愛情潛水 + 變種特攻:異能第一戰 + S8驚世檔案

Submarine is a quirky, stylish and humorous coming-of-age British comedy with a refreshing cast, visually stunning images, thought provoking symbols and nostalgic music. The movie is about a boy desperate to lose his virginity and stop his mother running off with a weird new age mystic. It reminds me of the sweetness and uncertainty of puppy love, teenagers' eagerness to seek attention and be unique, difficulty in communication and the awkwardness of teenage growth. The changes in his parents' relationship can be further developed though. I highly recommend this indie gem to movie lovers. 4.1 / 5

X-Men First Class by Director of Kick-Ass is a reboot (not a prequel) with a well crafted story and plenty of action. The main characters and their relationships (e.g. the friendship between Charles and Erik, Raven's desire to look normal and be loved, etc) are so well developed that the audience feels pity for them. I also love the set design, the historical background and the insertion of real footage which makes the story more real. The message of the film is that everyone is unique and one should be proud of being oneself, though humans tend to discriminate against those who look different. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have to accept who we are before convincing others to accept us. Despite the above-mentioned strengths, the film is slightly too long. Besides, Magneto's hatred for humans can be further developed and explained. Moreover, that the group of mutants revenges their newly made friend despite the danger does not sound convincing. Anyway, it is so far the best superhero movie in 2011. 4 / 5
Look at the Adult World through the Children’s Eyes
The nostalgic trailer of Super 8 Directed by J. J. Abrams is reminiscent of E.T. and Cloverfield. The movie is a cocktail of sci-fi, comedy, family, romance, friendship, teenage growth, monsters and zombies. If you expect to watch a monster movie, you may be thrilled by the second half but disappointed by the first half as it slightly drags. If you intend to watch a family drama, it may not be a great success as the relationships between the fathers and their kids can be further developed. What surprises me most is that the children are perfectly cast. Joel Courtney is adorable and Elle Fanning, with her nuanced facial expressions, brings the audience one of the most engaging moments when her character acts as a detective’s wife in a train station. While the two leads have a great chemistry, their friends are hilarious. It is also amusing to look at the adult world through the children’s eyes. For instance, the kids act as a soldier, a zombie, a boss, etc. There is a thought provoking scene in which a boy’s leg is injured because of a bomb explosion while the kids are still in costume and make-up. When the “war” becomes real, the kids are forced to grow up hastily. Indeed, Super 8 can be viewed as a coming-of-age comedy. The movie emphasizes the importance of letting go. Make sure you stick around during the closing credits. This is probably the BEST part of the movie. 3.7 / 5

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  1. Submarine 我睇到一半開始眼瞓,一分鐘後我決定放棄掙扎,好好地睡了半場...... 不過六婆話都幾好睇。我問佢點解套齣叫潛水艇,佢話代表人生載浮載沉喎 話時話,齣戲到底講緊邊個年代?
    [版主回覆06/04/2011 10:18:00]1. Why is she called 六婆? Have I asked this question before? 2. It is set in 1980s 3. Written by kimilseung: It is about being emotionally out of touch and distanced and the difficulties of relationships.
    - we see a submarine painted on his bed room wall.
    - A child drawing has a submarine with a speech bubble, complaining about being under water.
    - The emotionally troubled father is a marine biologist; He later describes his depression as feeling like being under water.
    - A lot of the home scenes with a fish tank.
    - Even the cinema they go to is called the Neptune.
    - sonar can detect what people can not.
    - 6 miles under the ocean human beings will die.

    The father has no emotional intelligence, and finds it difficult to
    communicate with wife or son. The neighbor tries to bring everything
    in to the 'light' to take control of his emotions. Note the scene in his
    bedroom when he is angry and forces himself to take control. He talks about playing in the surf and drying oneself with a towel (I think this was
    important, he wanted to always be in control, not under water). But, despite his different take on emotion, he is still troubled in his relationships.

    At the end, they take steps into the water. I felt that this was
    him maturing into understanding that one cannot always be in control of
    our emotions or feelings and that for a relationship to grow we have to
    take brave steps, out of our comfort zones. For example, he did not go
    to the hospital because it would make him feel difficult, but these are
    the things we sometimes have to do for others and relationships.

    Submarines can be under water, but then they can come up to the
    surface, they are versatile. I think the film is about a boy troubled by
    emotions and failed relationships and how he fits into society.

  2. My discussion with Supersweet: Q: Why doesn't he go to the hospital? I know he has to keep an eye on his
    mom, but is it really so urgent? Even if so, he can make a call to his
    girlfriend. A: 佢其實係好驚,最初兩個都玩玩下,突然女方邀請佢去家中作客,一切變得認真起來,而且佢又驚面對死亡呢,o個個 age 有咩怕就逃避啦,話要幫自己父母都係藉口

  3. 我都想看 Submarine 呀,不過估計也不會在澳門上畫呢!唯有等!
    [版主回覆06/06/2011 22:20:00]One of the good movies these days. ^^ Don't miss it.

  4. Submarine is a pleasant surprise that reminds me of "Punch-Drunk Love" in the use of colours to portray the gender differences (Blue / Water VS Red / Fire). Really love it very much and it should be one of the best films of the year. ^^ btw, my blog is now in onethirdliving.blogspot.com. You could have a look if you are interested. Really a long time not seeing you. Bobby
    [版主回覆06/07/2011 09:15:00]I also like the symbolic use of red and blue. Blue also symbolizes the boy's inability to communcate with others as if he was under water. I will pay a visit to your blog.

  5. 我淨係聽過"愛情潛水"係黎自部小說....我考慮緊睇唔睇X-Men呀....之前個集都有睇...但今集無左Hugh, 吸引唔到我...同之前既x-men有無關連架...?
    [版主回覆06/09/2011 11:16:00]You can still see him one scene haha. People generally agree that this episode is better than the other four X men movies and it is a reboot and so not everything is related. I highly recommend it to you.

  6. (Empty)
    [版主回覆06/11/2011 11:38:00]THANKS so much. You too!!!

  7. X-Men First Class 選角好,故事緊湊,雖然已忘了之前看過的種種,但仍然看得投入,替一班變種人覺得悲哀。 下週二會看S8。
    [版主回覆06/12/2011 00:29:00]I think this one is more impressive than the other four, but my favourite superhero movie is still Spiderman haha. S8 is good if you expect to watch a kid movie / comedy. You will be surprised by the kids. Have fun and share with us how you feel.

  8. 我喜歡《愛情潛水》尤其他在處理去不去醫院及面對媽媽紅杏出牆的內心場,做得不錯﹗X-men當然刺激,x博士心地很善良﹗super8這電影最感人是最後那男孩放手...touching.
    [版主回覆06/12/2011 00:42:00]最後那男孩放手 - Quite touching indeed, but cliched haha... not work on me ^^.

  9. 愛情潛水是不錯的愛情小品~
    X MEN 我個人很愛啦, 呵呵~
    我對KENJI 的對話出現了呢~只是我個人對電影愚見啦~
    [版主回覆06/16/2011 12:20:00]Thank you for reading my 愚見 too .

  10. 愛情潛水我都有d興趣!~ X-Men first class係意想不到的好看!~
    [版主回覆06/25/2011 14:23:00]RIGHT... I love the well developed characters.

  11. KENJI:
    有無睇驚殺大陰謀? 故事真係好好, 好值得人反思 ! 
    S8 畀我既感覺, 係把所有元素湊在一起, 很堆砌. 說不上好.  
    X MEN 特技可觀, 難得人物背景都有細緻描寫.
    [版主回覆06/29/2011 20:00:00]Not yet because of the average reviews. TOTALLY agree with you that S8 is not great despite some funny parts. X Men has a good story. Even the training part is well developed.

  12. 看到你在小黃部屋(wonka)寫了你最愛的廿部電影, 當中, 我看了14部. 很開心, 你最喜歡的包括了Central Station , The Trueman Show ! 這兩套電影, 我真的覺得好感動. 前者, 說那為了錢拐帶孩子的女人, 跟小孩在途中建立起友誼, 最後我真的哭了! 而The Trueman Show, 以為自己活在一個美好的世界, 原來全部都是虛構, 自己被人監視, 活在一個被人安排的世界, 看到最後, 男主角決定衝出這個虛構的美麗世界, 我佩服他要掌握自己命運的勇氣, 都睇到眼濕濕. 
    [版主回覆07/03/2011 19:02:00]Good movies make me think and feel.