A Double Rainbow

Dear all,

As you may know, I am currently working at a new place, a band two secondary school. As usual, I am as busy as a bee owing to my overwhelming administrative duties. Nevertheless, I am having a wonderful time.

Most of my students here come from poor families and are academically weak, whereas they are sincere and willing to learn. They are so obedient and adorable that I do feel for them. That's why I am more than happy to organize additional tutorials after school. Unlike some of the students in my previous school, they are humble and treasure their teachers. 6B is my favorite class in my 10-year teaching career. I am very lucky to have met them.

My colleagues in the English Department are very friendly and the atmosphere is very different from the one of my previous school where some teachers often lost temper and snarled at each other since they suffered from severe mental problems. Some were obsessed by power and found delight in gossiping about other teachers maliciously in order to get rid of them, as they were threats to their promotion. Workplace bullying and back-stabbing put me off teaching there. I could not help asking myself if those bullies were qualified to be teachers. Despising them, I left. 

Recently, I have received a lot of emails from the students in my previous school. I have also returned to my previous school and read my appraisal report. I am deeply touched by what they have done and said. Their kindness and support restores my faith in human nature. Indeed, I have learnt a lot
from my previous school and I have no regrets about teaching and leaving there.

In June, Hong Kong was hit by a typhoon. A DOUBLE rainbow appeared after the rain!!! This symbolizes "a journey of transformation and the ascent of life energy, from the material to the spiritual". This rare occurrence also means that "whatever is coming to you has great meaning in your life and that one good thing will lead to another good thing".

It gets better. It always does.


怪誕小學雞 ParaNorman - 4.1 / 5
狼的孩子雨和雪 Wolf Children - 4.1 / 5
小學雞私奔記 Moonrise Kingdom - 4.4 / 5
女朋友。男朋友 GF‧BF - 3.5 / 5
閃亮人生 Intouchables - 3.8 / 5
禮儀師之真假殺人事件 Bernie - 4.2 / 5
獵頭遊戲 Headhunters - 4 / 5
星爸克超有種 Starbuck - 3.5 / 5
光豬舞壯士 Magic Mike - 3.5 / 5
賤熊 30 Ted - 3.7 / 5
時凶獵殺 Looper - 3.7 / 5
奇可和麗塔 Chico And Rita - 3.6 / 5
書中字有夢女神 Ruby Sparks - 4.2 / 5
怪誕復活狗 Frankenweenie - 3.9 / 5
收購風雲 Arbitrage - 3.9 / 5
少年自讀日記 The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - 4.1 / 5
警戰實錄 End of Watch - 4 / 5
女醫生的秘密 Barbara - 3.6 / 5
新特警判官 Dredd 3D - 3.8 / 5
愛情回春 Hope Springs - 3.5 / 5
新鐵金剛:智破天凶城 Skyfall - 3.7 / 5
生命的軌迹 Stopped on Track - 3.7 / 5
ARGO - 救參任務 ARGO - 3.9 / 5
希望之國 The Land of Hope - 3.6 / 5
鄰家男孩 North Sea Texas  - 3.5 / 5
3D 少年Pi的奇幻漂流 3D Life Of PI - 4.1 / 5

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  1. 有無許個願?
    [版主回覆10/28/2012 15:28:02]I did not. I thought I was blessed upon seeing this beautiful rainbow.

  2. 新學校新環境,祝您工作繼續順利,發揮自己所長,負起教育的使命,努力﹗加油﹗
    [版主回覆10/28/2012 19:08:54]Thank you! I love what I have been doing, whereas there are just too many things to do sometimes.
    [版主回覆10/28/2012 19:08:42]I love what I have been doing, but there are just too many things to do sometimes.

  3. Good to know that you are happier in new environment. Life should be like the rainbow, so colorful n bring hopes to others
    [版主回覆10/30/2012 02:20:29]Exactly! There is always a ray of hope and life should be beautiful.

  4. Glad to know you've moved to a better stage! Big congrat!!

    P.S. Geezz... You've watched so many movies lately!! I've only watched Intouchables, Ted, Ruby Sparks and End of Watch. The last two were my favorites.

    P.S.2 Is your rating for "Frankenweenie" & "Arbitrage" supposed to be "/5" instead of "/4"?
    [版主回覆11/04/2012 13:57:04]I have watched Skyfall. The opening sequence is the most impressive one in the year. However, the last part of the movie is a bit disappointing. Still, I had a good time. The acting and the cinematography are good.
    [Myth Mok回覆11/03/2012 01:29:41]Oh man just reckon I'm super ultra stupid that I got the 007s mixed up!! The one I just watched was actually the previous one Quantum of Solace, no wonder it was far below my expectation :P Hahaaa... Aii couldn't be more silly. I think i'll watch the new one too. Hope u enjoy it man!
    [版主回覆10/30/2012 23:56:15]Living in HK is good because cinemas are everywhere!!! Paul Dano is talented. It is a pity that he is not good looking. As for 007, I'll watch it this Fri. A film reviewer says that the movie, as a commercial blockbuster, is even better than the Avengers and Batman. I am looking forward to watching it, especially because of the director of American Beauty.
    [Myth Mok回覆10/30/2012 23:50:18]Hahaa indeed long time no see!!! I've moved back to HK, hell busy at work though! Whenever I was stressed out I just wanted to jump into a cinema. Wanted to watch Headhunters and Bernie before but missed it. I think Omar Sy just nailed it in intouchables; the brotherhood in End of Watch was really impressive; and really like the acting of Paul Dano in Ruby Sparks. My previous favorites were 四時之樂 Le quattro volte and 心靈港灣 Le havre, totally out of my expectation hahaa! Oh ya just watched 007 Skyfall at a premier event, but nah not my cup of tea 2.5/5
    [版主回覆10/30/2012 23:24:16]Long time no see!!!!!! Miss you so much! How are you lately? Oops... you are right. I have changed the total scores. THANKS a lot! There are so many good movies this year and I am totally thrilled!!!!!!!!! The four movies you have watched are good, especially the last two. Totally agree with you. Although Intouchables and Ted have flaws, the first one has a very engaging cast and Ted has creative ideas. I hope Dec is NOT the end of the world.

  5. Kenji,


    [版主回覆10/30/2012 23:45:00]How are you? I wish you all the best in the new working environment too. Thank you so much for telling me how you feel and I always think friends are like mirrors. They tell me my strengths and weaknesses and there is one quality of mine that I am always proud of. That is my love for life. Life is beautiful when we try to look at the bright side of things and love the people around us. Thanks for visiting my blog from time to time and I'm touched by your support.

  6. happy halloween!

    have a new good started!
    [版主回覆11/01/2012 19:00:24]You too! Stay happy!

  7. I give End of Watch 4/5 too, highly recommended, not only Jake and Michael, but also other actors and actresses
    I will choose one - Ruby Sparks or The Perks of Being A wallflower this weekend, you give same mark, so if you must choose, which one is better?
    Besides the above choice, you must see Hindi Film - Kahaani 追擊枕邊謎, it's far far far different from Bollywood film, no dancing scene, the story is so so attractive, amazing and great great surprising ending, so hope you don't skip this, i gave 5/5, I like most after 3 Idiots (same marks 8.3/10 IMDB, higher than End of Watch 8/10), i watched twice, find it still exciting and amazing! feel free to see my review la (no spoiler)
    [版主回覆11/01/2012 19:05:38]End of Watch is the first thriller shot by a shaky camera. I'm impressed by the creativity. The actors have a chemistry. Ruby Sparks is better than The Perks of Being A wallflower, though both are very good. Kahaani sounds interesting. I will try to watch it. Thanks for your recommendation.

  8. this double rainbows recall my memory of this movie, so meaningful and touching
    [版主回覆11/01/2012 19:06:22]I have not watched that one, but it reminds me of another Japanese movie. I can't recall the title though.

  9. Good to know u enjoy the new job!
    Why are teachers in HK always swamped by administrative duties?
    They are teachers, not administrators,don't they?
    [版主回覆11/03/2012 13:43:59]I totally agree with you. Some teachers these days, especially the capable ones, cannot afford to spend too much time preparing for their lessons because of the overwhelming administrative duties.

  10. 有美好的新開始,多好!你這篇文充滿正能量呢!
    (btw, 見到你的睇戲名單,令我好想睇戲啊。已經miss咗好多想睇的:禮儀師之真假殺人事件 Bernie,書中字有夢女神 Ruby Sparks ,少年自讀日記 The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - ... 後者戲院已開始減場。)
    [版主回覆11/04/2012 13:59:10]Right! Good people are out there and there is always a ray of hope. The three movies mentioned by you should not be missed by movie lovers. There are so many good movies this year. ^^

  11. Pandora 香傭講法文2012年11月4日 下午10:57

    band two 都 academically weak 架!! thanks for sharing
    [版主回覆11/04/2012 23:02:38]Anyway, it is my job to improve my students, be they in a band one school or a band three school.

  12. 努力
    [版主回覆11/10/2012 16:40:35]

  13. long time no see from blog~
    Its gd to change environment ^^
    Im going to New Zealand for Working holiday next week~
    Its a new start of me too~
    Keep In Touch!
    [版主回覆11/11/2012 02:08:40]Long time no see and I'm surprised by your decision. I hope that you will make the most out of the experience and come back with a new YOU. Please take some pictures and share them with us on your blog if possible.

  14. Glad to know that you really enjoy your current teaching position & get along well with your colleagues, a friendly working atmosphere is very important ! Wish you all the best
    [版主回覆11/17/2012 11:55:43]Thank you so much. Of course, there are a few disadvantages of teaching here. I have to put more effort into the preparation work since the students are academically very weak and there are some trouble makers with SENs in other classes which I fortunately do not have in my classes this year. Anyway, I choose what I love and I love what I have chosen. May love be with you!

  15. 我以為 Kenji 躲懶沒看電影呢,幸好還是看了兩齣 :)
    挺喜歡 Argo,沒想過那樣天馬行空的計劃,竟然是真事來的。
    [版主回覆12/02/2012 14:37:45]I always love Ang Lee. Do you think the movie aims to appeal to people to respect both religions and atheism?
    [芝回覆12/01/2012 18:23:33]I have just watched Life of Pi, I like this movie alot! (though there were too many children in the theatre, and they saw this movie just as 動物奇觀 and a comedy...) The movie leads ppl to think and discuss. It is very successful. And I am proud of Ang Lee.
    [芝回覆11/26/2012 22:36:37]講樣好笑野。今日同事問我有沒有看「少年派」,我一時間以為是像「小虎隊」那樣的樂壇組合。原來她說的是「少年Pi」!
    [版主回覆11/25/2012 02:59:24]I thought they would shoot at the plane. They did not. I thought they would order the pilot to return to the airport. They did not. HAHAHA... I have seen Life of Pi. I love the 3D images, the story and the leading actor, but the message is confusing. Let's discuss it after you watch it. I am slightly disappointed.
    [chestnut girl回覆11/24/2012 22:10:12]我反而喜歡那一段,緊張到大氣都唔敢透一下。
    假一點沒所謂,因為假作真時真亦假嘛 ;)
    明天去看 Life of Pi,希望不要了~~~
    [版主回覆11/24/2012 17:45:02]As for Argo, it is engaging and looks realistic, except the last car chasing the plane scene haha.
    [版主回覆11/24/2012 17:40:57]I just don't have the time to write about them. Still, under no circumstances will I give up watching movies, haha.

  16. 沒時間寫影評,就在此回覆我吧,想問問你覺得《希望之國》園子溫怎樣?這套戲內的倫理關係是他電影中少有地正常的。
    [版主回覆11/27/2012 21:37:55]對家、土地的愛 - Exactly! I am touched by the old couple's acting and their love for their home and the tradition of the city. As for 冷血金魚佬, it was one of my top 15 movies in 2010. However, this movie has a lot of disgusting and extremely bloody images. I'm not sure if you can stand the gore.
    [芝回覆11/26/2012 23:51:28](spoilers)園子溫的電影總離奇地令我感動,就算奇奇怪怪ge戲都有「感動位」。何況係呢套,咁溫情,又重視傳統家庭倫理和對家、土地的愛。我也喜歡你提到的那些場景(and yes, the kiss!! they kissed like young lovers)。有沒有聽過《在核電中的禍水活著》這本書?主角是一位住在災區的老人家,妻子患上「認知障礙」(可能是與片中婆婆差不多的病)。所以,類似故事很有可能發生。我也很喜歡導演刻劃政府劃分隔離區的荒謬。
    [版主回覆11/26/2012 23:30:37](Spoiler Warning) Agree! Quite different from his other movies. I personally love the images in some scenes. First, a man proposes to a girl in front of a damaged house, which symbolizes Japanese's attempt to form families despite the catastrophe. second, The couple dance in the destroyed city center, which shows that they miss the lost culture of the city. Third, the burning tree adds sadness to the film. Their decision to commit suicide shows their love for the city. (By the way, even the DOG goes home at the end!). Apart from the images, I think the director tries to point the finger of blame at the government which tells lies. I think it is a good attempt, but I'm not sure if it can convince the audience. In addition, I am blown away by the acting of the old couple. The kiss wowssssssssss me!!! It's so romantic. Nevertheless, the first half of the movie lacks surprising images and I find it quite boring. Also, I do not feel a sense of urgency at the beginning of the movie. In addition, although the woman goes to another city at the end of the movie, it is unlikely that her phobia can be cured immediately. Anyway, as the director's fan, I do love his symbols and eye-popping images. That's why I like this movie with reservation.

  17. 睇左好多戲喎
    [版主回覆12/10/2012 17:33:45]Lots of good films this year!!!!!!!!!

  18. You're an English teacher.
    [豆豆回覆01/08/2013 11:50:30]No, just a secretary for the Principal.
    [版主回覆12/30/2012 00:48:36]You too?

  19. All my family members are educators except me. However, I used to teach the Amercian Born Chinese (ABC) Cantonese as their cultural enrichment class on weekends In the past. Therefore, I was considered a teacher for a while as well.
    I thought you had made the right decision leaving your previous school. You have followed your heart where it belongs to be. I admire you.