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  1. 夢工場D動畫真係愈黎愈靚..... 金球獎提名出左啦喎.... 有冇tip到邊個贏呀?
    [版主回覆12/14/2008 22:05:00]Agree esp Kung Fu Panda, but Pixar is still the best. Golden Globe... I still haven't watched some of the films and so I dare not make guesses at the moment. Bolt is the cartoon that I am looking forward to watching, btw.

  2. 嗯!!!好想睇〈Twilight〉呀!!!你講到好吸引呀…同埋劇照都令我好想去睇…
    [版主回覆12/15/2008 13:01:00]I guess many people will watch Twilight. Some may find it romantic, but I am not convinced by the idea of falling in love with one's food. HAHA... Share how you feel with us after watching this hit movie please. ^^

  3. 哇~~kenji真係文采飛揚!《屍人暮戀》(寫得啱唔啱?),不過搞到好似恐怖片咁。如果電影公司用左你個名,我可能唔敢睇。如果係我,就鍾意直譯「twilight」,叫「薄暮之夜」好冇?好有詩意呢....
    睇黎《twilight》好啱我呢個年輕人睇.....會唔會喊架?? XDDDD''
    [版主回覆12/16/2008 20:06:00]
    屍人暮戀 = 1. A love story between a human and a vampire. 2. 屍人 sounds like 思人 = missing a person 3. 暮 reminds people of the BOOK Twilight! 薄暮之夜 is poetic, but the vampire in this movie is not afraid of darkness. 

    床戲? no naked scenes... you will be disappointed. ^^ 恐怖驚慄?Very little... it is mainly a love story.
    殭屍鍾意女方?It is said that that vampire has a special
    ability. He can know what a person is THINKING... but she is the only
    human whose mind cannot be SEEN by him. So he is interested in her...
    of course, she is beautiful.
    會唔會喊架? NO it is not a tear jerker. Hey it seems that
    you think A LOT before buying the ticket hahaha... it is really hard to
    earn your money.
    Oh... really? No interest in Cartoon? Why?

  4. 嘩...你改嗰個名好佢十條街啦~~~
    你真係睇得好快呢...不過我唔喜歡荒失失奇兵, 仲連第一集都無睇過...
    [版主回覆12/16/2008 19:35:00]Thanks to the PRs, I can watch the Christmas films earlier. However, the ones that I am expecting to see are those released before Oscar. ^^ 無睇?唔喜歡? Do you mean you dislike the character design?

  5. 今天還在想聖誕咁多戲, 唔知 KENJI SAN 會介紹哪一套, HAHA, 立即就有好介紹... 吸血殭屍本來係 "賣飛佛", 但這一套會唔會太 "o靚仔"?? 我係 "吸血迷情" 同 "驚情四百年" 死忠粉絲喎...
    我噚日剛睇咗 "地球停轉日", 沒有期望, 只係少少覺得拖得太長, 同埋奇洛真係老了, 嗚呼~~
    [版主回覆12/16/2008 19:30:00]o靚仔 is the right word. I think teenagers will love the cast, but I am not sure if others will be touched. 吸血迷情 and 驚情四百年 are much more serious stuffs hahaha... I'm not sure if you will like Twilight. 地球停轉日's reviews are very negative. The CG images in the trailer do not look attractive too. 奇洛 looked great, but everyone gets old... me too.  

  6. 個 vampire太 young 啦...!
    有時會想一把年紀的我, 是否需要看一些感情戲去平衡一下呢
    不過, 奇洛李維斯我會鍾意
    [版主回覆12/16/2008 19:27:00]Why not? I enjoy watching love stories too. Try to watch Dan in Real Life. It is heart-warming.

  7. 屍人暮戀個名好聽&貼題,我亦明白點解會用吸血新世紀e個名
    [版主回覆12/16/2008 19:04:00]Agree! A commercial title! But the fact is that it is a love story. The fighting scenes and CG images are very limited.

  8. 嘩,如果kenji唔講,真係比吸血新世紀厄左....
    [版主回覆12/16/2008 20:46:00]Thanks for your visit again!!! It is a LOVE story! After watching it, please let me know if you find it romantic. I think the film is OK! Thanks!!! ^^

  9. OK ... Dan in real life...
    Thx again .
    [版主回覆12/16/2008 23:22:00]WELCOME! The best rom-com this year!

  10. KEN兄,好耐冇見喇...係我衰係我衰.... 不過近來睇左幾套好戲,之後就想上黎同你分享 呢幾套戲分別就係証人,女人不壞同葉問 嗯,呢三套都係港產片黎嫁喎,冇錯,我今個月睇左呢三套港產片 我諗係近年睇得最多新既港產片既一個月 而呢三部都簡單講就係有好感 就講就黎上既一代宗師葉問 我覺得丹哥近來既演技愈來愈出色,幽默感不少 飾演葉問既佢演得非常自然,加上感人情節,觀眾何其受落, 亦真正了解佢既真功夫並唔係兒戲,希望佢既功夫電影能夠更上一層樓 而劉偉強既電影一直都keep到水準,大家放心入場欣賞 除此之外,其他演員都演得好好,任達華真係賣演技,樊少賣功夫,熊小姐賣..樣 丫...岩岩閃過一閃,忘記左我重睇埋狼牙,冇意見,唔想比較.... btw,繼續有套睇到我反眼既電影...就係地球停轉日...大片喎... 唉,最近其實都冇再睇太多電影,至少由Tropic Thunder打後你所介紹既電影我都未欣賞過=[
    [版主回覆12/17/2008 12:29:00]Hey you are a missing person... long time no see!!! Thanks for remembering me when it comes to movies haha.
    証人 - the reviews are good. BUTsome say Connected is better.
    女人不壞 - Any comments?
    葉問 - the reviews are also positive. I hope I will have time to see it.

  11. 睇你貼左馬達加斯加2既插圖,真係好靚,背景都好細緻,不過都要睇埋成套電影先繼續讚,因為佢之前套熊貓已經加強左群體技術(亂作),大概似乎對任何一個生物都會更落足心機去創作 anyways,第一集已經好好笑,呢套真係好想睇,盡情放大個口去笑
    [版主回覆12/17/2008 12:31:00]I slightly prefer no 1 to 2, though the reviews generally state that no 2 is even more amusing... Perhaps I was too tired on that day, ... anyway, it is FUN, though a very serious and big message for thinking is absent.

  12. 繼續補充.... 我之前話小弟能夠欣賞到丹哥真正功夫其實唔係幾岩,唔好意思 其實我意思係丹哥拍開既都好特技feel,賣視覺效果多過似賣武 但丹哥今次耍出詠春拳,實在實力派打真軍咁款
    [版主回覆12/17/2008 12:32:00]HAHA.... agree. I saw it at Youtube!!! It is said that the film will be remade by another foreign director. Looking forward to comparing the two.

  13. 葉偉信先岩.... sorry..
    [版主回覆12/17/2008 12:32:00]NOTED

  14. 你公開爆哂d劇情出黎,唔怕俾人轟炸?
    [版主回覆12/18/2008 18:54:00]爆劇情? You mean Twilight? NO I haven't. I even haven't talked about the story, not to mention the ending.

  15. Overall, I just like Pixar's cartoons. Dreamwork's are hilarious but too thin in the plot and not much message. Entertaining maybe, but I would totally forget what I saw afterwards, and that includes the Shrek (which is already the best of its productions); Sony's are stupid overall and ranked the last in my opinion and I would try to avoid them. (BTW, what do think about that "copy cat" of Ratatouille which is coming?)
    Of course, if there were exceptions in the future, I would know from you so that I won't miss any good cartoons!
    [版主回覆12/18/2008 18:57:00]HAHA... well... a feel-good fairy-tale-like story with superb images and a lovely character as cute as the one in Ratatouille. However, the characters change suddenly and so the delivery of the message is not a successful one. I guess it is not your cup of tea. ^^

  16. Merry X'mas!我會去看" 吸血新世紀"。
    [版主回覆12/18/2008 18:52:00]Enjoy the movie!!!

  17. kenji:
    小弟很喜歡你 影畫絮語 的背景音樂,可否借來一用呢? 
    [版主回覆12/18/2008 20:03:00]Thanks for listening to the show and having an interest in the music. I have sent you a private message. I hope you find it useful.

  18. 哈哈...好耐無响樹出現過啦!
    [版主回覆12/19/2008 17:54:00]YOU KNOW SLEEVE GOOD "LAR"

  19. "Vampire has a special ability. He can know what a person is THINKING"
    咁似Wim Wenders嗰套"Wings of Desire"嘅?
    [版主回覆12/19/2008 17:55:00]I have seen Wings of Desire, but I can only recall a few visually stunning scenes.

  20. 咪咁啦!
    [版主回覆12/19/2008 23:54:00](Empty)

  21. 等在下過兩日去睇呢兩套o既早場先!
    [版主回覆12/20/2008 12:50:00]Christmas is coming to town! Enjoy the movies! Don't expect much and you will have a good time. I think teenagers will like Twilight!

  22. 《Twilight》有中文翻譯本啦,譯名叫做《暮光之城》。
    [版主回覆12/21/2008 02:05:00]I seldom read because it is time consuming, but I believe we can learn a lot from reading. I think the book can still be worth reading despite the unsatisfactory adaptation to the big screen. I suggest you read the book if you are interested in the story. Whether the film is good is not really important. By the way, many people love the book.

  23. 睇左 twilight~
    cast 真的很吸引, 男主角唔講, 普通同學 & vampire 一族都好 charm ^^
    今次 vampire 0既形象非常 positive, 好吸引~
    feel 到故事只係開始, 期待繼集喎~
    亦對原著深感興趣, 哈哈~
    [版主回覆12/22/2008 22:45:00]HA What a coincidence! I am reading your review in your blog ^^. Agree that the cast is charming and I think it can attract teenagers to watch it. However, do you find this love story romantic?

  24. 真係好0岩喎~
    咁快有 commnt 有 d 嚇親tim haha
    禁忌之戀本身已經好浪漫對於我呢d咁感性0既人黎講哈哈 ^^
    不過你講0既食物理論都有道理, 只係我深信愛情很盲目而已^^
    btw 同場的確多數是 teenagers 阿下, 不斷話男主角好靚仔之類~不過我覺得vampire爸爸最靚仔哈哈~
    [版主回覆12/22/2008 23:24:00]GOOD to know a view from a girl and happy to know that you find it romantic. Perhaps I am really obsessed with thinking hahaha. I think 禁忌之戀 is, in some circumstances, romantic e.g. homosexuals, 揚過, etc. Both parties are human beings who truly love each other. They can't love just because of the social norms and rules imposed by others. However, when a vampire / a wolf falls in love with his food (i.e. a human girl / a sheep), I find the relationship weird. Perhaps it is true that we sometimes hurt the people whom we love, BUT it is weird when you WANT to hurt / bite someone whom you love. HAHAHA... dunno what I am saying... ^^ It is a solid proof of my aging and stubbornness.

  25. 老師的確太理智哈哈~(可能係我太唔理智)
    btw 我好鍾意打棒球0個幕, 好鬼型~
    [版主回覆12/23/2008 00:10:00]Agree... not enough fighting scenes!

  26. Let me post how I feel here.
    I think
    禁忌之戀 is, in some circumstances, romantic e.g. homosexuals, 揚過, etc.
    Both parties are human beings who truly love each other. They can't
    love just because of the social norms and rules imposed by others.
    However, when a vampire / a wolf falls in love with his food (i.e. a
    human girl / a sheep), I find the relationship weird. Perhaps it is
    true that we sometimes hurt the people whom we love, BUT it is weird
    when you WANT to hurt / bite someone whom you love. HAHAHA... dunno
    what I am saying... ^^ It is a solid proof of my aging and

  27. i also will expect to watch the Twilight, it seems so attractive especially after listening yr comments^^ 
    [版主回覆12/24/2008 00:08:00]thanks so much! Enjoy the movie and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  28. 很久沒有看電影了,所以也不能回應什么.最近才有一點空間.你還能堅持定時準備節目,利害!加油!
    [版主回覆12/26/2008 11:28:00]Thanks! After 9 months, I will stop hosting the show as I will be transferred to another school. HAHA... so I have to try my best now so that I won't have any regrets. Talking about films on air is my dream. Agree! After all, people may think 吸血新世紀 is an action film.

  29. Not hosting? It's a pity for us...but it is understandable. It is really challenging to work in a new school. 'Add oil' and let us (both the host and the audience) enjoy all the coming shows.
    [版主回覆12/28/2008 00:26:00]Thanks for your support. My passion for movies and sharing will never die.

  30. I thought about going to Twlight before it was on but decided I am too mature (right, not old) for that later, haha.
    The idea of biting or eating up your loved one is not new, remember 趙敏喜歡張無忌喜歡到要咬他一口. Perhaps you can think about loving a cute, fluffy chicken, instead of 雞扒, then you might understand Edward. Think you pointed out something crucial, that is, the self-control he has to muster in restraining from biting Bella has sth to do with suppressing one's desire, esp sexual desire. I read a review that the author is a Mormon, and this novel does want to convey the Mormon msg of opposition against pre-marital sex. That's why Edward is often seen pressing down his instincts to drink Bella's blood; presumably, this(and pre-marital sex) will lead to dire consequences. How perceptive of you!
    Actually I have problem with a 90-year-old falling for a 17-year-old. Edward is trapped in a teenager's body but is an old - well, mature - man deep down. He's either 周伯通 or suffers from mid-life crisis in courting Bella. This really puts me off.
    Btw, like the last bits of your translation of the title, that's poetic but 屍 sounds spooky. The present one is... er, let's say it maintain the standard of translated titles in the territory.   
    [版主回覆01/02/2009 19:43:00]HAHAHA 趙敏 wants to bite him so that he will remember her for the rest of his life. BUT the vampire wants to eat the girl because so she looks delicious haha... I think they are different. Really? The pre-marital sex thing sounds plausible!!! Thanks for telling. If a 90-year-old man is trapped in a teenager's body, I don't think he is going through middle age crisis hahaha!!! He is handsome and strong! The present title is mover commercial and people may think there are some fighting scenes, which is not true. From the marketing point of view, it may be better than my title. Anyway, it is not easy to think of names for movies.

  31. Kenji,我今日睇咗〈Twilight〉了~ 但係感覺好一般lor~ 覺得冇想像中咁好睇lor~ 基本上我覺得劇情太快,我感受唔到兩個人有幾愛大家lor~ 我覺得係冇可能咁快會愛上一個人咖…女對男就比較Make Sence,其實男對女我都幾了解嘅,不過佢一見到女主角係表露出想食咗佢嘅神情咖嘛~ 跟住佢慢慢想了解女主角,又想救佢嗰度都…個感情轉變太快,我感受唔太深,同埋我覺得男主角一d都唔靚仔,亦唔型!!!我諗我都係想睇小說多d…我係比較鍾意彊屍家族多過兩位主角lor~ 同埋我覺得剩係講佢兩個嗰d戲好悶,後段比較精彩!!!加上兩個主角可能太新,所以d戲好「木」,冇乜感情,做唔到深愛、深情嘅感覺…女主角對daddy嘅態度比較冇禮貌…但係我都會睇年尾出嘅〈New Moon〉!!!
    [版主回覆01/04/2009 22:47:00]Exactly how I feel! The falling-in-love-with-the-food story looks weird to me, but it seems to me that many girls find the story romantic. I personally like the cast, though.

  32. cast唔係差,我覺得男主角雖然唔靚仔,但係都好有彊屍feel ,只係可能我期望太高,同埋身邊嘅朋友太多話好睇,有d直頭癩到要睇第二次,有d話要買碟返屋企睇多次,有d又話男主角型到癲呀咁…但係我一路睇一路同隔離嗰個講佢唔得、唔得、唔得!!!我絕對係一個非常另類嘅女孩子lor~ 所以已經比人話我寫個Blog寫得太盡la…
    [版主回覆01/04/2009 23:11:00]I am not typical too!

  33. 但係你唔係女孩子喎…基本上十個男有九個都係好似你咁睇法,但係女孩子就十個有十個都覺得浪漫呀、男主角好正呀、要睇第二次呀、要買碟呀嗰d感覺,我覺得一般唔係話「鍾意咗件食物」呢樣,我只係覺得佢哋嘅感情好似轉變得太快,比較可能,我覺得應該要相處吓先lor~
    [版主回覆01/05/2009 19:15:00]Maybe love at first sight! I still think if you love a person, you don't want to eat her. Of course, he is a vampire, so I just think the relationship is weird to me.

  34. 咁哽係la~ 如果你愛一個人of course唔會日日諗住想食佢la~其實我睇完之後都有再聽多次你個Show 我覺得我同你嘅睇法都幾似,我真係好唔主觀咁睇呢套嘢,有人叫我唔好太理性去睇呢套嘢,我其實已經唔係好理智咖la~ 我都覺得男主角好強調自己嘅食物係 人 ,唔係 動物 !!!咁既然係咁就唔好虐待自己去鍾意女主角la~ 一係就滿足自己食咗個女仔令佢變成彊屍,反正個女仔因為驚自己會老都成日想變彊屍咖la~
    但係都係想睇小說多d…不過今日去Page one嗰度睇已經得返中文譯本la…超失望lor~
    [版主回覆01/05/2009 20:13:00]Agree!

  35. Kenji....你咁早放工嘅???唔駛備課咩???
    [版主回覆01/05/2009 20:30:00]Very busy working right now indeed!