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  1. 死嘢呀....一係唔post, 一post就咁多!!!
    我都會睇吓lee套......因為我都愛Pan's Labyrinth, 同埋我睇過Hell Boy1!
    [版主回覆08/11/2008 14:04:00]OH GOOD... it is better to have watched Hellboy 1. Please forget Pan's Labyrinth first and watch Hellboy 2, as they are to a certain extent different. Pan - you can think more and feel more - different genres are mixed Hellboy 2 - you can see more - a commercial film mixing different genres

  2. Guillermo del Toro愈來愈迷這種怪物片... 期待佢拍出來的魔戒前傳會有多麼狠.... 據中Guillermo del Toro要求拍第三集... 但還味有定案....
    [版主回覆08/11/2008 14:05:00]Right he may start shooting Hellboy 3 in 2013... but everything is not yet confirmed.  I love Pan's Labyrinth so much... the best work from the director in my opinion.

  3. 死嘢呀...一係唔post, 一post就咁多!!! 又唔知自己個blog咁鬼多圖片,搞到好慢好慢.... 其實導演的真正中文譯名係「吉拿域戴拖路」...算啦,鍾意點譯就譯啦!算喇!
    John係今集有冇出現呀? 我睇過《Hellboy2》的劇照,覺得d怪物同《魔間迷宮》的魔幻生物好似樣。例如第九張圖片~~~
    [版主回覆08/11/2008 15:08:00]Yes they look a bit similar.

  4. John唔出現?好失望呀....不但浪費左呢個可以發展的角色,更浪費了這個演員。
    我可能在這個暑假之內睇唔到《Hellboy2》,要等出碟....我真係唔應該! 聽唔明...你話導演拍《Hellboy3》之前拍咩戲話? 真係越來越喜歡這個導演,以後佢拍所有戲我都要睇(除左恐怖片或三級片  -口-"")
    [版主回覆08/11/2008 15:10:00]The Hobbit 1 and 2!

  5. 咩係Hobbit?
    [版主回覆08/11/2008 22:02:00]魔戒前傳 - 哈比人歷險記

  6. Wow, I can't keep up, esp when I had an untimely accident and sprang my ankle! How did you manage to review so many movies in such a short time? Is this a final 'movie fling' before you're buried by school work in sept?
    That red 臘腸 man in Hellboy will sure make every min in the cinema hellish, think i'll skip it. But just got tickets for Pan Labyrinth and Orphanage, can't wait! Will watch the Fox movie once I'm up and about, love the red fox and red-haired girl, the colors match marvellously and the friendship reminds me of Little Prince.
    [版主回覆08/11/2008 22:13:00]It sounds serious. You should see a Chinese herbal practitioner, take a rest at home and watch all the VCDs / DVDs ^^ Get well soon!!! Right!!! I have been extremely busy attending previews and thinking about films nearly every day. I wanna spend the last two weeks of the holidays preparing for the new school term. Indeed, I am a bit worn out because of Move Thee Reviews. I will surely take a break in September. Besides, our show may stop functioning in September next year as I will be transferred to another school. I will face lots of new challenges and so I am not sure of what to do... just end it or pass it to another person (Who is so silly that he / she is willing to take it over???) Sigh... Hellish??? Well... it is not a horror film. Don't worry! Just great fun!!! Lots of actions and humor!!! Tickets for Pan's??? What do you mean??? Please share how you feel about the Fox and the Child and I believe you will love it.

  7. 未睇呀,不過對呢套戲既視覺感觀相信有十足既信心
    [版主回覆08/12/2008 17:40:00]Great visuals, make-up and costumes! Worth seeing!

  8. I've been to the 鐵打 master, am slowly recovering, thanks!
    The Hellboys series is not for me, the characters look too, um... unusual for my liking but am sure it's a big hit amongst the young ones and boys, esp. And Pan's is showing again on BC Sunday (Sept and Oct), together with other goodies like Orphanage and Paradise Now. If you feel like relishing in these again, grab a ticket fast!
    Did you mean the transfer will be in Sept 09 but you'll take a rest in Sept 08? Will you still be teaching and/or hosting 影畫 in the coming Sept? The transfer sounds like an enormous change, add oil! Well, you still have one year to figure out how to fit 影畫 into the new pattern. From your persistence, I gather this show brings as much joy to you as us, the audience, so good luck! Besides, you have partners, right?
    [版主回覆08/12/2008 23:46:00]鐵打 is very effective. You will get well soon!!! I will be transferred to another school in Sept 2009, so I MAY not be able to host the show if the new school is demanding. I will still host the show at least for one more year. However, After the September in 2009, I am not sure if I will still have time to do so. Thanks!!! It is my dream and I have achieved it. I should have no regrets ^^ especially with you guys' support. These days, as everyone is busy, I am currently the only host of the show. As it is time consuming to fix a time for two of us to record a show, I plan to host the show mainly by myself in the coming year. I also plan to use Youtube to introduce a film to the audience in 10 mins. Sounds effective!? I am also satisfied with the quality of the show as I really spend lots of time preparing for it, so having only one host does not imply the declining quality of the show. Anyway, I will hang in there until I really have to stop. Thanks!!! ^^

  9. 係啦,唔記得問kenji你。我想問訂《地心探險記3D》的座位,有冇乜野要特別注意?如果前面比人遮住,會唔會睇唔到3D?坐前定坐後好?我想問D播3D的戲院的座位,係咪由低至高排上去架?好似UA IMAX咁!
    [版主回覆08/13/2008 22:26:00]1. 坐後好!!! BUT dunno why, in the preview, there were two rows of reserved seats. One was in the middle and another one at the back (Not the last row though). I did not understand why they had this arrangement. 2. NO... they are like ordinary theaters. Only 3D glasses will be passed out.

  10. 哇!咁如果比前面遮住,咪乜3D都睇唔到?
    [版主回覆08/14/2008 00:05:00]It depends on your luck then. If you sat in the first row, you might feel dizzy. Well... why don't you see it at The Grand or IMAX? The views won't be blocked.

  11. 我沒有睇 第 1 集, 但看了trailer 之後好想睇第 2 集, 因為啲妖怪真係好鬼似 "pan's", 而我很喜歡 "pan's" 啦, haha.
    我都想睇 "地心探險記", 細個嗰陣睇咗原著, 之後都睇咗不同的電影版, 不知道這一次有沒有驚喜, 只是我不喜歡男主角的木無表情...
    [版主回覆08/14/2008 11:48:00]Pan's can emotionally touch you, but Hellboy 2 is a beautiful and entertaining commercial film which can visually attract you. They are quite different though the director is the same person. The cast is OK and the visuals are great in The Journey to the Center of the Earth, though the plot is paper-thin.

  12. 我問嘉嘉點解唔上黎做節目.....佢叫我問你喎!kenji兄,你幾時叫返佢黎呀?
    [版主回覆08/14/2008 13:45:00]Ka Ka should be very busy preparing for her drama!!!

  13. May I post your review in my blog?
    [版主回覆08/14/2008 19:19:00]Welcome! Please also put down 網上播放電影評論節目影畫絮語 http:// www.mov-reviews.com http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/kenji-chan Thanks a lot!

  14. it was done. is it ok with you??
    [版主回覆08/14/2008 21:22:00]THANKS so much for your listening! Give me some stars if you don't mind haha.

  15. 我想係The Grand訂位呀!但係無緣無故有個咩「Manhattan Galaxy」,即是咩?有咩特別?有冇咩影響?
    [版主回覆08/15/2008 00:32:00]I dunno too sorry... You had better make a phone call!

  16. 講d離題野, 好鍾意你新的profile pic~「青春電幻物語」係一套對我影響好大的電影之一,i love it ^^
    [版主回覆08/16/2008 03:28:00]THANKS THANKS THANKS!!! I LOVE this film too. Great images and messages, depressing and pessimistic though.

  17. 我雖然冇睇過哂
    Guillermo del Toro的電影.... 但睇佢近年的電影其實都不斷起度進步.... 如果佢夥拍埋Peter Jackson拍魔戒前傳.... 可能又有近ge火花...拍得更好呀
    [版主回覆08/16/2008 22:44:00]I am personally not into the Lord of the Ring, but the director really impresses me with his creative mixture of genres and dazzling visuals. Pan's Labyrinth is one of my top 50 films.

  18. 00001號fans又黎「吹」你啦!幾時有新節目~~~
    [版主回覆08/18/2008 12:11:00]90% correct. I plan to upload the ones about Cyborg She and I Just didn't do it first this Wednesday and REC next Monday perhaps!!!

  19. 野男睇左! 正!
    [版主回覆08/18/2008 12:09:00]Agree, though I begin to feel numb with the CG effects.

  20. 睇左 Hellboy II, 都算幾好睇.
    同意你說, 睇 Hellboy II, 要忘記 Pan's Labyrinth, 兩部戲相差甚遠.
    以 Pan's Labyrinth 的標準來睇 Hellboy II, 會幾失望.
    但以一般 商業片的標準來看, Hellboy II 絕對是合格, 值得一看.
    [版主回覆08/19/2008 14:59:00]Exactly! You have read my mind!!! Hellboy is a commercial film. Pan's Labyrinth appeals to me not only visually, but also emotionally and intellectually. By the way, both films also mix different genres!!!

  21. Totally understand now why you tell me to forget about Pan's Labyrinth.
    Hellboy2, I do see more, but not think and feel more!!! You really sum it up pretty well by those 2 sentenses!!!
    It's visully stunning...like the great scene at the flea market...WOW...my eyes were too busy. The monsters and creatures were eye-poppingly interesting! Stylish indeed~~~
    And it's quite entertaining too, with appropriate amounts of action scenes and humour; even oddly some romance in there too~~~
    However, I don't feel and think much afterwards!
    Haha...you are truly amazing~~~How true was what you said!
    [版主回覆08/19/2008 18:45:00]Thanks for agreeing with me!!! Give me FIVE!!! You are really able to get the gist from the show. Right... I did not feel and think much after watching Hellboy 2. It is a successful commercial superhero film mixing different elements, but it won't be one of my top 10 this year. Ar... the romance bit is quite weak!!!

  22. 嘩...吹兄真係你既super fans喎Kenji兄!倒轉"吹"你...hohohoho
    [版主回覆08/21/2008 01:33:00]I am used to it

  23. 我覺得講到d魔仲有人性過d人,幾好不過著於表面比唔上港片<倩女幽魂>咁深刻.地下妖界咁多鬼怪反而無好好利用,浪費左咁多造型,d鬼怪似裝飾,今集玩埋<魔戒>,真系玩大左,好亂.
    [版主回覆09/27/2008 17:33:00]Right the images are gorgeous. BUT I like the humor inserted. An interesting attempt. 倩女幽魂 is a HK classic. I love it.