地址: 尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號香港洲際酒店大堂
消費: $428 / High Tea Set for 2 --- $85 / caramel milk chocolate cake
Food: 5 / 5
Service: 4 / 5 
Environment: 4 / 5

Owing to the arrival of world renowned Executive Pastry Chef Cyril Dupuis, I visited the Lobby Lounge of the Intercontinental Hotel with my mum in August. It was a beautiful day and the view was breathtaking. The Parisian style pastries were of very high quality and it was simply the BEST high tea experience in my life.

During the festive season, I went there again with my mum and grandmother because of the flamboyant Christmas High Tea set. I was once again surprised by the twinkling Christmas tree, the crimson Christmas flowers and the gourmet food. The only thing that disappointed us was the smoggy sky. Anyway, I had a great time with my family members.

I’m going to be very busy with my work because of a temporary promotion and I’m not sure if I still have time to go blogging. I love sharing and I still have a lot to share, whereas reality is cruel. So stifling is my working environment that I want to leave as early as possible every day, but I just can’t because of the endless list of things to do and my inclination for zero faults, as a perfectionist. Anyway, I’m lucky though. I’m loved by many “angels”, so I believe I can survive the “apocalypse”. I’ll be back!



情迷夢露7天 My Week with Marilyn - 3.8 / 5

雨果的巴黎奇幻歷險 Hugo - 3.8 / 5

鐵娘子 - 戴卓爾夫人傳The Iron Lady - 3.6 / 5

我兒子是惡魔 We Need To Talk About Kevin - 3.7 / 5

魔球 Moneyball - 3.8 / 5

響在耳邊 近在眼前 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - 3.7 / 5

星光夢裏人The Artist - 4.1 / 5

選戰風雲 The Ides of March - 3.9 / 5

奪命異能 Chronicle - 3.8 / 5

雷霆戰駒 War Horse - 3.8 / 5

繼承大丈夫 The Descendants - 4.2 / 5

慈善星輝布公仔(英語) The Muppets - 3 / 5

翻身動物園 We Bought A Zoo - 3.6 / 5

龍紋身的女孩 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - 3.7 / 5

阿漢正傳 My Name is Khan - 3.5 / 5

世紀末婚禮 Melancholia - 3.8 / 5

The Kid with a Bike - 3.9 / 5

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  1. 我食野好快...呢種High Tea唔係太o岩我!~hahaha~~~& I like the picture of your grandma and you!~^^~~
    [版主回覆01/11/2012 22:56:12]RELAX! You are too stressed. Eating too fast is not good for your body. Although my grandmother whom I am living with is 86 years old, she is still healthy and cute. Her memory is not very good though.

  2. 下次搵人幫你跟媽媽祖母影合照嘛 :) // 除了angels,別忘了還有movies。好的電影現在成了我工作的動力!(Your comments on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?)
    [芝回覆01/15/2012 18:25:58]我也看了, 雖然角色多, 幸好重要角色都令人記得住。
    我也覺得她突然變了spy, 未必太神通廣大了。
    [版主回覆01/13/2012 20:24:52]I love your words: 反高潮. By the way, the final third is NOT in the Sweden version. The romance between them is not depicted.
    [chestnut girl回覆01/13/2012 07:52:32]複雜程度可接受,都跟到 (實情是沒時間看第二次~)。最後那段確實有點反高潮,不過原著確實拖著這條尾巴,導演跟拍情有可原。
    [版主回覆01/12/2012 20:39:03]We did have one haha. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a well-acted thriller. Rooney Mara's acting is good and her character is very well developed. However, there are too many characters and it is 2.5 hours long. A second viewing is necessary. Besides, the final third after the climax does not go together with the rest of the movie. The female character suddenly looks like a professional spy. The romance can also be further developed.

  3. D cake幾吸引咁喎^^
    [版主回覆01/12/2012 20:37:26]The best high tea set I have ever tried. Highly recommended.

  4. Seems like very delicious!! Wanna try, hahaha!
    [版主回覆01/12/2012 20:40:15]The best high tea set I have ever tried. Highly recommended.

  5. 我未試過HIGH TEA呀~~~ 好吸引咁~~
    [版主回覆01/12/2012 20:39:54]If you like desserts and a relaxing chat with your friends or family members, you should go there.

  6. Hi~ Yesterday our class watched a fantastic movie in Taikoo UA during LWL,
    I immediately thought of visiting your blog and see if there's any comment on it :P
    Have you watched this, 'My Name Is Khan'?
    It's so touching that I cried all the way through xp
    [Wani-回覆01/15/2012 23:43:40]Wow~ so effective xD Thanks anyway, +oil ^^
    [版主回覆01/14/2012 21:24:16]Sure! I have just watched My Name is Khan. It is a charming movie with some touching scenes and pleasing characters and it reminds me of Forrest Gump, but I like it with reservation. I think there are some good messages (the danger of religions, respect for differences, the injustice in the United States, the power of love, etc), but it becomes ambitious and melodramatic at times. Each issue it mentions can be a movie itself. The film is also too long. Anyway, I'm touched. We shall overcome. ^^ 3.5 / 5
    [Wani-回覆01/14/2012 20:02:27]I would love to, since it's so high-sounding. But I'm afraid I'll have to wait until the end of AL /_\" Let's work hard at present and look forward to the day of relief :D
    [版主回覆01/13/2012 20:26:43]Thanks a lot. It sounds great! I will wait for the DVD perhaps. By the way, will you consider watching 3 Idiots?
    [Wani-回覆01/13/2012 20:10:08]Above all must be the fact that it touches the deep of my heart. The theme of love and peace is brought out appealingly, and it can really make me reflect on the matter of racial conflicts along with the incident of 911. Also, I appreciate the acting of the protagonist. It is very challenging to play an Asperger's syndrome patient but Shahrukh Khan's acting is fascinating. This is the first Indian movie I watched and I don't think there's anywhere inferior to the others, indeed I see it quite amusing to see other cultures' custom through a foreign movie~ The film's box office rivals 3 Idiots, I recommend you to watch it :)
    [版主回覆01/12/2012 20:49:19]Thanks for your visit. I have not seen My Name Is Khan. The film is not widely released in Hong Kong. The reviews are generally slightly above average though. Still, I am not very interested in Bollywood movies and I am not sure if the plot is contrived or cliched after watching the trailer. I'm a bit hesitant. Why do you like this movie?

  7. 嘩, 好正喎!
    [版主回覆01/12/2012 22:16:01]The cakes are really yummy.

  8. congratulations to your promotion!!!
    this place is pricey according to my standard, and i find their cakes are too sweet to my taste.
    anyway, this is a nice place to hang out!
    looking forward to your come back!!!
    [版主回覆01/14/2012 12:55:23]Thanks a lot. Just a temporary promotion for five months in which I will be given much more work to do haha. By the way, I find the cakes in Four Season sweeter. As for the air pollution, it is really a shame. The beautiful skyline is defaced and blurred by the smog.
    [Sloppy Joe回覆01/14/2012 10:32:39]another thought from your post is the pollution of HK in winter...it's really frustrating to see this beautiful city covers by smog!

  9. 自從多年前飲過英式下午茶之後, 一直都想再試。早前做過research, 見到朗廷酒店有, 打算帶母親去試。現在有多一個選擇呢! 謝謝介紹!
    [版主回覆01/15/2012 20:07:18]To the best of my knowledge, many hotels serve high tea sets. However, the quality of the food is usually average. I highly recommend Intercontinental to you.

  10. 你又去食啦.....睇到好吸引, 我真係要試下......
    [失魂貓回覆01/17/2012 20:06:23]thank you your info. yes, ppl said the price of cova tea buffet is almost same as T set as 5 stars hotels .
    [版主回覆01/17/2012 19:59:41]Salty food? Yes, as shown in the pictures. Cova cake? Yes I have tried them, but they are TOO expensive and the taste is just good, not great. Opinions on the tea buffet are also divided in Openrice. Not very interested.
    [失魂貓回覆01/17/2012 08:03:20]Morning ! Is it mainly dessert ? Any salty foods ? have u try cova cafe ? Someone said the tea buffet is nice too
    [版主回覆01/16/2012 23:13:48]HIghly recommended if you love desserts. Please share with us how you feel after trying. Thanks!

  11. Wow, delicious!!
    Long time no see, how are you?
    Nearly starting a long vacation la, not that busy, right?
    [版主回覆01/18/2012 18:13:25]Thanks for asking, but that's not true. I have to mark the mock exam paper during the holidays and I have to work at home nearly every day. Despite this, I have learnt to look at things positively at this school. My working environment has been very frustrating these days, whereas I always bear in mind that there is a light in me and no one can take that away. I love smiling and I will do the same no matter what haha. ^^

  12. 祝你龍年心想事成, 身體健康, 財源滖滾來
    [版主回覆01/22/2012 12:27:30]You too!!! ^^ Thanks!!

  13. I guess you must be very busy these days as public exam is approaching. Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year, Kenji, All The Best!
    [版主回覆01/22/2012 12:29:30]Very! It's a mission impossible!!! I'm afraid I have to stay at home almost every day during the holidays to mark the papers, or I am not going to finish the task. Anyway, I will stay very positive. I wish you good health too!!! Thanks!

  14. 恭祝您龍年龍馬精神,神彩飛揚,精神爽利,利利是是, 事事如意, 身體健康, 笑口常開^^
    Take a break.....
    [版主回覆01/24/2012 18:19:19]Thanks a lot. I also wish you all the BEST!!!

  15. 嘩~~~d甜品實在太精緻啦~~~而且我仲覺得裝甜品個架都幾靚tim~~~嘻~~
    oh...the girl with the dragon tattoo唔算太高分喎, 我普遍見大家都幾讚呢套戲喎~~~
    anyways, 新年快樂, 龍年要身體健康, 每日開開心心~~!
    [版主回覆01/24/2012 18:22:03]Very delicate ^^!!! The acting and atmosphere in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are good and it is better than the original version, but the major problem lies in the ending after the climax. It drags. Still, it is a good movie in my opinion.

  16. 每次進來總是離不開HIGH TEA
    看來kenji sir真是HIGH TEA 戀上癮了! XD
    [版主回覆01/25/2012 01:39:05]More high tea to share hahaha... I wish you health and wealth. ^^

  17. 人日快樂
    [版主回覆01/30/2012 00:20:15]You too! Stay happy!

  18. 我儲起了U Magazine, 明周和飲食男女的下午茶/brunch特輯, 單看介紹已經很吸引。雜誌說朗廷酒店的下午茶是最傳統的英式下午茶。還有, 半島酒店原來曾在周年紀念時舉行過一個function, 服裝和佈置都模仿舊式英國, 好正!
    [版主回覆02/04/2012 23:22:06]I love dining out with friends. Please recommend good places to go to in your blog. By the way, many people say that the high tea experience at 半島 is mediocre.

  19. 祝元宵節快樂!!
    [版主回覆02/06/2012 20:22:04]I'm happy! Thanks a lot.

  20. 祝情人節快樂=^_^=
    [版主回覆02/16/2012 21:33:46]Watch The Artist!!!
    [失魂貓回覆02/15/2012 20:17:16]恭喜你呀!咁你去左那裡慶祝呀?
    [版主回覆02/15/2012 18:58:05]Thanks a lot! I'm in love. ^^

  21. 很久不見Kenji發文了!~
    [版主回覆02/16/2012 21:52:42]Right! Thanks so much for your visit. I have been very busy with my administrative duties and what I can insist on doing is to watch well received movies. I do enjoy blogging, but I just don't have the time and so I seldom visit you guys these days... poooooor.

  22. Son Cheung 正 義2012年2月18日 上午6:08

    ♥ ~ ~ ~ Happy year of 2012 ~ ~ ~ ♥
    [版主回覆02/18/2012 21:35:22]You too!

  23. O , very nice afternoon tea ! Happy and enjoy with your family! And your mother is so young!
    [版主回覆02/20/2012 20:22:21]YES! It is a great experience. My mum looks young and I'm so proud of her. She is a good mum.

  24. hello,你好嗎﹖很久沒見,工作順利嗎﹖HKIFF有沒有買飛﹖祝您一切安好。
    [版主回覆03/01/2012 21:38:08]Thanks. Feeling better now. I have bought some HKIFF tickets online and will buy a few more next Fri. What films will you watch? I will post my list in your blog. ^^
    [愚回覆02/27/2012 17:54:32]祝您早日痊癒﹗戲票已經在星期六開售了,你快點去買啦~~~到ua院線取本節目表或上網查閱電影資料吧﹗
    [版主回覆02/26/2012 23:02:43]Very sick these days... Touched by my S6 students on their last day, but some of my colleagues let me down. Anyway, there is a light in me and no one can take that away. I will stay strong. HKIFF??????????? OOOOOOOOOOOpppppps... I am not aware of it... what should I do now? The sales have started... HELP..........

  25. kenji, 恭喜你感情生活穩定呀, 想信blog 友們也希望你生活愉快的!! 係啦, 對今年的奧斯卡有什麼看法呀?
    [A Cloud回覆03/01/2012 23:10:00]Thanks so much for your rating. Sure you of course writing any comments depends on your time preference!! It's happy and congratulate to hear that your stable situation^^.
    [版主回覆03/01/2012 22:17:15]Actor In a Leading Role (I love three of them)
    1 Jean Dujardin in The Artist
    2 George Clooney in The Descendants
    3 Brad Pitt in Moneyball

    Actress In a Leading Role (I love four of them)
    1 Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady
    2 Michelle Williams My Week with Marilyn
    3 Viola Davis in The Help
    4 Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Actor In a Supporting Role (I love four of them)
    1 Max von Sydow in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
    2 Christopher Plummer in Beginners
    3 Kenneth Branagh in My Week with Marilyn
    4 Jonah Hill in Moneyball

    Actress In a Supporting Role
    1 Octavia Spencer in The Help
    2 Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids
    3 Bérénice Bejo in The Artist
    4 Jessica Chastain in The Help --- (Her performance is so so)

    Animated Feature Film
    1 Rango
    2 Kung Fu Panda 2 (I don't like it!)

    1 War Horse - Janusz Kaminski
    2 Hugo - Robert Richardson
    3 The Artist - Guillaume Schiffman
    4 The Tree of Life - Emmanuel Lubezki
    5 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Jeff Cronenweth

    By the way, I really hate the Tree of Life. I know "hate" is a strong word, but I insist.

    1 The Artist - Michel Hazanavicius
    2 The Descendants - Alexander Payne
    3 Hugo - Martin Scorsese
    4 Midnight in Paris - Woody Allen
    5 The Tree of Life - Terrence Malick

    Music (Original Score)
    1 The Artist - Ludovic Bource
    2 War Horse - John Williams
    3 Hugo - Howard Shore

    Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - I love four of them.
    1 The Descendants
    2 Hugo
    3 The Ides of March
    4 Moneyball

    Writing (Original Screenplay) - I love three of them!!!
    1 Midnight in Paris
    2 Bridesmaids
    3 The Artist
    [版主回覆03/01/2012 22:00:22]Eventually back! Sorry that I did not see your message as I have been very sick these days. Yes the relationship is very stable and I think I have found the key to happiness because of some of my despicable colleagues, haha. Anyway, I feel bad because I am too weak to write anything about Oscar, which I used to do every year. I personally rank the Best Picture movies as follows.

    1 The Descendants
    2 The Artist
    3 Midnight in Paris
    4 Hugo
    5 Moneyball
    6 War Horse
    7 The Help
    8 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
    9 The Tree of Life
    [A Cloud回覆02/29/2012 08:16:54]希望你不會介意我恭喜你,其實很久沒探望你了, 只是從下面你對blogger 的回應說you are 'in love' 才知你感情生活的!! 希望你一切順利!

  26. 病了嗎?天氣變幻莫測,要保重啊!
    [版主回覆03/02/2012 20:54:06]Thanks a lot... have been having a bad cough recently... lost my voice on Monday haha... I am getting better now. Thanks a lot.

  27. the food is very nice.
    [版主回覆03/19/2012 20:49:53]YES! Time to relax and "hea" ^^!