Best Picture
Black Swan 希望獲獎         4.7
The Social Network 睇好    4.5
Toy Story 3                           4.4
The King's Speech              4.1
Winter's Bone                      4.1
Inception                               4
True Grit                                4
The Fighter                           4
The Kids Are All Right        3.9
127 Hours                            3.8

Actor in a Leading Role
Colin Firth in The King's Speech 睇好 - I prefer his performance in A Single Man
Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network
Jeff Bridges in True Grit
James Franco in 127 Hours
Javier Bardem in Biutiful - Not Yet Seen

Actor in a Supporting Role
Christian Bale in The Fighter 睇好 1
Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech 睇好 2
John Hawkes in Winter's Bone
Jeremy Renner in The Town
Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right

Actress in a Leading Role
Natalie Portman in Black Swan 睇好 1 + 希望獲獎
Annette Bening in The Kids Are All Right 睇好 2 + 希望獲獎
Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine 希望獲獎
Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone

Actress in a Supporting Role
Melissa Leo in The Fighter 睇好 1 + 希望獲獎
Jacki Weaver in Animal Kingdom 睇好 2 + 希望獲獎
Amy Adams in The Fighter
Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit
Helena Bonham Carter in The King's Speech

Animated Feature Film
Toy Story 3 睇好 + 希望獲獎
How to Train Your Dragon 希望獲獎
The Illusionist - Not Yet Seen

Art Direction
Alice in Wonderland 睇好 1
Inception 睇好 2
The King's Speech
True Grit
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Not Yet Seen

Black Swan 睇好 1
Inception 睇好 2
The Social Network
The King's Speech
True Grit

Costume Design
I Am Love - Antonella Cannarozzi 睇好 1
Alice in Wonderland - Colleen Atwood 睇好 2
The King's Speech - Jenny Beavan
True Grit - Mary Zophres
The Tempest - Sandy Powell - Not Yet Seen

The Social Network - David Fincher 睇好 1
Black Swan - Darren Aronofsky 睇好 2 + 希望獲獎
The King's Speech - Tom Hooper
The Fighter - David O. Russell
True Grit - Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

Film Editing
The Social Network - Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter 睇好 1
Black Swan - Andrew Weisblum 睇好 2 + 希望獲獎
The Fighter - Pamela Martin
The King's Speech - Tariq Anwar
127 Hours - Jon Harris

Foreign Language Film
Dogtooth (Greece) - 希望獲獎 I will SCREAM if it does!!!
Incendies (Canada) - Not Yet Seen - It has won many positive reviews.
In a Better World (Denmark) - Not Yet Seen - Golden Globe Best FLF
Biutiful (Mexico) - Not Yet Seen
Outside the Law (Hors-la-loi) (Algeria) - Not Yet Seen

Music (Original Score)
The King's Speech - Alexandre Desplat 睇好 1
The Social Network - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross 睇好 2
Inception - Hans Zimmer 睇好 3
How to Train Your Dragon - John Powell
127 Hours - A.R. Rahman

Music (Original Song)
Coming Home from Country Strong - Not yet seen, but the song is GREAT!
I See the Light from Tangled 睇好 1
We Belong Together from Toy Story 3 睇好 2
If I Rise from 127 Hours

Short Film (Animated) - Day and Night 睇好

Sound Editing - Inception 睇好

Sound Mixing - Inception 睇好

Visual Effects
Inception 睇好 1
Alice in Wonderland 睇好 2
Iron Man 2
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Not Yet Seen
Hereafter - Not Yet Seen

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
The Social Network 睇好
Toy Story 3
Winter's Bone
True Grit
127 Hours

Writing (Original Screenplay)
Inception 睇好 1
The Kids Are All Right 睇好 1
The King's Speech 睇好 2
The Fighter
Another Year - Not Yet Seen

29 則留言:

  1. Hi~Kenji~
    我最近終於一口氣看了讓子彈飛&The King's Speech&Black Swan&Once,哈哈~果然幾套都是很好看的電影 看完電影,有種說不出的感覺縈繞在心中...特別是Once,終於明白為何這電影得到這麼高的評價...看完之後那種感覺...是不禁令人回味一番
    [版主回覆02/24/2011 22:01:00]Agree that the ones you mention are also great. Which song in Once do you love most?

  2. 我很喜歡If You Want Me,The Hill,Falling Slowly,或者這不是Once中最好的歌,但卻是很能觸動我的心靈,特別是最後男主角唱Falling Slowly,看見男女主角繼續追求自己的理想,或者這只是once吧...當然,When Your Mind's Made Up,Once etc很多很多都是很好聽的歌...再配合電影的情節,特別是能觸動心靈的...
    [版主回覆02/24/2011 22:31:00]Exactly the songs that I love. That's why the OST is worth buying. The lyrics are meaningful!!! Their performances are also very natural and authentic. By the way, I personally prefer Black Swan to Social Network though technically speaking Social Network is more impressive. Black Swan emotionally touches me.

  3. Black Swan的確是很好看的,看著女主角由純真的慢慢變成邪惡,再看著她由一個有天分的舞者再慢慢滅亡,那種張力很棒,電影描寫著她心理的轉變,縱然沒有驚嚇的場面但卻能令人止息屏氣,不寒而慄的
    [版主回覆02/24/2011 22:50:00]The acting is superb and her well developed character simply helps the actress showcase her acting talent. I also love the atmosphere created, thanks to the excellent cinematography, editing and music. I highly recommend it. Social Network is great technically, but emotionally I cannot relate to the main character. He is just too cold and it seems to me that the actor acts in a similar way in different films.

  4. 你睇好的戲都是好戲,果然有慧眼 ﹗我都睇好The King's Speech 》、《The Kids Are All Right 》及《Black Swan》。另,很期待《Biutiful》。香港電影節的場刊出左,你打算看多少﹖
    [版主回覆02/26/2011 01:57:00]Thanks. Just some silly guesses and indeed the winners may not be the ones I love. By the way, the reviews of Biutiful are just so so, but I guess the leading actor's performance is worth the ticket. I will wait until more reviews are out. HKIFF - Very busy because of Parents' Day. Will make the decision tomorrow... but I think I will only have time to watch two or three. Still not sure.

  5. 睇嚟 Kenji 真係好鍾意 Dogtooth 喎
    Biutiful 我 mark 咗睇, 三月三日, bc 開畫.
    影帝影后應該都係兩位大熱架啦, 我反而有興趣想知紀錄片邊齣會贏. 國際電影節會選映其中兩齣.
    我都想知 Kenji 國際電影節看哪幾齣
    [版主回覆02/26/2011 02:01:00]That Dogtooth is nominated is already a miracle. Frankly speaking, this bizarre independent movie has a slim chance of winning. It just does not look like a winner, but if possible, please grab a DVD and you may love it. No comments on documentaries as I have not seen one haha... HKIFF... I guess I will watch Incendies... still not sure. How about you?

  6. Personally I dislike The Social Network :P I do not understand why it's so highly rated. It's a shame that I still have no access to most of the listed movies. Look forward to watch them particularly Black Swan.
    [版主回覆02/26/2011 11:50:00]I am not that into The Social Network, though techically speaking it is very good. The ensemble cast is good and the editing, which is a difficult task in this movie with so many scenes and characters, is well done. I also like the echoes produced by the beginning and the ending. The story is well told also. However, emotionally it does not touch me. I cannot relate to the mian character who is way too cold.

  7. best picture 我首選還是 the social network,best director 都非他莫屬!故事佢未必最好,但係拍得真係好勁~~~ colin firth & natalie portman,都應該無走雞了~~~  不過我prefer michelle williams 多啲,仲有超鍾意的 how to train your dragon 都好難鬥得過toy story 3......
    [版主回覆02/27/2011 16:52:00]100% Agree! Natalie Portman will win. Her character is just too memorable. Michelle Williams is also good though. 

  8. 我仲有好多獲提名o既戲未睇, 不過就算係咁, 我都好鍾意睇奧斯卡。Social Network我支持佢攞導演獎, 但在我心目中這不是最佳電影。不過我還未看其他的, 無從比較。
    [版主回覆02/27/2011 21:23:00]I personally love Black Swan the most. However, it seems that some critics do not like it and Social Network will probably win. Looking forward to seeing the show tomorrow. I hope some give touching acceptance speeches.

  9. 我喜愛今敏作品o既 prefect blue 多過 black swan
    [版主回覆02/27/2011 22:20:00]I was talking about those nominated for the Academy Award.

  10. PREFER Best Picture TRUE GRIT PREFER Actor in a Leading Role Colin Firth in The King's Speech PREFER Actress in a Leading Role Annette Bening in The Kids Are All Right
    [版主回覆02/27/2011 22:21:00]Annette Bening is definitely my cup of tea. However, Natalie Portman's character is more complex and her performance is great.

  11. 男女主角如無意外都係果兩個架啦,而家睇嘅就係Social Network同King's Speech 爭。10套提名睇左7套,我覺得最普通嘅就係King's Speech,論導演表現Tom Hooper 絕對比唔上David Fincher。
    [版主回覆02/28/2011 11:32:00]最普通嘅就係 King's Speech --- I personally pick 127 Hours as the least impressive one. The King's Speech is above average, but does not deserve the best picture award. Agree with the rest.

  12. yeah!!! today is the day!!! look forward to watch the replay tonite ~~
    [版主回覆02/28/2011 18:38:00]I still have not watched it and I try my best to avoid knowing the results. Unfortunately, I saw a line "XXX reigns" in an English news report when I was in Cnetral MTR station.

  13. Actress in a Leading Role: Natalie Portman in Black Swan 睇好 1 +  希望獲獎.
    [版主回覆02/28/2011 18:39:00]No doubt indeed. Her well developed character enables her to showcase her acting talent and she deserves it.

  14.  List of the 83rd Annual Academy Award winners announced:
    1. Best Picture: "The King's Speech."
    2. Actor: Colin Firth, "The King's Speech."
    3. Actress: Natalie Portman, "Black Swan."
    4. Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, "The Fighter."
    5. Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo, "The Fighter."
    6. Directing: Tom Hooper, "The King's Speech."
    7. Foreign Language Film: "In a Better World," Denmark.
    8. Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin, "The Social Network."
    9. Original Screenplay: David Seidler, "The King's Speech."
    10. Animated Feature Film: "Toy Story 3."
    11. Art Direction: "Alice in Wonderland."
    12. Cinematography: "Inception."
    13. Sound Mixing: "Inception."
    14. Sound Editing: "Inception."
    15. Original Score: "The Social Network," Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.
    16. Original Song: "We Belong Together" from "Toy Story 3," Randy Newman.
    17. Costume Design: "Alice in Wonderland
    18. Documentary Feature: "Inside Job."
    19. Documentary (short subject): "Strangers No More."
    20. Film Editing: "The Social Network."
    21. Makeup: "The Wolfman."
    22. Animated Short Film: "The Lost Thing."
    23. Live Action Short Film: "God of Love."
    24. Visual Effects: "Inception."
    [版主回覆03/01/2011 11:30:00]Some correct guesses haha. Thanks for your sharing anyway. I am looking forward to seeing In a Better World. Among the tenOscar Best Pictures, I love Black Swan the most.

  15. 我都諗住事先唔睇結果, 點知一個朋友打黎留言話怕King's Speech攞左獎後戲票加價, 另一個都打黎講, 仲問點解我唔想知, 話全世界都知! 不過算啦, 好開心我有d咁鍾意睇戲ge朋友。 The King's Speech同Black Swan都未睇(但將會睇),感覺上前者係套好傳統,老幼咸宜的電影。奧斯卡好像不太講究電影的藝術性,好似講意義多d。睇完奧斯卡最大感覺係兩位主持做得唔好(Anne Hathaway又比James Franco好。剛睇完Franco在127hours的精彩演出,所以對佢做主持ge表現更感失望)。另外,就係好想去睇Biutiful同埋The Inside Job(也因為栗子妹的介紹)。
    [版主回覆03/01/2011 19:58:00]Poooor you!!! I also agree that Anne is better than James, but both did not perform very well. The show was not as memorable as the one last year. When king's Speech got the
    best picture, people did not look excited. By the way, I think James is a smoker. I was appalled by his black teeth. 

  16. THE KING'S SPEECH 本來無諗住睇因為人物傳記唔係我杯茶~但拎左4個大獎,都應該入場支持下, 哈哈~
    印象中好多傳記式電影會拎到the best pic~多數只拎到演員獎~
    king's speech 也算是倒外吧......
    [版主回覆03/01/2011 19:20:00]I think it is a good film, but does it deserve the Oscar Best Picture? I doubt. The story is well told, but it just does not make me think or feel much. After watching this and The Social Network, please let me know which one you prefer.

  17. 哈哈~我實鍾意social network 多d wow~
    king's speech 片種已經輸左......不過我會去睇ge~
    BTW 我想睇 「美麗末日」你睇左未?
    [版主回覆03/01/2011 20:05:00]But you still have not watched the King's Speech. Watch it first. Of course, I personally also perfer The Social Network. How abut The Social Nertwork VS Black Swan? I personally prefer Black Swan haha. Biutiful is not well received and I think I will skip it. I am looking forward to seeing In a Better World, the best foreign film at Oscar and Golden Globe.

  18. BLACK SWAN 我係好impressed 但佢唔係會拎大獎0既戲~
    同埋可能black swan 太dark side,都唔適合拎大獎~
    但我personally 好鍾意,雖說睇完0個晚訓得唔好......
    [版主回覆03/01/2011 21:37:00]Her pursuit of perfection touches me and the tremendous pressure scares me. The film also makes me think about dreams. I love it. ^^

  19. 我唔服最佳電影同最佳導演俾咗【皇上無話兒】
    [版主回覆03/05/2011 15:19:00]Although I personally think Black Swan deserves it and some bloggers
    think The Social Network does, I totally respect their decision. After
    all, the results are determined by a group of people in the movie
    industry. If all citiczens could vote, Inception might be the best
    picture this year. If there was a Kenji's Movie Award, I would
    definitely give it to Black Swan haha. How about you? The Social

  20. You have nearly 100% rightly predicted wor!
    but how come hv TS3 hv 2 nomineed - best pic and animated feature ga?
    Hv watched "Black Swan" just ok, the plot is quite 'overdone'! But Natalie Portman really acted well.
    Looking fwd to see 'The King's Speech"
    [版主回覆03/05/2011 18:01:00]Thanks. Just some guesses. You are right... should we cancel the animation and documentary category? Perhaps Black Swan may look scary, the stress indeed can be tremendous.

  21. 在我心目中,Best picture 同 Best original screenplay,一早給了 Inception
    [版主回覆03/06/2011 13:34:00]A good movie in my opinion, but it fails to touch me. However, I do appreciate the screenplay and editing. The plot is also creative.

  22. 用極高o既期望去看《皇上無話兒》,看完依然直豎母指!幾個獎都實至名歸,唯一是拿不到最佳男配角。
    [版主回覆03/06/2011 13:38:00]IMDB users are discussing whether it deserves the Best Picture. Many fans of The Social Network are angry and frustrated. In my opinion, I tend to appreciate the beauty of a movie. Although the story is ordinary, the two leads have a great chemistry and the characters are well developed. Techically speaking, The Social Network is well edited, but the cast is not as strong as The King's Speech and the characters in TSN are also less well developed. Anyway, the one which touches me and requires me to think is Black Swan. HAHA!!!

  23. Black Swan is very similar to Perfect Blue of Japanese animation master 今敏's. Have thought so much after watching Perfect Blue before. So the feeling of Black Swan not intense actually.
    [版主回覆03/07/2011 17:27:00]I see!!! He is indeed one of the greatest Japanese animators.

  24. Hi I just saw Black Swan yesterday, I must say it's really horrifying and it stays in my head for hours.  But, I do kind of understand how Nina got that far (that's why it's scary haha).  Natalie Portman's performance was breathtaking. 
    I have also watched 127 Hours and I love it.  Looking forward to seeing The King's Speech but have to squeeze the time.    
    [版主回覆03/07/2011 17:32:00]Glad that you love The Black Swan, but 127 Hours lacks surprises, despite the superb cinematography and the humor in the middle. The last line of the film which delivers the message is not powerful or thought provoking enough. A disappointment to me. tell me how you feel about The King's Speech.

  25. Yes I agree 127 Hours could have been more creative/dramatic.   But I viewed it as a half documentary so I wasn’t disappointed.   And I like the way they used the camera (like shooting from the bottom of the water bottle when the character is drinking), the imagery (from the vast views of the canyon to the matching orange T-shirt of the character), and most of all the presentation of an inspirational misfortune in a light-hearted way.  Life is Beautiful!
    [版主回覆03/08/2011 19:33:00]Very good analysis. The cinematography is superb. By the way, the director said that the movie was slightly different from the real situation. Anyway, the ending is a bit disappointing.

  26. 第二次睇King's Speech,一樣咁touching
    [版主回覆03/09/2011 11:48:00]What a coincidence! I have also watched The Black Swan two times and I also feel touched. hahaha!!! ^^ Some of my friends also express that they love both movies. Bloggers tend to love The Social Network hahaha... just my personal observation.

  27. After watched "Black Swan", I honestly don't really like it. But Natalie is very good in that movie, she handle Nina who in the movie's character is very good. And makes me look so different about her, This movie makes me feeling sad and very shocked. Especially the ending, makes me surprised and sad. And I feel pity about Nina, she is hard work about her dance, but after all she seems got nothing here. that's pathetic her, but makes me unacceptable and too over about some parts... But she worth it to get the best actress this year!!! Very Good!!!
    [版主回覆03/10/2011 21:05:00]Some may find the plot unrealistic. However, I think it is plausible when a person is under tremendous stress.

  28. as for the Oscar prediction, just need to focus on the results of PGA and DGA, then you'll find out the Oscar winner. Esp. if any director wins the DGA, normally 90% chance to win the Oscar as well. you should know about that.
    [版主回覆03/21/2011 20:03:00]
    That's why I never study their results. I try to make guesses based on my preference and the move industry people's point of view.

  29. "Natalie Portman in Black Swan 睇好 1 + 希望獲獎" - 她贏了,我真的很開心,因為很值得!黑天鵝真的很好看,而且她把那個角色演的非常專業!:)
    [版主回覆04/06/2011 09:10:00]Agree! One of my top 10 movies this year. Thanks for your visit.