As the founder of Move Thee Reviews, I was invited to be interviewed in a short documentary on film reviews. Many thanks to Lok Hang for his invitation. However, since I was extremely busy with my school and I thought I was not professional enough, I kindly turned down his sincere request. Please watch 影真識評 if you are interested in movie reviews. Also, Ka Ka and I once talked about the qualities of a good reviewer.
I really miss the good old days...

By the way, do you listen to radio shows on movie reviews? Although I listen to 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and visit movie blogs from time to time, I choose movies mainly based on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and Metacritic. Which show do you like best?

1. 雷霆881《一台好戲》馮志豐、黎淑芬、鄔家麟
2. 第一台《電影兩面睇》李思維
3. 第五台《電影乾坤》施介強、劉錫賢

4. Youtube Channel《影畫絮語》Bobby、Mickey    http://www.youtube.com/movetheereviews
5. My Radio《大把戲》蕭定一、林紀陶、Mark、Albert、羽翹             
6. 開台《影畫春秋》Dieman、Kingman、Charlie、辛比       
7. 開台《電影長短打》Bandsir、Harrison
8. 開台《後巷電影院》小兵、電影俠
9. 開台《Sci-Fi全面睇》Tasuku、瀚永、路易
10. 開台《動漫無雙》薄荷朱古力、樹靈、內木一郎、北條彰、有馬二

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  1. (Empty)
    [版主回覆12/25/2009 21:50:00]Thanks a lot. I love the candle light. ^^

  2. 我喜歡這個﹕  第一台《電影兩面睇》李思維
    [版主回覆12/25/2009 22:56:00]Wow... it really surprises me because it seems to me that not many people listen to this channel. I listened to the show once several years ago, but his commentary that time was rather brief. Does he have a partner?

  3. 梗係Youtube Channel 《影畫絮語》啦!
    Hope your X'mas is as special as you are!

    [版主回覆12/26/2009 00:16:00]Thanks a lot for your support!!!

  4. Radio shows 我只聽影畫絮語和登徒在港台的節目(忘了節目名~)
    [版主回覆12/26/2009 11:30:00]登徒 has stopped his sharing. I miss him so much...

  5. 一台好戲係咩時段播?我通常都會聽電影兩面睇
    你都有買Ronan Keating隻碟?
    btw, thank you to my blog!!!
    [版主回覆12/26/2009 12:09:00]Thanks for your visit and I really have to thank you because I heard this beautiful song from your blog. I decided to use this song after studying the lyrics. It seems to me that the idea of the whole album is great. ^^ Wow 電影兩面睇 has two fans here!!! Thanks!!! 一台好戲 should be on Sat from 9:00 to 11:00. ^^

  6. Hi,多謝你的資料,咁一台好戲咪同電影兩面睇重疊左一個鐘?
     Ronan Keating隻碟聽聞好似話斷左市,我買果陣都唔知原來咁hit,不過拎返屋企聽之後,就愈聽愈鍾意,同Sting果隻一樣咁正,要頒個本年度我最鍾意大碟獎畀佢
    [版主回覆12/26/2009 14:17:00]The song is really heart warming. Probably the best song in the album...

  7. wow, 拜服你咁有心機睇咁多,我淨係睇imdb ,blog 同買empire magazine,我鍾意讀...... 聽硬係令我好抗拒.....
    [版主回覆12/26/2009 14:16:00]Yes everyone is different... some love reading instead of listening. Hey, imdb is good, but you may try to visit Rotten Tomatoes which includes the views of movie critics.

  8. 頭三位我都會聽,重有以前903嘅《不設劃位》,當然有聽《影畫絮語》啦! 唔知點解我都係鍾意聽多過睇,同埋記得入腦啲,除非係啲以圖像傳遞訊息嘅書本啦!
    [版主回覆12/26/2009 15:55:00]I have not listened to 電影乾坤 before. 不設劃位 was nice, but their voices were too monotonous. Besides, I think they did a better job when they commented on music. I listen to 一台好戲 sometimes as 馮志豐 sounds knowledgeable in different fields, but the problem is that too much time is spent to talk about the story. I like 紀陶 at 大把戲 because of his heartfelt appreciation of movies and his reviews from different angles, but he is often interrupted by other hosts and not give enough time to give a comprehensive commentary, especially on those not so well known films. It is really a pity. Some hosts even use foul language and I personally cannot stand it. 電影長短打 is nice as they try to introduce films at film festivals, which is highly appreciated. Bobby and Mickey are advised to watch films without previews and those at film festivals. Besides, the ideas can be further organized and more comparisons can be made. Listen? Read? I love both. Of course, it also depends on how fluently the reviewers write and speak. HAHA!!!

  9. 鐘意電影又點會介意辛唔辛苦呢!  我相信你都好享受呢個過程 哈哈
    [版主回覆12/26/2009 21:18:00]Although the whole thing is very time consuming and tiring, we have learnt a lot and did have a lot of fun. Really miss the good old days. ^^

  10. o~i miss your voice kenji~haha~also kaka
    電影愛好者萬歲 ^^
    [版主回覆12/26/2009 22:26:00]I listened to some of the shows these days and hey... Ka Ka and I were really a good match, frankly speaking. The one above is part 3 of the first anniversary of the show. Part 1 and 2 are also good. ^^

  11. Thank you for sharing the short documentary on movie review, but i do believe you are professional enough to be interviewed and express your own point of view, it's a pity your audiences have no chance in seeing you in the documentary.  anyway, thank you and pls keep up the good work in 2010!!!
    [版主回覆12/27/2009 11:55:00]THANKS! I am afraid I dare not utter a word in front of the camera. Perhaps I can speak if he is willing to blur my face hahaha.

  12. 支持《影畫絮語》!!!
    至於自己最喜歡嘅movie review,
    P.S. 老實講, 好討厭<大把戲>! 特別係嗰個siu定7! 成日淨係講套電影票房如何如何...收唔收得...
    作為觀眾, 我只care套電影好唔好睇, 收唔收得關我7事咩!!!
    [版主回覆12/28/2009 22:55:00]Thanks for your support. ^^ 不設劃位 has some good points, but their voices are monotonous sometimes. 大把戲 is just ok because of  紀陶. But Mr. Siu is too much sometimes... I hate people referring a movie as a piece of rubbish as lots of people work together so that there is a film. We may try to appreciate movies from different points of view. There should be at least a few good things... but they tend to speak as if some movies are worthless.

  13. 以前頗喜歡登徒的影評, 他是帶給我是...."啊, 原來睇電影可以咁樣" 既一個人, 由此開始對電影有另一套的看法和層面, 並不再是只以入場為娛樂咁簡單, 透過電影去學習當中幕後的意義, 訊息等.........
    係呢, 知唔知他現在是否仍在香港電台客串?! thx
    [版主回覆12/30/2009 17:51:00]I also love his show because his performance is very stable. I am not sure what is doing right now, but it is said that he is working as an editor in a newspaper. Really not sure.