清啤(pale beer?)。反而沒試(也沒見人吃)vanilla ice-cream with raspberries呢。
    -講起旅行...... 可以做個實驗,每逢有超過兩人的場合,你一講旅行,話題便會自動延續下去,甚至停也停不了。
    [版主回覆08/15/2013 18:16:10]- Exactly! I love dreaming too, but I don't have enough money to support my dreaming as a king hahaha. His paying tribute to his favourite composer is also very intriguing. A whole castle is for another guy! It sounds romantic.

    - 黑啤 is less strong. I love it.

    - Yes there is a Christmas market in Vienna.
    [芝回覆08/14/2013 13:36:34]-除了這些,他的特別之處是作為國王,他未免太愛發夢,太內向,活於自己的小世界中。
    [版主回覆08/13/2013 01:32:28]- Mainly because he built lots of beautiful palaces.
    - It was a pity! You might want to do more research before you go next time.
    - YES! The last picture of that session shows the lake at the foot of the mountain.
    - It is said that women usually prefer 黑啤 because it is less strong than pale beer.
    - Really? We had vanilla ice-cream with raspberries in most of our meals. -_-
    - YES! I kept talking about visiting different places and joining different travel agencies with my group mates at lunchtime and dinnertime. The conclusion is that Kuoni is better than Charming.
    - All the places you mentioned are worth visiting. During the festive season, I want to be in Vienna. Norway is TOO COLD!

  7. Beautiful country forest, velvety lawns, fairy tale castles, crystal clear water, craggy mountains, and lots of fresh air and beers! Of course, no one can beat the Italians for icecreams!
    [El Zorro回覆08/13/2013 13:09:45]Yeah but that's quite a while ago.
    [版主回覆08/13/2013 11:19:39]Very true! You have been to Germany, haven't you?

  8. A wonderful experience every time you go for a journey.
    No matter where you go next time, enjoy every moment in the trip!
    [版主回覆08/13/2013 11:22:19]I have to treat myself once a year. You are right. The destination is one thing. Staying grateful and happy is another.

  9. 好風景、好空氣、好陽光,你都好好精神good good good
    [版主回覆08/14/2013 13:23:16]BUT very soon in September, I will look very tired. I wish I could force myself to have 7 to 8-hour sleep every day. I used to have a 6-hour sleep only and the quality is not very good. Sigh...

  10. 嘩~成個trip都好似好好天啵~~
    [版主回覆08/14/2013 23:01:57]I was very lucky. A few years ago, when I was in Eastern Europe, the days were often gloomy. Photos are more beautiful when they are taken on sunny days.

  11. N年前我都去過新天鵝堡,不過無時間,只可以遠觀,唯有睇你D相當去左。
    [版主回覆08/15/2013 01:24:50]I am glad that you love the castle. It is one of the most beautiful ones I have visited.

  12. Keith English Cottage2013年8月15日 下午6:36

    I love all the castle !
    [版主回覆08/15/2013 23:18:46]Thank you for your visit. Visiting castles and palaces are highlights of the trip to Germany.

  13. New Swanstone Castle, when I was young, I got this 2000 puzzle, the outlook so attractive.
    [版主回覆08/19/2013 23:36:10]It is! I therefore bought a poster and some postcards.

  14. 以前冬天去過新天鵝堡, 上來山大部份雪景再睇你呢個感覺又唔同哂. ^^

    沒記錯Cherry Ngan好似演過大追捕, 應該冇得玩最佳新演員.
    [芝回覆08/20/2013 23:50:09]我也喜歡他們倆!
    [版主回覆08/20/2013 21:47:31]YEAH!!! I love both of them indeed.
    [Hudson回覆08/20/2013 01:12:50]Babyjohn 應有份玩, 奪獎機會唔細. =)
    [版主回覆08/20/2013 00:58:00]1. It looks different.
    2. Really? It is sad. Then how about Babyjohn?

  15. Mud有D驚喜,熱爆MADAM so funny!~
    [版主回覆08/22/2013 13:43:43]Mud - I love the cast and the boy's growth. However, I wonder why the boy helps a stranger. Just because of his love for the woman? Despite knowing that the police is looking for him?

    熱爆MADAM is the best comedy this year, but the director's previous work BRIDESMAID is even funnier, more touching and more thought provoking. I highly recommend it.

  16. 2篇嘅德國blog..............風景,天氣,desserts都好吸引.............好like好like呀
    [版主回覆09/08/2013 23:24:08]Thank you so much. Although I am a teacher, my life is not boring. I do love visiting your blog because of your reviews of different restaurants. Please keep writing.

  17. 回覆
    1. I have just visited your blog haha. I have not seen it. Thank you for your recommendation. I am busy renovating my new blog haha.