My 10-day Trip to Northern Europe (2)


Kung Fu Kenji - "Iron Palm Floating on the Water"
By the way, the water is indeed FREEZING!!!

The water is so clear that it looks like a mirror. It is really a relaxing experience.

Briksdal Glacier - Wooowwwwww!!! But the size is dwindling as time goes by.

Let's make a wish!!!

The church and the graves are so peaceful - not as scary as the Chinese ones.

I am the Prince of Northern Europe. -_-

Sweden - Stockholm - the best city in Northern Europe in my opinion.

We are on our way to Finland!!! There are many small islands and people do live there. Many people there are very rich and it is common to have yacht so that they can travel easily.

Before Sunset - The sun is setting in the west. The sky seems to be colored all red. Gold flames to scarlet. Scarlet sinks to rose, and rose to crimson.

I love Sweden most - things are not too expensive, but the city is more modern and crowded. The islands are also very beautiful. Norway ranks the second. The nautral wonders are very impressive and the towns are peaceful and quiet. Denmark is nice too, but it seems that it looks like other European countries. Finland is less beautiful than the other three countries, but there are many churches, one of which is embedded in a big rock. On the whole, I really love Northern Europe and it is nice to meet Tung, an honourable member of our audience. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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  1. The scenery is AWESOME! Espeically the whirls of colours at sunset, beautiful! Did you guys climb up some sort of tower to watch it?
    I can see Po was with you all the way, haha. How did lovely Moomin react to your kungfu? The blue sky looks a bit low, almost like it's pressing down, did you have that feeling when you were there?
    [版主回覆07/31/2008 00:30:00]The sunset of the Northern Europe is as great as the sunrise!!! I took the picture on a cruiser from Sweden to Finland.

    Creative... Po was with me... and I learnt some Kung Fu there. A few
    more Kung Fu photos, but dare not post them as I am afraid of being
    laughed at. I looked like an idiot... AND I really miss movies there and so I tried to look for cinemas in Sweden and Norway and I did it.

    Right... I love the clouds... lots of shapes and colours (black,
    orange, blue, red) and I was just hypnotized by the clouds, clear
    water, hills, ice, plants, fresh air, breeze, small islands, etc.
    Standing on a huge ship and seeing the sunset / sunrise (I went on two
    cruises during the trip), I felt like keeping quiet and imagining
    myself to be a part of it. I eventually found that I was infinitesimal
    and forgot all the troubles. Shutting my fists and humming the song of
    "雪映移城" and "向世界出發" to myself, I thought that I have fulfilled several
    dreams in my life, as an English teacher, a HKU graduate, a regular
    badminton player, an amateur movie reviewer, a person who can go
    traveling quite often. I was a bookworm who was not good at sports when
    I was young. I was teased by my classmates sometimes. I was looked down
    upon by my dad. BUT all these are over. I will treasure what I have and
    the people around me. Thanks for reading such a long reply.

  2. 嘩...d 地方真係好靚呀, 我都好想去呀.....
    [版主回覆07/31/2008 14:13:00]Stunning view... but it costs me tons of money

  3. HAHAHA!! I will make the same wish to you and myslef in November, KAKAKA, Kung Fu Kenji law.I want to see more photo's about your trip due to the beautiful view. You are so 上鏡^^
    [版主回覆07/31/2008 14:15:00]THANKS!!! I should focus on movies and preparing for the new school term in August... very tired these few days in HK... perhaps because of the polluted air and jet lag.

  4. Welcome back MAN!!!
    Hey, you got some really great pics up there!!! I didn't know that you're a photographer as well~~~
    I would really want to go and see Northern Europe one day!
    And BTW, I love your blog's new look!!!
    [版主回覆07/31/2008 14:28:00]YES!!! The new background - do you know why I changed it??? In the trip, one of our tour mates listens to our show quite often. On Day One, I called myself KEN. On the last day, I asked him to search for Kenji Chan in the Yahoo search engine and so he recognized me. He gave me some constructive advice, one of which is changing the background. HAHA... What a coincidence!!! OK... Apart from movies, I also love taking pictures, traveling, playing badminton, singing K, dining out, etc. I do love the pictures taken in this trip. Have you seen the ones in Post No 1??? I love Fjord.

  5. Oh my~ the scenery is breath-taking!!! More photos!! Vasa Museum is one of my favorite~~
    [版主回覆07/31/2008 16:56:00]GREAT!!! Never in my life have I been to these beautiful places! You can't find it in HK, a polluted city.

  6. You have tried your best to fulfil your dreams!
    [版主回覆07/31/2008 22:34:00]I have! My very best! I think I can still exploit my hidden potential in other fields, in which I do not perform very well at the moment.

  7. 嘩...彩虹呀!香港已經好難見到啦!
    [版主回覆07/31/2008 22:36:00]Very expensive... a McDonald's meal costs 100 HK dollars.

  8. I'm beginning to suspect you're on yahoo's fav list, they allowed your long msg but deleted mine, humph! ok ok, just joking. Thanks for sharing, really.
    "I felt like keeping quiet and imagining myself to be a part of it", but hey, there was no need to imagine that you were part of nature's wonder, cos you were right in the middle of it, no matter how brief it was.
    I think I understand how overwhelming it could be, and what magic scudding clouds and birds, ebbing waves weave around men. Remind me of my time in Krakow. One evening, as I was dragging myself up to the square, I looked up and was instantly captured by the streak of changing pink clouds, floating in the paling sky (it was sunset), and I just shot away with my camera and forgot how tired I was. The whole oblivious cloud-chase was in a way, my way to bottle and seal my memories in Poland, a place I've always dreamed of visiting. 
    Admire your courage and determination immensely! I don't think there're many bookworms out there who can whip themselves up to play sports, add oil a!
    [版主回覆08/01/2008 02:56:00]whip myself??? Right... sort of crazy... my colleagues encouraged me to play badminton during SARS and they thought I had great potential. After their training, I pick it up gradually and love the sport!!! THANKS a lot... Next year, I will visit the Eastern Europe and, one day, I hope I can set foot in the South Pole.

  9. 全部風景都靚到絕倫呢...
    [版主回覆08/01/2008 14:05:00](Empty)

  10.      你就好啦 !!!! 有得出外玩 !! 相信對你來說,這是一個難忘的旅程,特別是你能遇上其中一位網友 ----tung ,聽起上來,真是很奇妙 !
         相片拍攝得不錯 ! 景色相當優美,當中有一張相 ….. 我看完之後 …. 真是好想笑 ….. 不是笑你, 是姆明和阿美那張 …… 為什麼阿美會是一位「美少女」 ……以我所知, 她不是這樣高大 ……. 她的髮型 ……… 好假 ……….. 如果她的造型是白雪公主,可能會好一點 !!
        希望你能繼續向「世界出發」 !!!
    [版主回覆08/01/2008 21:16:00]Thats why I was so excited. Perhaps movie lovers are everywhere. 姆明's pic - I wanna hug him... not the girl of course. ^ ^

  11. 我之前所講既「wallpaper」即係「background」~~明白就得啦! 你同冬冬是如何相認的?
    你形容「before sunset」那段英文好深呀,睇唔明呀!陳老師!
    [版主回覆08/01/2008 23:35:00]Yes... I met Tung Tung in my trip. Before sunset - The English just describes the sun going down. This description is from an English novel Son and Lovers.

  12. I love all your photos, the scenery are wonderful...
    And i can learn English from you...
    [版主回覆08/02/2008 00:47:00]THANKS ~~~ One of my friends who love photograph also love the pictures I took. I also wanna post more, but it is time-consuming.

  13. 差唔多啦!我上年去意大利,M記魚柳包餐都要$6x呀! 今年歐元仲貴咗 去美國食抵好多,差唔多價錢,但份量就超大!
    [版主回覆08/02/2008 00:48:00]I should save some money so that I can go traveling again next year!!!

  14. 你回來喇,去左咁多日有冇唔想返黎香港既感覺?!哈哈 死啦,身到咁多靚人靚景既相搞到我都身痕.... 我前幾日book左個團去泰國,9月頭出發 (同一件講旅遊既文章,又多相又多野寫,諗起我個blog又死左起度,好冇面) 等我繼續追先 btw,我有時有一刻會好討厭香港點解咁繁忙,不過我又鐘意繁忙既工作...好老套呀,願我每日有十個鐘頭訓覺
    [版主回覆08/02/2008 01:04:00]I did enjoy staying there, but I also miss movies and bloggers. HAHAHA... no... your trip is different from mine. You went there by yourself and it is another experience. Taiwan is famous for its FOOD, not scenery. 10 hours??? If I had 8 every day, I would be satisfied. Throughout the school year, I only spend 6 hours sleeping every day on average.

  15. The church and the graves are so peaceful - not as scary as the Chinese ones. <--- I TOTALLY AGREE!!!
    Actually, I feel Mac DonDon tastes better in HK, I don't know why?!
    The scenery is really beautiful~Your trip really has "向世界出發"feel...
    Glad you had a nice trip and be relaxed and now is back, to share more good movies' reviews with us!!!
    [版主回覆08/02/2008 21:53:00]Thanks a lot!!! McDonald's looks quite special in Bergen. It is a white wooden house, which is quite special. I did not eat the Mc Don Don's food there as it is extremely expensive and of course unhealthy haha. Thanks again for listening to my boring voice and tolerating my inaccurate pronunciation. Thanks!

  16. 我都想去旅行呀! 可惜今年無機會啦!無時間,又無錢!
    [版主回覆08/03/2008 02:47:00]Right!!! Indeed, many Hong Kong people are busy and holidays are very limited. Teachers are lucky in this respect. ^^

  17. Nice places, nice people.  What a wonderful Scandinavia trip.
    Did you also visit Lapland (a province), Salo (a town) and Nokia (a city)?  Both are in Finland.
    [版主回覆08/03/2008 19:59:00]A trip that I will never forget!!! I am full of energy now ^0^ I only visited the capital of Finland and it seems that it is the least attractive out of the four capitals in the Northern Europe. Why did you mention them? Very beautiful cities???

  18. I know! I read your words as well apart from the excellent photos!!! It's a small world afterall, right?! And you're a celebrity in the Yahoo blog, don't you know?! Good advice for the change of wallpaper, really! We should have thought about that earlier......
    You can be a cinematographer one day if you don't want to talk about movies one day...hahaha!!!
    [版主回覆08/04/2008 13:54:00]Hey, who is the yahoo blog celebrity in the field of music and movies? Right... I think I should have thought about changing the background before... but dunno why... I was fascinated by the Christmas trees haha.

  19. Very nice & beautiful pictures !
    Thank you Kenji
    [版主回覆08/05/2008 17:49:00]Welcome! It is your turn to share some ^^!!!

  20. Really beautiful pictures! You should be skilful in taking photos.
    [版主回覆08/08/2008 23:08:00]HaHa I love taking pictures and it seems that I was born to be able to capture images from appropriate angles. However, I do not have any professional knowledge and so I take pictures of poor quality at NIGHT as it requires more knowledge.

  21. Very nice pictures!  It's so beautiful ne....
    [版主回覆08/11/2008 15:03:00]I am still missing the cities

  22. Gorgeous scenery!!!  It could never been found in HK, especially the clean air, not sure when are we going to have blue sky in winter again....
    [版主回覆08/15/2008 12:01:00]The pollution in Hong Kong really annoys me. My nose keeps complaining about the polluted air and refuses to breathe in the air here. SIGH...

  23. those are beautiful photos
    [版主回覆08/22/2008 11:04:00]I imagined being the main character of a fairy tale.

  24. Hello!! 我都好想去北歐, 你d相影得好靚
    [版主回覆08/22/2008 11:05:00]姆明 belongs to Finland. He is so CUTE!!!

  25. wa...very beautiful..the nature in northern europe...i have been norway for half year for the studying ..agree with you northern europe is very pretty..
    [版主回覆08/27/2008 18:27:00]So jealous of you!!! BUT you had to learn the language first so that you could stay there???