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夢工場動畫《功夫熊貓》,笑料十足,節奏明快,富中國傳統特色,多幕武打動作場面精彩刺激。4 / 5


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  1. 係咪跟《wanted》一齊上載於網站?
    我考完試啦,終於可以煲VCD!congratulate me!!!
    [版主回覆06/27/2008 23:08:00]YES you are right!!! Congratulations!!! You are free now!!! I personally think both are GOOD films. Kung Fu Panda is really entertaining, while Wanted is stylish and creative.

  2. 你睇廣東話定英文?
    廣東話配音班底好似唔錯, 有d1516tim ^^
    [版主回覆06/28/2008 11:51:00]I watched the Cantonese version. I think it is GOOD, which is out of my expectation because the Cantonese version is usually disappointing. However, if I were you, I would try the English version as it is often better. If you watch it with kids, choose the Cantonese version. ENJOY this amusing cartoon.

  3. 今日睇第二次...eason配得好好笑~~~套movie好有中國色彩~外國人實會鐘意~~~~
    [版主回覆06/29/2008 00:19:00]WOW... the second time? The Cantonese dubbed version again? I watched the Cantonese one and find the dubbing quite GOOD!!! Right. It looks very CHINESE. That's one of the reasons why the reviews in Rottentomatoes are also very positive.

  4. yes...watched cantonese version twice....want to watch eng version too...but i guess i will wait for DVD hahahah
    [版主回覆06/29/2008 00:26:00]I guess the English version should be not bad... usually the English version is better. ^^

  5. i used to watch original version too... cos cantonese version always not....em.....too good....hahahaha...but this time had eason and surprise me a lot~~~
    [版主回覆06/29/2008 00:54:00]AGREE!!! I highly recommend this film to the audience.

  6. Only view the trailer is so attractive and so cute. must see la!
    [版主回覆06/29/2008 14:09:00]It is a MUST SEE... agree to a large extent. The best Dreamworks film so far.

  7. 我係美國睇得英文咋, 我想知中文版有邊個配音呀?
    我hubby and佢細佬係中國痴, especially martial arts!! 佢地睇完"功夫熊貓"之後, 居然話d動作打得精彩過"功夫之王"添呀!!!
    [版主回覆06/29/2008 14:17:00]阿寶 ( 積伯克 Jack Black / 陳奕迅聲演 )

    飛虎女  ( 安祖蓮娜祖莉 Angelina Jolie / 何韻詩聲演 )

    毒蛇 ( 劉玉玲 Lucy Liu / 何超儀聲演 )

    靈猴 ( 成龍聲演 )

    仙鶴 (David
    Cross / 房祖名聲演 )

    猛螳螂 (Seth
    Rogen / 李璨琛聲演 )

    HAHAHA... I think they have done lots of
    research on the Kung Fu performed in the film. WELL DONE!!!

  8. 我覺得很好看呀,看得非常開心,
    [版主回覆06/30/2008 14:38:00]Fast paced and FUNNY!!! Children will also like it.

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  11. Little Wing - Wendy2008年7月3日 下午10:09

    [版主回覆07/04/2008 20:25:00]yes... quite heartwarming at the end though the plot is formulaic.

  12. Finally watched it and listened to your show! Absolutely fantastic! I personally don't think Po needs training to be a warrior - he's too adorable to provoke others to strike him, opponents are likely to swoon and surrender to his charm.
    The fighting scenes are fast and stunning, particularly enjoy the chopsticks fight and, like you, the escape of Tai Lung (the underground prison reminds me of the bottom of the volcano in Lord of the Ring; both are dark and dangerous). The message is a bit cheesy as you guys said, but I was a bit saddened and surprised that they let Tai Lung die in the end (The cutest murderer in the universe is here - Panda!), was hoping for a reconciliation between him and Master... Was your partner Vincent in the prog?
    [版主回覆07/05/2008 00:37:00]Thanks for listening to the show. Vincent is the one who talks about the film with me. You can find more information about him at www. mov-reviews.com Moreover, does Tai Lung die? I think he was just defeated by Po. Besides, are you a little bit puzzled about why a goose can give birth to a panda... it sounds a bit weird... Is he adopted??? I'm confused too hahahahaha.

  13. I'll adopt your conclusion on Tai Lung's end, that cheers me up a bit. It's good to know someone thinks otherwise too.
    Po's parentage bugs me too, esp when Mr Pelican doesn't clear up the mystery right away when being questioned. From the circumstantial evidence, I'm convinced Po's an adopted son tho, and this is set up delibrately to draw a comparason between them, and Tai Lung and Master who also share an adopted-son-and-father relationship.
    to be continued...
    [版主回覆07/06/2008 01:01:00]Right! 1. Tai Lung does not die 2. Po is just his adopted son.

  14. well, I trust that as a fellow lit student, you'll bear with my obsession to (over)analyze...Master and Goose represent the typical dad but are slightly different in their parenting, and this is the theme to compare. 
    Turtle Master speaks of everyone's own destiny, and how it can't be changed or avoided. However, upon discovering Tai Lung's talents in kung fu, Master set out to shape him into the Dragon Warrior who according to Turtle should descend from the sky, so interfered with his destiny. And when Master took pride in Tai Lung which is only natural, the cheetah grew proud and arrogant. 
    to be continued...  
    [版主回覆07/06/2008 01:07:00]HAHAHA.... WELCOME!!! I love symbolic meanings too! Of course, I think the cartoon is just for fun. Alright... let me read what you have written.

  15. Let's take a look at Pelican. Even tho he takes it for granted that Po is 'destined' for noodles, he's more down-to-earth in rearing him up; taking over the humble stall is good enough for him, Po is not pushed to expand business. Pelican also chooses the 'right' moment, when he has The noodle dream, to make it clear to Po that he intends him to be the next stall owner. (Mr Pelican's words are as heavy as dust by the end. I don't think there's a tradition of having the noodle dream in the family, this must be another invention of his like the invisible special soup recipe!)
    It's indisputable that both try to shape their adopted sons' destiny, but the methods differ. This makes me reflect upon the fact that many parents in the territory are also interfering and sometimes, meddling with their children's development in their eagerness to give 'the best' to them. But then, ironically, for their own good, it's better not to push. What do you think?
    Vincent is versatile! I remember him cos he was in the first prog I listened to, long time no 'see'! Ok, this is the end of sequels of my comment. Yahoo wasn't very happy about the heavy workload a long comment entailed and wiped out everything!  
    [版主回覆07/06/2008 01:31:00]Wow... this is really interesting. I totally agree they also try to shape their adopted sons' lives, which is not good to them (Po's potential may not be fully achieved / Tai Lung becomes an evil monster). However, I think the difference in their parenting styles is not a major matter of concern in the film. Besides, when the turtle emphasizes the power of fate, it seems to me that the trust-yourself-is-special-and-you-can-change-your-life message becomes weaker. (This comment can obviously be categorized as "over-analysis" HAHAHAHA. Please ignore it.) Don't worry. Yahoo won't blacklist you for your enthusiasm in Eng literature and movies!

  16. 笑足90幾分鐘, 讓我帶走不少"東西"的一套動畫!
    (冒昧借來精彩劇照一用 , 就是因為你這一系列劇照吸引我進場呢 )
    [版主回覆07/09/2008 14:17:00]Nice to know that you love it. Me too. It is simply FUN... Aother animated film that I am going to watch is Wall E... It should be superb.
    The pictures are posted here with the permission of the film distributor. I am not sure if they can be posted in other forums. Thanks!

  17. Love the film!  Love the funny characters, the story, the drawings, even the Cantonese dubbing.  I especially like the idea of 'oracular' in the film:  Because Shifu was worried that Leopard might escape, he sent the 'duck' to the prison, therefore the 'duck' lost a feather, therefore Leopard was able to escape.  It's Chinese philosophy!
    [版主回覆07/16/2008 02:03:00]An interesting point raised!!! um... but what is it in Chinese? and what is oracular??? It seems that my Chinese and English are also NOT GOOD.

  18. Hehe, actually I just learned the meaning from the dictionary right before I added the comments  I guess 'oracular' means 玄...
    [版主回覆07/17/2008 15:19:00]GOOD ENGLISH! but I cant find it in the dictionary wor... By the way, it seems that everything is determined by GOD in the film.

  19. watched the english version. just LOVE it!!!!!! watching the panda is exactly like watching jack black playing kung fu~~ really fun!
    though the plot is overly simple: underdog becomes hero, it is true that the beautiful drawing and entertainment have reached an excellent level!! proof: the kids sitting around me were laughing non-stop (actually, so was i.....: P)
    [版主回覆07/18/2008 14:23:00]Thanks so much for your sharing. Fast paced and great fun. Burst into laughter? So Was I.... that's why I think it is the best Dreamwork's film. So are you looooooooooooking forward to seeing Wall E?

  20. i was not really attracted by robots... but then lots of reviews say Wall E is an excellent animated movie, so i guess i'll watch it and find out why it deserves such acclaims~~

  21. 一套精彩的笑片
    [版主回覆08/22/2008 11:07:00]The best Dreamwork's film in my opinion!!!