1. 伊朗式分居 A Separation
2. 無聲吶喊 Silenced
3. 繼承大丈夫 The Descendants
4. 奇蹟 I Wish
5. 色辱 Shame
6. 桃姐 A Simple Life
7. 星光夢裏人The Artist
8. 小學雞私奔記 Moonrise Kingdom
9. 末日驚防 Take Shelter
10. 瑪蓮邪教離魂曲 Martha Marcy May Marlene


11. 少年Pi的奇幻漂流 Life Of PI
12. 陽光姊妹淘 Sunny
13. 書中字有夢女神 Ruby Sparks
14. 選戰風雲 The Ides of March
15. 禮儀師之真假殺人事件 Bernie
16. 魔球 Moneyball
17. 少年自讀日記 The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
18. 偷戀隔籬媽 In the House
19. 巴黎聖騎士 Holy Motors
20. 我的插班老師 Monsieur Lazhar
21. 狼的孩子雨和雪 Wolf Children
22. 3D 無敵破壞王 Wreck-it Ralph
23. 即使是雨 Even the Rain
24. 戰場上的明信片 Postcard
25. 註腳風雲 Footnote
26. 怪誕小學雞 ParaNorman
27. 單車男孩 The Kid with a Bike
28. 奪命異能 Chronicle
29. 警戰實錄 End of Watch
30. 活埋 Buried
31. 辰巳 Tatsumi
32. 壞孩子的一擊 Punch
33. 普羅米修斯 Prometheus
34. 獵頭遊戲 Headhunters
35. 無光歲月 In Darkness
36. 怪誕復活狗 Frankenweenie
37. 聖殤 Pieta
38. 閃亮人生 Intouchables
39. 為你流的淚 Keep the Lights On
40. 賤熊30 Ted
41. 收購風雲 Arbitrage
42. 世紀末婚禮 Melancholia
43. 情迷夢露7 My Week With Marilyn
44. 雨果的巴黎奇幻歷險 Hugo
45. 突擊死亡塔 The Raid: Redemption
46. ARGO - 救參任務 ARGO
47. 復仇者聯盟 The Avengers 
48. 少年 Pi 的奇幻漂流  Life Of PI - Added to the list after the second viewing!

Are they worth watching? Please give me some advice. Thanks!

諜網謎蹤 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
浮城 Floating City
感官失樂園 Perfect Sense
第一次 First Time
車手 Motorway
消失的子彈 The Bullet Vanishes
初戀築跡 101 Architecture 101
無法無天 Lawless
邪靈 Sinister
寒戰 Cold War
搜索 Caught in the Web
烈探狙擊 Jack Reacher
不老騎士 Go Grandriders
五星大聯盟 Rise of the Guardians
高舉.愛 Love Lifting

週末 Weekend  ~~~《情留半天》英國同志版

I have watched 80 movies in cinemas in 2012.
The movies formally released this year are MORE impressive than the 2011 ones.
The films formally released in Hong Kong this year can be found below.
Do you have a top-ten-movie list?
Are there any films that you highly recommend?
Let's share! 

The end of the world has not come.
I'll climb high and see wide,
because life is beautiful.
I wish you all a Happy New Year!

22 則留言:

  1. Impressive!
    I think Motorway is good, but few people share the same opinion...
    Anyway, have a nice evening. Happy New Year!
    [版主回覆01/01/2013 18:56:12]I also like the ending. It is fun and sarcastic.
    [chestnut girl回覆01/01/2013 16:09:56]Motorway 很多人都說爛尾,但我就很喜歡那個結尾,因為感覺窩心。
    [版主回覆01/01/2013 02:28:39]Motorway is really good. I love the actor, the images and the blurred mixture of reality and movies. I wish you a happy new year too.

  2. wish u have a happy new year and a great 2013 with your family!!! ^^ ~
    [版主回覆01/01/2013 12:20:01]You too!!! I wish you love and joy in 2013.

  3. Where did you go?
    I love A Separation too! :->
    Kenji, Happy New Year 2013!!!!
    [版主回覆01/01/2013 12:19:44]The photo was taken in Capri in Southern Italy.
    Looking forward to your list. Happy New Year!!!

  4. 如果我開張走漏眼名單,Bernie 和 Ruby Sparks 應該榜上有名。兩齣都係好戲,但係又冇乜人知 :(
    我喜歡 Moneyball 的故事 (看了譯本),但電影我睡了四分之三。(拍得好悶)
    Intouchables 有少許失望,可能看之前期望超高。
    The Kid with a Bike 和 30 Ted 直頭係唔鍾意同超失望。
    我想看 Love Lifting 和 In Darkness,希望今年有機會看到 :)
    同事話 Lawless 唔多得,悶。我看 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 就睡了,因為好鬼亂。
    First Time 我自己都幾鍾意,不過又係冇乜人認同果隻 :(
    [版主回覆01/01/2013 18:59:54]Moneyball - a bit boring, but the ending touches me.
    Intouchables 有少許失望 - agree, but it has many little things I find irresistible.
    The Kid with a Bike - I love the director and I am touched by the unconditional love.
    30 Ted - cute, funny, nostalgic - I also like the mixture of different elements.
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - Some people say the spies look gay in the movie hahaha.

  5. 新年最開心的活動之一是看blog友的電影回顧。
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy我在家試了三次才看得完!
    [版主回覆01/01/2013 22:11:22]Agree! I hope more movie lovers will post their lists. I guess I will skip Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy because my movie friends tell me that it is hard not to fall asleep.

  6. 新年快樂Kenji兄!~我也寫了一年的電影回顧。
    [版主回覆01/02/2013 12:30:09]Happy New Year! I'll come and have a look.

  7. 嘩, 靚仔相!
    [F回覆01/01/1970 08:00:00]F

  8. 有好多我都無睇過~真係要睇下先得
    [版主回覆01/02/2013 23:46:08]Thanks for your visit.

  9. I rare to see movies, but I have seen one movies this year. That is no.39 - 30 Ted.

    By the way, happy new year and a!! the best in 2013...
    [版主回覆01/02/2013 23:47:10]You too! By the way, Ted is funny and nostalgic. It may disappoint some people if they take it too seriously.

  10. 嘩,咁咪差不多一個星期睇兩套?新年快樂.
    [版主回覆01/03/2013 19:01:24]Only one or two per week. Four years ago, I sometimes watched four movies a week.

  11. happy new year!!
    i will post my top 10 soon.
    [版主回覆01/03/2013 19:01:52]GOoooOOOOOoood!!! Looking forward to your list.

  12. Happy New Year, Kenji!

    I didn't see a single one of your list of 46, which shows you how much I know...".

    Anyway, Tinker Tailor is good if you like spy films. Cold War is good if you like cops and robbers films, and Jack Reacher is good if you like 'shoot'em ups".
    [The Teacher回覆01/04/2013 00:01:00]Hmmm, I don't know what you've got against those two series. I loved them both.
    [版主回覆01/03/2013 23:56:37]Of course, I will also watch The Walking Dead Season Three.
    [版主回覆01/03/2013 23:56:16]Happy New Year! Thanks for your advice. I think I will watch 天與地 first hahaha!!!

  13. Happy New Year !
    I think both "寒戰 Cold War" & "諜網謎蹤 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" worth watching.
    I hope you could have chance to watch "野犬與猫咪 (鮮浪潮短片)"
    [版主回覆01/04/2013 20:45:25]Thanks for your recommendation. How about your top 10 movie list?

  14. hahaha! no top 10 for me this year!! I didnt watch so many movie as I am lazy haha!
    Only watched "Cold War" & "The Descendants" which in your list this year...too little la!!
    But both of them I also like it, especially "The Descendants", George Clooney is nice! But not handsome at all...似阿伯...呵呵!!
    "The Ides of March"...wanna watch that, got DVD at home just not open it yet hehe
    [版主回覆01/04/2013 23:57:30]George Clooney's kiss at the end of the movie breaks my heart. My passion for movies is still strong, but these days I also indulge in fine dining hahaha.

  15. Just realized I only watched 49 movies in 2012 compared with 241 in 2011.
    Here were my personal favourites in 2012:
    1. 魔球 Moneyball
    2. 桃姐
    3. 普羅米修斯 Prometheus
    4. 冷血金鱼佬 Cold Fish
    5. 戰場上的明信片 Postcard
    6. 推定有罪 Présumé coupable
    7. 無聲吶喊 Silenced
    8. 低俗喜劇
    9. 心靈港灣 Le havre
    10. 四時之樂:人、羊、樹、煤 Le quattro volte
    11. 閃亮人生 Intouchables
    12. 書中自有夢女神 Ruby Sparks
    13. 警戰實錄 End of Watch
    14. 救参任務 ARGO

    My rating on the following ones would be average / above average, not impressive enough overall but could be worth watching:
    感官失樂園 Perfect Sense
    車手 Motorway
    消失的子彈 The Bullet Vanishes
    寒戰 Cold War
    [版主回覆01/06/2013 20:46:52]That's why I avoid watching 四時之樂 because the trailer is very boring, despite the good reviews. Anyway, thank you so much for saying that. Life is beautiful. I love movies, dining, traveling, music, badminton, etc. I will try to spend more time blogging in the coming year, if possible. Hopefully, I can. THANKS for your visit and support.
    [Myth Mok回覆01/06/2013 15:38:48]Mainly due to change of lifestyle after moving back to HK, busy schedule at work, and no longer living by myself :P

    推定有罪 Présumé coupable is a French production. It was a random pick but turned out to be great especially the actor's performance.
    低俗喜劇 is indeed 低俗 but I personally buy this HKie style hahaa.
    心靈港灣 Le havre and 四時之樂:人、羊、樹、煤 Le quattro volte are certainly not for public taste. I personally like 四時之樂 a lot but some people may find it dead boring. There's no single dialogue in the movie, but the visuals were engaging and beautiful. I particularly like the quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

    Btw your recent fine dining posts made me drooling hahaa. Life is much more beautiful with decent foods and movies.
    [版主回覆01/05/2013 13:09:07]49 VS 241? Why is there such a big difference?

    魔球 - I love it, while some people find it boring.

    冷血金鱼佬 - I watched it in 2011, so it was on my previous list. It is very good.

    推定有罪 Présumé coupable - I have not heard of it. Let me check it out.

    低俗喜劇 - Not sure if I can put up with the 低俗, haha.

    心靈港灣 - a personal film with special images and atmosphere, but I personally find it boring.

    四時之樂:人、羊、樹、煤 - I have not watched it. Any messages?
    [Myth Mok回覆01/05/2013 12:08:22]One more favorite:
    15. 搵鬼打官司 A Ghost of a Chance

  16. Like your new profile picture ^_^
    [版主回覆01/05/2013 23:02:23]Thank you! Just a photo taken many years ago in Japan hohohoho.

  17. 十大~~1-6都有睇,最愛是1及4。無錯,life is beautiful~~所以我覺得無論低高處都美,這是我個人認為。
    [版主回覆01/06/2013 01:22:14]There are many quality movies this year. I am surprised! Climb High See Wide is my previous school's motto. It sounds true. I also agree with you that beautiful things are ubiquitous. What we should do is to appreciate the beauty of life, no matter where we are.

  18. hv watched "In the Hse", so great, many thanks for your great recommendation!
    "Motorway" is worth watching, one Hindi film "Kahaani" 追擊枕邊謎", also wonderful and suprising film. So glad that u like "End of Watch".
    So many good films every year, I can't list out top 10.
    [版主回覆02/03/2013 11:26:14]I love most of the films in your list, but I have not watched 巴打旅痕團 and Talaash.
    [小黃部屋回覆02/03/2013 01:33:33]1. Life of Pi
    2. 閃亮人生
    3.Argo 救參任務(昨天才補看)
    4. 追擊枕邊謎
    5. Les Miserables
    6. 伊朗式分居
    7. 巴打旅痕團
    8. 陽光姊妹淘
    9. Aamir Khan的Talaash (特別場) http://blog.yahoo.com/_3ENQH2QFUTJ7BYIWKQ2QK5ZUGI/articles/1143557
    10. 偷戀隔籬媽
    [版主回覆01/14/2013 21:00:21]You are welcome. It may be hard to pick top 10, I hope you can try. ^^

  19. Wowww! 我都要搞個最喜愛十大呢!^_^
    [版主回覆01/16/2013 20:14:38]It is fun and, to a certain extent, it is a solid proof of your love for movies. Looking forward to your list.

  20. Wow! You watched so many moves! Last year I watched 桃姐, The Artist, My Week With Marilyn. And a few I forgot the names...
    [版主回覆01/26/2013 16:29:55]not many as a movie maniac haha. My blog mates watched more than 130 movies last year.

  21. 舊年好似連十套戲都睇唔夠,唯有睇你嘅影評當睇咗。
    [版主回覆02/09/2013 00:04:11]You have spent a lot of time traveling which broadens your horizons. Perhaps setting foot in the real places is better than watching movies.

  22. I only watched few of them. I think those are very good movies!
    [版主回覆05/22/2013 19:23:49]Yes, they are! ^^