Love Songs

Despite a few obnoxious students with a flippant and
irresponsible attitude and a tremendous amount of work, I have learnt to
treasure the beautiful moments and very nice people around me.
Happiness is real when shared, right?
The pictures were taken recently at Olympic City. Mesmerized by the beautiful sunset, how I wished time could be frozen. May I also share with you some great love songs? I hope you love them. Cheers!   

Have you seen Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day? There is a touching scene "If I Didn't Care".

Prime is also touching. The "I Wish You Love" scene is so memorable.

So Close from Enchanted

Under The Hawthorn Tree

A moving performance by Allan Tam

Merry-Go-Round 4 / 5 (One of the best three Hong Kong movies this year)
Fair Game 4 / 5
The Cove 4 / 5
Unstoppable 3.5 / 5
The American 3.5 / 5

13 則留言:

  1. 日落真係好美,同樣這些歌曲很悅耳,多謝您的分享。願您的生活充滿愛。
    [版主回覆11/14/2010 22:59:00]Thanks a lot. I do believe that love is all around us.

  2. 日出加海邊,好寫意啊~~~ 好想聽好浪聲
    校長真的好棒啊~~ but 我鍾意林子祥多啲,lam 哥新碟舊歌翻唱,我第一時間買了!
    山楂樹之戀你睇咗?我覺得好催淚毛管棟...唔敢睇 ....^^"
    [版主回覆11/15/2010 23:17:00]You are an optimistic person hahaha. It is a sunset. ^^ 山楂樹之戀 not yet! I will watch it
    later in my spare time. There are both positive and negative reviews...
    still considering haha. The next film I will watch is Unstoppable.

  3. 唉呀呀~~~ 我無留意係日出定日落添..... 有分別架喎可 .... 出or 落都好啦,我鍾意太陽,直程想飛撲過去攬住嚟錫 ,我呢啲唔係樂觀,係痴線
    [版主回覆11/17/2010 00:16:00]probably no difference... that's why I think you are optimistic hahaha. ^^ Hey I have seen Unstoppable. I think it is an entertaining movie, but the characters are rather paper thin. I find SPEED more memorable.

  4. 我都睇咗了,覺得好緊張,不過無錯人物劇情都偏簿,speed 我遲遲都未睇,等極都唔跌價唔捨得買....
    [版主回覆11/17/2010 18:05:00]HAHA Speed is really a classic. ^^

  5. Kenji sir ... despite the troublesome teen,
    love around you ... should be great ... 55 ^^
    thank you for the songs ...
    PS: 'merry-go-round' ... if it's in theaters this weekend...surely I'll see!!
    [版主回覆11/17/2010 18:07:00]Yes, I have learnt to stay happy these days. Go watch the movie. It is worth our support. Special, but will be off soon.

  6. 日落的景致很美,但總帶點一刻即逝的傷感。
    只有情永在 ....,所以咁多美麗 " Love Songs"。
    [版主回覆11/17/2010 18:08:00]Yes the songs are sad, but the feeling is a solid proof of our LOVE. ^^

  7. kenji sir 我剛剛看了<非常愛樂樂團> (The concert), 很不錯 輕鬆得來又感人之作 有時間快D睇! =D
    [版主回覆11/17/2010 18:13:00]Thanks for your recommendation. The reviews are quite good, but dunno why I am not very interested... Really dunno why... and I am busy these days. I think I will watch the VCD later. ^^

  8. 一聽情歌,我立即想起 Once,還有梁靜茹的 Fly Away

    [版主回覆11/19/2010 18:44:00]Last year, I showed ONCE to my S2 students and asked them to give an acceptance speech at Oscar. They did enjoy the role playing part, but found the movie boring.

  9. Hey, Kenji 調高了 The Cove 的評分,是否?
    [版主回覆11/20/2010 12:01:00]Yes hahaha.... I think it is really meaningful and so it deserves more attention. ^^

  10. 唔知點解聽"情憑誰來定對錯" 心有戚戚然的感覺... 有少少痛...
    [版主回覆11/21/2010 17:34:00]It is a great old song. When you look back upon the past, you may find that some wrong decisions were made. What we can do is to let bygones be bygones.

  11. 夕陽無限好,只是近黃昏呀...
    [版主回覆11/21/2010 23:38:00]I felt sad when I saw the red sea... Sigh...

  12. Fair Game有D興趣....為 Sean Penn !~
    [版主回覆11/26/2010 09:11:00]Sean Penn is superb in this movie. GO GO GO!!! His best line in this movie is "Speaking loudly does not mean that you are right".

  13. Alan Tam not "Allan Tam" r!
    the actual story behind this song is so touching! coz the song was written by the Korean Song Writer who was going to die when writing this song.
    [版主回覆12/28/2010 00:51:00]Thanks a lot. It is a sad story...