波兒出城之妖壇教祖三點畢露搞硬美國佬 + 其他電影

1. Directed by Larry Charles, whose credits include a mockumentary Borat and a documentary Religulous, Bruno is an outrageous mockumentary with widely divided opinions.

2. Some viewers find the jokes entertaining, hilarious and sarcastic. However, some find them offensive, disgusting and shallow.

3. Most of the scenes look very realistic, but I guess most of them are staged.

4. Sacha Baron Cohen is a talented, humorous and courageous comedian whose performance is memorable and praiseworthy.

5. He worked out, shaved all of his body hair and changed his hairstyle to be Bruno, who is so different from Borat in many ways, e.g. accent, gesture, voice, etc, that the audience may not be aware that they are played by the same actor.

6. Once again, he intentionally delivers an over-the-top performance to highlight the satire on America's latent but noticeable homophobia. Therefore, the audience may need to be aware that Bruno is an excessively stereotype character and most homosexuals in the real world do not behave exactly like Bruno.

Religulous --- 4 / 5 --- thought provokingBorat / Bruno --- 3.5 / 5 --- entertaining


尋找快樂窩 Away We Go --- 3 / 5
姊姊的守護者 My Sister's Keeper --- 3.5 / 5海雲臺 Haeundae --- 3.5 / 5

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  1. 吓......真係估唔到你會睇呢套喎....
    〈Sister's Keeper〉個個都話唔係差喎...
    但係今個月最有興趣都係嗰套〈The Time Traveler's Wife〉,唔知你又會唔會睇呢
    [版主回覆09/11/2009 23:56:00]1. Thank you Kari!!! Borat is fun and so I watch Bruno. 2. But the foreign reviews are mediocre. 3. I think I will. ^^

  2. 我諗呢套唔岩我睇啦,係咪好不文架?
    我睇報紙,話Baron的呢個髮型係參照Zac Efron架!XD
    [版主回覆09/11/2009 23:58:00]NOT for you!!! You are simply too young!

    [版主回覆09/12/2009 01:40:00]Nice dreams and a better day tomorrow!

  4. 原來Borat同Bruno係同一個男主角, 真係唔講唔知呢!
    [版主回覆09/12/2009 18:47:00]I was shocked too. Simply unbelievable. The acting and costumes are impressive.

  5.  Away We Go我都睇左~
    我覺得好sweet and warm wow而且同導演之前0既作品好唔同~
    [版主回覆09/14/2009 19:38:00]There are some sweet and very engaging moments. However, the message does not stand out at the end. 

  6. 沒看過這部電影,單看剧照,覺得,也許是這位先生認真堅定的眼神,他明明做著女生的動作,神情.確不叫人反感,到是會在令人欣賞之餘,突然發現模糊了區分男性化女性化動作神情的界線......真是個奇妙的感覺......所以會去看
    [版主回覆09/14/2009 19:41:00]Perhaps some may feel disgusted, but I really think he is a good actor. Go watch it and share with us how you feel.

  7. I can only say the teacher in "小豬的教室" is gorgeous..... Bruno & 海雲臺 ....I look forward to watching  them....
    [版主回覆09/14/2009 19:42:00]Some think the teacher should explains his choice at the end. The other two are entertaining, but Haeundae is quite typical indeed.

  8. Kenji: 我不敢看 Bruno 呢!因為怕好像 Hangover 那樣,以為好好笑,結果看到眼光光
    倒是挺喜歡 Away we go,以輕鬆的手法帶出沉重的問題,既可讓自己反思,又令自己十分回味
    [版主回覆09/16/2009 19:55:00]Hangover is just OK to me too! Our tastes are really similar, chestnet girl! Still, Bruno is different from Hangover. The jokes in Bruno are more disgusting and disturbing, so maybe it is not your cup of tea. Away we go has some great moments, but the message is not strong enough and the story is not quite uneven. What can we learn from the trip?

  9. I'd definitely stay away from this one, since I didn't like Borat and found it even a bit offensive already. I hope this one would not be at the expense of gay people...
    I want to see Away We Go because of the director!
    [版主回覆09/16/2009 20:10:00]1. I also think Bruno is not your cup of tea. In my opinion, Borat is
    entertaining, but I totally agree that the exaggerated main character
    showing contempt for people living in Kazakhstan is inappropriate and
    offensive. Bruno is similar in many ways, so stay away from it. 2. Yes I saw it because of the director too. Although there are some engaging moments reminding me of American Beauty and Revolutionary Road, the message does not stand out and the personal growth is not obvious.

  10. 其實學不到甚麼的,只是當我們知道多一些別人的不好,便會更珍惜目前自己所擁有的吧?
    [版主回覆09/17/2009 19:58:00]But it seems to me that the guy is always good to the girl, even before meeting those strange people. btw, 美麗有罪 is better than 浮生路 because of its powerful message.

  11. 1. 對,我也覺得【美麗有罪】的故事,勝過【浮生路】。Kelvin Spacey的演出,至今難忘。(我還喜歡他在 Shipping News 和 Pay It Forward 中的演出 )
    2. 我大約猜到 Kenji 期望的是甚麼樣的電影,不過有時候,電影人不過想展示眾生相,Away we go 在這方面做得很不錯啊!
    有時候看完一齣電影,再看看別人對電影的反應和解讀,真是一件有趣的事情。幸好 Kenji 還有時間寫影評,不然大家便少了個地方討論電影了。
    [版主回覆09/19/2009 11:55:00]Yes I love discussing movies with friends. With other bloggers' comments, I can think about movies from MORE angles. I just love it. However, I am afraid I won't have much time left. I have two more reviews written during the summer. After posting them, I may have no time to write for my blog. Anyway, I can still visit other people's blogs! ^^

  12. 打字應該比錄音快.... 我見你成日都寫外語片的影評... 你好少睇港產片嫁? 其實我都好少睇
    [版主回覆09/19/2009 11:45:00]1. Yes, but in fact I saw some of the films at film festivals, so some reviews were written during the summer holidays. Later, I will have no time to write. Will I give up writing reviews and blogging, be it short or long? Maybe. 2. Not very often, but I have seen Accident. OK ge! But the ending and the LAST accident are not convincing enough. Besides, the film can be even darker and the main character more paranoid.

  13. kenji, long time no see la~~  最近自己也停了寫blog, 不過間中都會visit 吓你們的reviews, 睇睇有什麼好戲看嘛!!  今天看完了"比悲傷更悲傷的故事" 很喜歡呀~~  雖然的確有點傷感!!
    [版主回覆09/20/2009 20:56:00]Yes I am too busy these days... I guess I will stop writing soon. Ihope I can still squeeze time to do so. 比悲傷更悲傷的故事 --- the reviews are generally negative in HK. Perhaps people looking for a Korean tear jerker will love it. 

  14. 我也覺得是Korean tear jerker 所喜愛的, 我應該不是啦, 因為整齣戲也沒有喊過....... 不過很喜歡它的表達方式和演員的演出!!  雖然與Kenji素未謀面, 但非常喜歡你的節目與影評呀.......  Anyway, 希望你加油, 工作和生活才是第一位!!
    [版主回覆09/21/2009 20:54:00]Thank you Miss K for always being supportive. These days, I spend all of my time preparing for the lessons. Although it is tiring and depressing sometimes, I think teaching is also one of my interests. In the near future, I will keep watching movies, but I'm not sure if I will still have time to write about them. No matter what, I will try to enjoy my life to the full.

  15. 我過兩日都會睇意外.... 我覺得哩幾年出ge港產商業片部份都好似意外哩種戲.... 好似証人,復仇,意外,laughing 哥,竊聽風雲等... 香港愈黎愈少打鬥片 ( 好似邵氏的戲等 )... 但就愈黎愈多意外的戲... 香港的電影市場起度移動緊....
    [版主回覆09/21/2009 21:21:00]Agree with you. They are similar stuffs and even the images look familiar. I hope HK will have more movies about teenage love or youth. Will you watch Glamorous Youth? It is worth our support.

  16. 今天收穫不少,看了"波兒出城"借到了楊絳的"我們仨"





    [版主回覆09/25/2009 22:55:00]Interesting observation. I think it entertains me as it goes to an extreme.

  17. "波兒出城"做了絕對高明的搞笑表演,





    重覆了這麼多個"波兒出城"也是向被"波兒出城感動到的同好SAY H!

    重覆了這麼多個"波兒出城"還是要向被"波兒吓到的朋友SAY COME ON !!!細心想一想"波兒出城"要大家回答的問題不是"基佬"合不合法OK?,題外話但沒有對"性"的接受哪有你我.題內話性幻想的哪段默劇-認真得來很"精彩".

    當然還是有些東西不能接受.但哪是什麼?COME ON 跟性和性的行為沒關係......OK

    [版主回覆09/25/2009 23:03:00]A sincerely written piece of review. Proud of you! Perhaps you are right. Although the portrayal of a homosexual in the film is slightly exaggerated, most well educated people should be able to tell it is intentionally done to use satire to show faults in people and systems.

  18. i like "away we go".  although it's not as good as the director's other movie :-)
    [版主回覆09/29/2009 23:02:00]There are a couple of electrifying moments, but the message does not stand out.